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hi guys my name is Tejay but you can call me tremaine. i am a chromebook user and downloaded srb2 using 10 years old and very creative at times. you can catch me looking for online servers or hosting one of my own. i play as modern sonic, adventure sonic ,super mystic sonic, sonic.exe,boyfriend, shadow and sunky at times. sonic is my idol. its so nice to meet all of you
Hello, my name is FutureSon, Am kinda a speedrunner at mega man x (not really)
So i got into srb2 by watching in youtube some vids of 2.1, I liked it because it was fun to watch, And i played 2.2.4 version of the game and i completed 2.2.1,Its nice to be part of the cool community
Am a cream fan btw
Anyways nice to meet yall and have a nice day!
Well then, I'm Typhoon. I got found this game by stumbling upon it on YouTube back in 2015??? I'm not sure, but it's really in 2019 is when I actually got into SRB2 as a game. It'll probably be nice to join this community. (Once I grow the courage to do so because... I'm kinda scared.)
Other than that, let's see how things will go!
Hi there, i'm Sylveon !
I am a boy.
I love programming, SRB2/SRB2kart (logik), and old machines.
My favorite charater is Eevee.
I am known as EeveeGaming.
I am full of creativity but my talent dosen't exist. So, that's useless.
I really love mods/ROM hacks because that make games less repetitive and boring.
I am french, but my english is a little good and useful.
I am shy. Don't ask me why.
Good day/night, My name is Robbie but you guys can call me whatever you want. I am 17, and my pronouns are he/him.

I have just recently heard about SRB2 and I started playing this month. I am a pretty slow player in comparison to others, but I still love Sonic and I find the games to be really fun even if I can't keep up sometimes. SRB2 is the most fun I've had in a Sonic fangame and is a 11/10 in my opinion!

I don't really have too much to say about myself, but my favorite videogames are SRB2, Bully on PS2, and Half-Life 2. I love all types of locomotives but my favorite types are diesel and steam engines.

I'm glad to meet you guys, and I'm excited to see what this community has in store!
I'm Chaotix. Been around since 2005. Made this profile without even knowing the Chaotix were an actual Sonic thing. Was just the name I gave a character of mine, all those years ago.

No idea how the name wasn't already taken.

Just recovered the account recently, because I forgot the password, and it was tied to an email that no longer exists.
Sup, I'm Rusty.
I've been a lurker since 2.2 released, but I held off joining the MB until biting that bullet.

I don't have much to say for myself above surface level details except that every night I don a mask that looks like a bug and fight misdoers , although I'm interested in getting to know people in this community and I really hope I don't bother anyone.
Welcome to the SRB2 Message Board! This thread is for introducing yourself to the community, whether you're a newcomer or the oldest of oldbies. It's always a pleasure to meet new people, so don't be shy! Let me kick things off...

I'm SeventhSentinel. You can call me Sev. I'm in my mid-20s. My pronouns are he/him (they/them is fine too). I'm from Michigan, but I moved to Ohio a couple years ago. I'm still getting used to this place.

I've been involved in the SRB2 scene for over a decade, and I have been part of the SRB2 development team since December 2016. I never made any noteworthy addons by myself, but I have contributed a few things to SRB2Kart. Around here, I think I'm best known for my short series of mapping tutorial videos. Some people know me as the guy solely in charge of everything that happens around here, but that's simply not the case -- I hardly ever make decisions without talking to the rest of the staff first. I'd say the only thing I'm truly in charge of is writing the news posts, haha!

When I'm not helping out around here, you can usually find me catching up on old video games, binging tech videos, listening to music made with FM synths, or working on my own game called Snap the Sentinel. Sometimes, you might even catch me watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Part 3, anyone?

I could say a lot more, but I'll spare you the novel. Now it's your turn -- tell us about yourself! Remember to protect your online privacy! Think very carefully before revealing personal identifying information, such as your real name, exact age, or location.
Heyo! I'm Senny but you can call me Iko. I use all pronouns. I'm 14yrs old! I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: a cool country state, to be sincere! There's so many cool things here, lol!

I think I started SRB2 with like, 4-7 years old?? I remember watching SRB2 videos as a kid, but only REALLY started SRB2 and joined the community as 14 years old. When I go to my dad's apartment, I like to try mapping tutorials (that is recent) on SRB2 and I plan mapping too. Unfortunately I don't have a good PC at my mother's house. ; -

I also like doin' art and playin some games, like Minecraft, Deltarune, TF2, DST, SRB2, etc.
Hi. My name is Bowtie.
I started playing SRB2 Back when I was 9 years old and was interested in the mods and the community.
That's basically why I'm here. There is stuff about me below.
My age is 13
I'm a boy(Pronouns are obvious, He/Him)
I live in the USA
I'm a Furry(I usually don't want to say it but I really don't care anymore)
I Play games like Minecraft, Roblox, Sonic, Mario, Pac-Man, FNF, ect.
I do things like make Youtube videos and draw/make comics.
That's all you need to know about me. Nice to enter a great community.
Hi. My name is Bowtie.
I started playing SRB2 Back when I was 9 years old and was interested in the mods and the community.
That's basically why I'm here. There is stuff about me below.
My age is 13
I'm a boy(Pronouns are obvious, He/Him)
I live in the USA
I'm a Furry(I usually don't want to say it but I really don't care anymore)
I Play games like Minecraft, Roblox, Sonic, Mario, Pac-Man, FNF, ect.
I do things like make Youtube videos and draw/make comics.
That's all you need to know about me. Nice to enter a great community.
welcome to the MB!
Alright,just saw this thread,might as well join in.
Welp,im RedSRB2(kinda weird name huh?)and im coming from Croatia.So i first joined SRB2 since November of 2021(back when the latest version was 2.2.9).I saw few ppl playing it and i decided to give it a shot.Im he/him in pronouns.
Obviously,i love playing SRB2,but more games like Minecraft,Lego Incredibles,(if you even know that game lol)
Sonic 1, 2 and CD mobile ports,Friday Night Funkin,Brawl Stars,Fortnite and more.I do stuff like playing lots of SRB2 mods,checking my account on Khinsider(which is a Video Game music site)and of course,the MB.
As for MB,i joined in the community this month.
Thats it folks! If you want to play with me,i might be in SRB2Ware!
Hello, I am Shadow's_Lover_Girl, I'm In my mid teens, I was born and raised in North Carolina and I have HUGE family that also all live in North Carolina.I am homeschooled. I have many hobbies, I like to sing, dance, listen to music with headphones/not earbuds, I hate them/ draw, and play basketball. I just joined about 2 weeks ago. I'm really into Sonic himself, I haven't ever played this game actually, I just really like Sonic. I like DC superheroes. I don't really watch tv much so I don't have a favorite tv show. My favorite color is midnight blue, baby blue, sapphire blue, island blue, and regular blue. I watch movies a lot, but I don't really know what my favorite one is because I like a lot. I hate horror movies. I like Comedy, Romance, Action, Action Comedy, and Thriller movies. I play a ps4 my name on that is Wonder_Blaze17, I'm currently playing Agents of Mayhem, I also play injustice 2. So, that's a little bit of facts about me. Feel free to talk to me anytime I'm busy a lot, but I'll still be able to answer you, sometime anyway.
god damn guess i gotta post in here out of (get this) peer pressure!!!!!

my name is silvervortex, but i go by whichever half of the name you choose to use when referring to me. i'm sixteen years old and have he/him pronouns, but am alright with people using they/them.

i was introduced to srb2 through...kart, back in early 2020. yeah, execute me already, sorry i betrayed you all. ever since then, however, i've become more and more invested in creating mods for vanilla srb2, and even have a few character mods in development and on the horizon (stay tuned!). i'm a huge fan of artwork and creating in general, it always fulfils me to be able to create something i'm legitimately proud of (which granted, isn't often, despite what others have to say). in particular, i love to do pixel art and animation, digital inking and painting, as well as the occasional traditional pencil work as well as music, but that usually ends up just coming out mediocre.

in terms of other interests, i'm a massive fan of japanese RPG games, especially and particularly the megami tensei franchise, which houses some of my favourite stories and outright my favourite games of all time. both devil survivor games, persona 3, strange journey, even shin megami tensei V excites me to no end (plus it also releases on my birthday in japan so i GOTTA buy it). hell, i'm even writing my own story for a game i'd love to create in the future, which takes thematic and design cues from megami tensei, while still attempting to be its own thing. if you've ever seen Hibiki or Nadiya around, that's where they're from!

i like srb2 a ton! normally it'd be one of those games where i'd pick it up and drop it after maybe a few months, but because of the extensive modding community and how easy it is to jump in, i've been at this for nearly two years! and i'm all the grateful for it too, i've met some awesome people, made great friends and even helped me to come out of my shell more and become more confident in what i create. not everything i put forward needs to be scrutinized and picked apart so that it's the best it can be, sometimes you just have to let things be appreciated, and the srb2 community helped me come to terms with that! by leaving me without criticism for nearly two years dear god my art growth has become stagnant

(if you got to the end of this five whole fucking minute read you're preeeeetty cool and/or extremely tolerant of me)
I just skimmed over it. I don't really like reading, so I just skim over stuff until I see something that catches my attention.
hello, I wanna change my name but I can't :dramahog: but whatev, I'm ring hunter because yes and I leik srb2 aswell.
I don't remember when I joined the mb community but it ain't too much time so I'm kinda new.
I play sonic 1,2 and CD mobile ports and sky: children of the light, it is a complete different game compared to sonic if u ask xD (fandom included)

I like sonic music and that's how I came liking this franchise.

I have a Wii and switch

I'm a girl

I like to draw

I'm young but certainly not old

I wanna make custom characters in the future but idk where to start :devastation:

likes memes

wants to meet more friends ^^

and wants to improve myself as a person :D

if you read this, tysm. you really have time to read

take care, have a nice day (or night):wonderful:

(bonus) I speak Spanish, English is my second language
i'm new here and just found this so uh
hey, i'm qijy and i'm a girl
i like Sonic and WarioWare
i got SRB2 either late 2021 or early 2022 can't remember
i draw sometimes
i'm very shy
alright i'm done talking see ya

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