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Hello, I am Neo, head of the fictional videogame department, NANDE Entertainment. I come from the foreign land of Portugal, and at the time of writing, I am a 16 year-old boy sitting through my 12th year of high school.

I am a long time Sonic fan, and have collected most game titles the blue blur has spread across a number of platforms, ranging from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis to the Nintendo Gamecube. Other interests I have are platforming and action RPG videogames, classic american comics such as Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes, and TV sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Scrubs.

As of now, my position in the SRB2 community stands proudly as a channel operator for the official SRB2 channel #srb2fun on EsperNet, and as the author of MAP89 in the official 1.09.4 CTF rotation, Isolated Canyon Zone.

My future ambitions are to become a programmer and most likely move somewhere in the United States (this will be pretty far off, though, so you can save the welcome cake for another occasion ^_~) and in general be happy.

As of now, I have no real pet projects going on -- I mainly study and play videogames in my free time, leaving little time to develop something substantial; I am however loosely working on a ROM hack of the Genesis version of Sonic 2, and I hope to create at least a small level pack for SRB2.

To all who introduce yourselves in this topic: have fun in life, enjoy the Sonic Robo Blast 2 community and, first of all, behave. ^_~


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Hullo. I'm Tapika. Why was the introduction fourm locked? Mystic have no spam topics to lock, so he locked a fourm? J/K
Anyways, I'm 10 today <:D
I've made quite a few friends In my stay...
Hello There

I'm Dash and I'm 15 Years old. I'm roughly the same age as sonic.

I love this game. And I Love kirby. <(^.^)>

I been playing SRB2 for about a month.

I am willing to make a lot of wads.

I live in UK remember.


I am Moonlander, i am 14 years old and enjoy wadding (though i'm not good at it)
(except for making TGF and MMF games wich suck most of the time)
I live in belgium.
I have quite alot friends here. (mostly from IRC)
I didn't play sonic that much untill i found SRB2.
Hi my name is Mariosonic a.k.a Jordan Weber a.k.a Marlfox, I live in Manitoba, Canada (where we drink slushies all winter long :) ). I came and found this game about 2 months ago and have been playing it ever since. I am trying to make maps. One i will name is castleparty. I'm still nOOby but who really isn't one at something. I'm 15 and going strong.

.......I also play netgames and try my best......Thats it.


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Hi I'm M.S.5555 I'm known as Lord_Chaos on #srb2fun, and netgames.
My real name is Stephen Swift I'm 15, and well I've been here for almost a year now (I'll pass the year mark on Nov. 26.)
My sigs usually have crazy stuff like stupid quotes from IRC.
I haven't made many(if any) "friends" here the closest person to a friend I guess would be HMSX.
Remember Mystic can read your P.M.'s so don't think the rules don't apply in Private Messages.

Super mystic sonic

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Hiya! I'm Super Mystic Sonic, shortly known as SMS!

I'm 16 years old, like a variety of games, mostly being Sonic. I prefer the modern Sonic games over the "Classic" ones for some odd reason. Just typically my taste.

Nowadays I mostly hang out at as "SuperMysticSonic". Visit by once now and then!
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I am SRB2-Playah. But you can call me Playah.
I actually don't play SRB2 as much as I did.
I avoid doing things that I don't enjoy.
I used to be a good WADder, but some time ago, I "retired" (for lack of a better word) from WADding, as I lost enjoyment in it in favor of other more flexable and less limited level-editing-compatable games. But I still hang around the community simply because I like these guys.
I'm happy to help as long as it doesn't take more than 2 minutes.
I think of myself as a grammar nazi.
Feel free to ask me anything. I might even answer if I'm in a good mood.


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I'm Mikel, I have been a SRB2 player for ten years.

I enjoyed SRB2, and making wads for the game, but since I got banned from #srb2fun twice, I had nothing to do. I was banned once for 15 days for no reason.

That's all I have to say.

Edit: Looks like I forgot to put my age... I'm 20, and I was born on January 24, 1993.
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hey i'm new to this forum but ive been playin srb2 for about a month now. has anyone made any wads with the crew from the chaotix like espio or mighty?


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I am HYPERKNUX a.k.a HK for short

I'am 15 years old and live in england
I'm in my last year at school (finally)
I've played srb2 for nearly 3 years
i joined the forum around april
I'am one of the beta testers on SRB2:TBE
My real first name is Sam nicknamed Bradley as that name is my surname
i only been suspended once here but i'm not going to talk about that
and i am new to spriting

But yeah that's who i am


i'm protojo, jo, or jothehedghog. i'm a young teen who spends most his time on the comp. i like sonic, mmbn and doom. i mostly play games, but i also use photoshop and make 3d models. i'm a bit of a boff and like doing extra work (not as in extra 'work' but stuff i like to do like my sketchup models n' stuff and get lots of housepoints from it).


i'm mighty
(y'know the armadillo?)
my real name is Erich Polixa
i am a 13 year old, aiming to become a great video game designer
my best friend is omni, who doesn't post to much, and i go to school with him!
Hi, my name is Twilightblade.
I am 13 years old and I like to play video games.
Also, my real name is John Emanuel.
My friend told me to join, and I finally did.
Ahat is me in a nutshell and I hope I can make some new friends.

Hyper Tails

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Hello, I am Hyper Tails, sometimes known as ManicHedgehog on other forums. I have been playing SRB2 since 1.08, but I only joined the community just under a year ago. I am currently learning how to map as well as Mystic, and my ambition is to get better at SRB2 than Mystic and Furious Fox. I suck at character drawing.

I love playing Zelda, Sonic, Mario and other similar games. I have all the Zelda games except the Mask one on N64.



I'm Shu.
I'v been playing srb2 net games for allmost 3 months now.
I'm scared of being baned for no reson so I'm not gona post that much.

Mystic likes to ban to much.

EDIT: Can you see my sig? I don't see it.

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