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Welcome to the SRB2 Message Board! This thread is for introducing yourself to the community, whether you're a newcomer or the oldest of oldbies. It's always a pleasure to meet new people, so don't be shy! Let me kick things off...

I'm SeventhSentinel. You can call me Sev. I'm in my mid-20s. My pronouns are he/him (they/them is fine too). I'm from Michigan, but I moved to Ohio a couple years ago. I'm still getting used to this place.

I've been involved in the SRB2 scene for over a decade, and I have been part of the SRB2 development team since December 2016. I never made any noteworthy addons by myself, but I have contributed a few things to SRB2Kart. Around here, I think I'm best known for my short series of mapping tutorial videos. Some people know me as the guy solely in charge of everything that happens around here, but that's simply not the case -- I hardly ever make decisions without talking to the rest of the staff first. I'd say the only thing I'm truly in charge of is writing the news posts, haha!

When I'm not helping out around here, you can usually find me catching up on old video games, binging tech videos, listening to music made with FM synths, or working on my own game called Snap the Sentinel. Sometimes, you might even catch me watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Part 3, anyone?

I could say a lot more, but I'll spare you the novel. Now it's your turn -- tell us about yourself! Remember to protect your online privacy! Think very carefully before revealing personal identifying information, such as your real name, exact age, or location.
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Hi, I'm Cutedy! My pronouns are he/him. I'm from Ukraine, though I'm Hungarian and I don't even speak Ukrainian at all :knuxsmug:.
I've been playing SRB2 since around 2015. It's my favorite Sonic fangame! And... one of the only games I play nowadays. I also like playing SRB2Kart, but not as often. Not only I've tried to mod SRB2, but I've even made a FNAF fangame of it on Scratch (Many Nights at Sonic Robo Blast or something like that). Though, that game's lost. I also tried to put my OC in, 2 times IIRC. One in 2016 (made non-SRB2 styled sprites, never finished), one in 2019 (redesigned, stand sprites were done + character select art and life icon, never finished). I was working on a Peach's Castle and Delfino Plaza recreation, though those were never finished. For DP, there were problems with the water, and forPeach's Castle, I've lost interest in it. I started working on it, not long ago, though it's on hold currently. I was also working on one more hangout map, named Cutedy's House. I'm also the lead developer of a port of SRB2 Heroes! I've tried making a mod named "SRB2 Remastered" or something like that. I was trying to make the visuals better. This mod was also never finished.
I also used to host a server named Cutedy's Server or CutedyServ. I've stopped hosting in July, due to not being able to port forward. But, I may finally host this year? (now, with better internet, meaning that people should now have better ping in my server)
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Hello, im Kix, i come from Croatia, i play games like any other person on the internet, my favorite game franchise is Sonic the Hedgehog

I like drawing, most of the art i did was on my god damn finger because i don't have a stylus pen :/, (honestly i don't need it lol). i found out about SRB2 when i was searching up Sonic games on GameJolt, i played 2.0 and 2.1, i didn't know i downloaded both versions so i sometimes opened up 2.0 or 2.1 lmao. SRB2 is my favorite fangame of all time, i don't think any other fangames can beat it, if it was on SAGE every year it would win every time lol. My pronouns are He/Him
Welp… here goes…

Hello! I’m A’Dilla, and I'm a mac user. My pronoun is he/him. While I try to be formal here, I’m actually the Joking-Idiot type. I also want to put out that I only curse when I’m very angry at someone, in here I won’t at all though.

I’ve played SRB2 for about 1 year now, the game is very amazing. I usually play in Dark's, Krabs server, or one of my other friends' servers. See if you can find me! I also even play 2.1, 2.0, and sometimes final demo! Another main reason why I love SRB2 is because of it’s addictive history, I’m always the curious type so you maaaay see me looking at an archive account or in 2.1/2.0 forms… Also, I only play SRB2, I left Sonic Kart Blast (SRB2K) and don't have Persona.

Other than playing SRB2, another thing I do is draw. I love drawing a lot, just need an idea for one and the privacy to do so. I also like to animate to, don't ask for me to show them to you though... same with my drawings :threat:

Honestly, a bit too much of someone that’s not important but that’s me! Oh and one more thing… You’ll never know my birthday!!! (Like you care about it anyways) MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
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Hello, my name is Diego. I'm from Brazil, i am 18 years old, and i'm novice in this community, since i'm here in less than a year, although i knew SRB2 for way longer. I discovered SRB2 when SRB2 Kart released back in 2018, it was a huge thing that was spread in a lot of places. As soon i played SRB2 Kart, which i enjoyed a lot, i played SRB2, in version 2.1.X, and i didn't liked. It didn't appeal for me in the first time. But in January 2021, i played again, in 2.2.8 (i guess), and man, it was love at first sight. The game was so much more appealing and modern. This process of rediscovery made me get into the game and his community, both the international and the brazillian ones.

I've played and enjoyed a lot of the games' content (mods included), but nowdays, i'm interested to making content for the game, especially for the Ringslinger mode, which i'm a huge fan. I'm learning, in tidbits, how to make maps for SRB2, and it's my first experience with 3D, which is so much different of 2D LD that i worked before, in engines like SMBX and Sonic Worlds. Also, learning LUA for this game may open a lot of paths, but this is a thing for the future.

And speaking about me, i'm a huge Maths and Physics nerd, and i even like, when it's opportune, to make good discussions about these subjects, to see if people can be engaged and then learn cool stuff that aren't much acessible. Just look at my profile picture and you will see that this is true, lol. I would love to talk about these discussions here and how about the education system is weak, but it would be a novel. And also i created content for a Mario related page/blog, Super Mario Network, with cool Mario facts, and even about Mario Party's probabilities :worry:, but now it is in hiatus, because i'm low in time and interest.

I'm gonna finish here, because this is getting REALLY LONG :devastation: oh my god (or how people here say, "textão"). Usually i don't like to write that much, but yeah, pleased the meet y'all.
Hello, I'm PrismaticAngel, also in my mid-20s. My pronouns are he/him. I'm from the Netherlands. My likes are video games, like most people here, and writing sometimes. I've gotten into Doom since some time ago, so I've also played my fair share of megawads. I also play TF2 from time to time.

I make videos on my YouTube, mostly SRB2 but also anything I may like. I also like translating games into my native Dutch, which I've already done with Mother 3 and am currently doing with TS!Underswap (which is still in development).

I've been around since late Final Demo, though I hadn't joined until after 2.0 launched. Finding a free 3D Sonic game on the internet has been one of the best things to happen to me haha.
Yo! I'm Rapidgame7. Some of you might know me as ampersand or even amperbee.

Been around SRB2 around... probably the final moments of 1.09.4, and joined the community proper when 2.1 released, along with Lua modding capabilities. It REALLY influenced my interest in programming!

About that, I do programming as a hobby, whether to make mods or tools or whatever.
I mainly script things with Lua, but I sometimes branch out to other languages if I have to for whatever reason (which sucks because then I have to learn a new language I might not like :sad:).
While modding is my thing, I have been experiencing some sort of creative block for way too long, and I'm yearning for the day where that goes away so I can keep doing my shenanigans.

I have plans to develop some artistic skills someday as the best I can do at the moment is draw stick figures and basic cubical perspective, but I haven't done anything to better that for quite a while for various reasons, which... kinda sucks.

I have a variety of skills with technology. What I do know about any given topic in "technology" is a mystery though lol

As many others, I enjoy gaming. I don't necessarily have a favourite genre or game that I stick to, so I'm willing to try out anything that looks mildly interesting. Though I'm more for the tactical genre or resource management stuff.

That's about it :shitsfree:
hi im AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH some may now me via online games
my real name is tyler (age is 14 almost 15) but just call me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH or AHH for short
i like memes, sonic, mario and mapping for srb2. when not doing game based stuff i build lego stuff and enjoy eating ( no im not fat )
pronouns are he him they them
Hi! I am BrightEmerald.
I AM the CEO Of Sketch-Chars mind you.
I've pretty much been around the MB since October 1 2020! Fun fact that this was edited on that day!
So I am very excited to see mods come out to mess around with! You can call me the guy that messes around with characters and adds them with BuddyEX. I also love modding SRB2, its a really fun game to mod! If im not modding then im probably watching something or sleeping depending what time is it for you guys there... (im in the PH lol) It's fun being around the message board, I also like sometimes doing giveaways on MyNintendo! Anyways that's it for me. Bye!
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I’ve only been playing SRB2 since… I don’t know… June? (Gosh, I feel so inexperienced next to you veterens.) I’ve since been playing somewhat obsessively and have 100%-ed the game (or gotten as close to doing so as possible in v2.2.9, what with that APZ1 glitch.)

I do occasionally join netgames—pretty much exclusively vanilla servers. If you see someone named “Bee”, then that’s probably me.

I’d like to start modding at some point, but I know next to nothing about coding in general. We’ll see, I guess.

I probably won’t post too much on here, but I do browse from time to time.
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Hello, I make music for SRB2 among other things. I also find myself perpetually coming back to scripting for various SRB2 side projects. My time management skills are a little questionable.

I don't play games very often anymore, unless it directly involves one of my personal projects. These days I'm more interested in creation than consumption.

My favorite music genres include chiptune, jazz fusion, and city pop, but generally speaking I enjoy instrumental music and progressive genres with a strong emphasis on melody and harmonization.
Hello there! I'm Inferno. I'm currently 16 years of age. My pronouns are he/him. I'm from the state of Missouri.

I first started playing SRB2 in January 2020, after recommendations from friends. I joined the community as a pseudo-lurker shortly after first beating the game, and just slowly expanded from there. I'm not particularly big here at all, but I have output some addons, such as MCSonic.

Primary hobbies include playing some video games and coding. I do a lot of coding. I'm also the director of a ROM hack that'll be at SHC this year as a demo, so that's something of note.

On top of that, I am also a major math, science, and history nerd, to the point where I've been interested in these topics for a long time, and it even slightly impacts my taste in games (I recently got EUIV legitimately for a reason).

Other video game series that I can consider myself a fan of are the Ace Attorney, Castlevania, and Mega Man series, but you won't find me much over there.
MK here. Mostly known for making maps and part of Kart Krew.

Outside of SRB2 i make music occasionally.
Oh hey a new thread to do that in!

Hi, I'm Lat'.
I've been playing SRB2 since the release of 2.0.6-ish which is around 2010 where I mostly joined hangout servers and did nothing!
I only joined the MB around 2012 where I was promptly told that I couldn't speak english very well at all. Oops!

What eventually made me stay was the introduction of Lua scripting in V2.1 which made for endless possibilities in modding and basically prompted me to learn Lua and programming in general mostly by myself and posting (often dumb) questions on the boards, and before I knew it, SRB2 became my go-to sandbox to create stuff in because it was accessible and lightweight.
This was a huge factor for me because I was stuck on ADSL for a long time (hear: I literally got fiber last year lmao) which made sharing heavy files nearly impossible and turned me away from anything bigger like Unity for instance.
I eventually went as far as to make my very own "full convertion" of the game (SRB2Persona), and eventually I also got in KartKrew to help work on SRB2Kart.

I don't really do anything much outside of SRB2 besides draw once in a blue moon and watching anime sometimes. I play other games too, I'm quite fond of JRPGs if that wasn't obvious to some extent.
Cookies based, Kanade best waifu.

That's the gist of it!
Heya! I'm Icezer, but folks tend to call me Icy or Ice.

I started playing SRB2 mid 2.0.6 similarly to Lat', funnily enough. I really didn't do anything special back then, though.
I made my MB account all the way back in 2014 but never used it much until 2.2 came around.

Back in 2.1 due to certain events involving the community and moderation at the time I thought I'd try to leave this game behind... which, I couldn't find it in myself to. Too many nice folks and really, really cool things were here for me to just leave (and I thankfully don't regret coming back at all!) In terms of interaction I poked lua scripting back in 2.1, but often couldn't make things that worked. When 2.2 rolled around my spark for the game was rekindled as strongly as possible and not only did I wish to give community interaction an honest second try, but I finally wanted to give scripting my all.

Since then I've met a plethora of wonderful people, made quite a few works I'm truly proud of for this game, and even dabbled in stuff for Kart, too!

The past 10 or so years have been very, very, very worth it. (:
god damn guess i gotta post in here out of (get this) peer pressure!!!!!

my name is silvervortex, but i go by whichever half of the name you choose to use when referring to me. i'm sixteen years old and have he/him pronouns, but am alright with people using they/them.

i was introduced to srb2 through...kart, back in early 2020. yeah, execute me already, sorry i betrayed you all. ever since then, however, i've become more and more invested in creating mods for vanilla srb2, and even have a few character mods in development and on the horizon (stay tuned!). i'm a huge fan of artwork and creating in general, it always fulfils me to be able to create something i'm legitimately proud of (which granted, isn't often, despite what others have to say). in particular, i love to do pixel art and animation, digital inking and painting, as well as the occasional traditional pencil work as well as music, but that usually ends up just coming out mediocre.

in terms of other interests, i'm a massive fan of japanese RPG games, especially and particularly the megami tensei franchise, which houses some of my favourite stories and outright my favourite games of all time. both devil survivor games, persona 3, strange journey, even shin megami tensei V excites me to no end (plus it also releases on my birthday in japan so i GOTTA buy it). hell, i'm even writing my own story for a game i'd love to create in the future, which takes thematic and design cues from megami tensei, while still attempting to be its own thing. if you've ever seen Hibiki or Nadiya around, that's where they're from!

i like srb2 a ton! normally it'd be one of those games where i'd pick it up and drop it after maybe a few months, but because of the extensive modding community and how easy it is to jump in, i've been at this for nearly two years! and i'm all the grateful for it too, i've met some awesome people, made great friends and even helped me to come out of my shell more and become more confident in what i create. not everything i put forward needs to be scrutinized and picked apart so that it's the best it can be, sometimes you just have to let things be appreciated, and the srb2 community helped me come to terms with that! by leaving me without criticism for nearly two years dear god my art growth has become stagnant

(if you got to the end of this five whole fucking minute read you're preeeeetty cool and/or extremely tolerant of me)
Heya, name's mayo, you can also call me bluen't I'm a fast sonic player, and a self acclaimed Sonic, Tails and Amy Rose fan, you often see me play as either sonic or tails or a mod character at certain times. But i am constantly ready to be on the run, pleased to Meet you all! 😉

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