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Hedgehog with Baseball cap
Yo, I'm Weekblues.
I'm a 14 y/o from Virginia, United States who wears baseball caps.
I sometimes play SRB2.
Some of my slang is influenced by the Hip-Hop and Miami Bass songs I listen to.
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Hi, i'm MarcelitoU64 or only Marcelito
I have 13 y/o from Bolivia who likes red plumber and blue hedgehog
I play SRB2 sometimes
My slangs are influenced by Argentinian, Chilean and Venezuelan slangs

And well, nothin' more to say, i hope pass time here

Vincent The Bear

The Only Darnest Bear in The World!
Hey y'all, Vincent here, or you can call me Vinny, Vin Vin, or Vintelator.
I am a 13 y/o living in a soon to be repaired house in Muncie.
I use an LG Stylo 5 and a 4GB Disk Space + 182GB Memory HP Laptop, mainly for Youtube, Discord, and mainly games, including looking at most of the posts on the SRB2 Message Board.
I have several things I like, mainly my favorite game characters, Sonic, Mario, Pac-man, Mega Man, the usual ones.
But there's also my favorite movies, mainly being most of the Godzilla movies (note that I don't have every single one, but I have some Showa era movies, 2 Hesei era movies, and 3 of the Monsterverse movies), Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), and some Disney movies, not gonna go and tell them.
I will also include my favorite TV show characters, Spongebob, Fred Flintstone, Gumball, and Shaggy.
Favorite food mascots, Ronald McDonald, Pepsiman, and The Noid.
Speaking of food, here's my favorite places to eat, Burger King, Subway, Arby's, most of the rest are pizza places, starting with Papa John's, and then Pizza King, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar's, and Domino's.
I have no real friends, but online friends are better anyways.
And tha- Oh yeah, one more thing: I'm on a little bit on the overweight side, but I'm sure this isn't a full problem.
There, NOW that's it.
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Modern Sitcom laugh-tracks are irritating at best.
Might as well.

Name's Vannan195. I am a boy. I discovered Sonic Robo Blast 2 like, a year ago, and now I can't stop playing it.​

I do Twitch streams. Not like a everyday routine, just whenever I feel like it (although, i do try to stick to the routine). My Twitch's username is the same as my SRB2 Profile name.
My favorite type of video game genre is Racing. More specifically, my favorite game is Need for Speed: Underground 2. Although, I do revisit some of my older games like Forza Horizon 2 (xbox 360 version. it bad).
Yes, I am a MASSIVE fan of the person in my PFP, you don't have to ask 5 times. (does having a fictional animal character as a pfp count as being a furry? (pfp by Tass Again#4739.))
I believe that Modern Sitcoms are the worst. Mostly because of how the creators just abuse the laugh track like it's nothing, using it for every single unfunny joke the characters make (although I do like Fuller House for some reason...).
I believe that everyone SHOULD talk about Bruno. Why? Because he is the most interesting Encanto character and definitely deserves a spotlight as a character, but everyone keeps saying that repetitive song over and over again.
I'd also like to mention that I am Verbal-Autistic. And no, I'm not like one of those Twitter dudes that claim to have every pronoun in their bio. I got confirmed to be that when I was 2 1/2 years old. (also have hyperfocus adhd as well)

Yup. That's me.

Oh, and I'm from Canada.

(i might add more stuff whenever i feel like it)
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Yo, my name is BlueStrider, but you can call me Razor! I got to know Sonic Robo Blast 2 in 2017, but I wasn't really interested in Sonic's series at the time, but after a few years my friends recommended the game to me, and I started playing version 2.2.6 at the last year, the first. time playing the game, i remember getting kind of hooked, but then i discovered multiplayer, and i started playing there too... i started doing speedruns and etc... but it doesn't matter too much, i also got to meet the SRB2 Kart at the end of last year, I didn't really like kart games, but anyway, I played, I started to game, but this addiction didn't last for long... Continuing in normal SRB2, I got finished the game... To get all badges, make records, finish the game with other characters and etc...

But quiting off the SRB2 side, I like doing sprites, I'm trying to become a professional sprite artist, and stuff... I'm also trying scripting programming, javascript, lua, and stuff... I'm also a big old fan of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, it doesn't matter too much but I'd like to mention it too...

There's not a lot I can put in here so I'll just go for it XD

Ricardo AJP 09128

(when TGF Xmas Sonic for 2.2)
Im Ricardo AJP, my pronouns are he/him

I started playing SRB2 during final days of 2.0, i stop playing the game in that era since i don't liking fullscreen games at the time.

I return to the community in mid-2.1 era, when i made my very first wad (which is in youtube, but unreleased) called: early sonic (which is almost the same as the early sonic posted in mb by someone but with some offsets wrong and predates that mod)

A bit fan of SRB2 History & Beta Development Games

Also im a bit playing so many games as: M.U.G.E.N (I a bit quit that one), Smash, SM64 & some 2D Sonic Games (those .exe games not)


Sweet But Psycho(kinesis)
Hello! I'm Janx, highschooler from an undisclosed state in the USA. I do really like this game, might even try to make a mod for it one day, but for now I'm just enjoying what the people are making. I really love to write, my favorite fictional character is Silver, and in terms of other fangames I play a lot of Super Smash Flash 2, Sonic Battle R, and Project 06, all of which I love. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys and getting to know this community a bit better!


The Flash Vol 2 #197
Hello there, My name is Isaiah. I am 14 (about to turn 15) years old. I am a male, so my pronouns are he/him. I am a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. The first Sonic game I ever played was Sonic Dash on my dad's phone when I was 4. Another thing that I am a huge fan of is The Flash. I like pizza.
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Hello! I'm Janx, highschooler from an undisclosed state in the USA. I do really like this game, might even try to make a mod for it one day, but for now I'm just enjoying what the people are making. I really love to write, my favorite fictional character is Silver, and in terms of other fangames I play a lot of Super Smash Flash 2, Sonic Battle R, and Project 06, all of which I love. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys and getting to know this community a bit better!
Hello there :)


Sauce enjoyer
Wassup, I'm sauceman
I'm a 14y/o from Louisiana, USA, and I've been a sonic fan my whole life.
I started playing srb2 around February 2021, and finally decided to make an account.


I still make things! But a little more often now.
Hallo, Howdy Hey, I'm Chloe! I'm a girl on the InterWebz who still makes stuff all this time later. I'm also the one known for going missing for months at a time, however, I just didn't have much of an interest in SRB2. I've been "in the SRB2 community" for over two years now. I downloaded SRB2 in the very day that 2.2 came out. I run a YouTube channel, and I'm a solo video editor, learning more each day. I've a passion for technology of pretty much all types. I built my own PC from scratch.
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Hi my name is Vcuum T. Cleanerson (My real name is Josiah)
Yes I have a vacuum cleaner persona trust me if that sounds weird
In fact that would be my PFP rn if I could get my Vcuum PFP so for now I'm using this Earthbound Coil Snake PFP I made in GIMP.

Emperor Scarlet

Resident JoJo Fan
I've been here for a few months, but I never properly introduced myself. I'm Emperor Scarlet, I'm a fan of JoJo, Sonic, and plenty of other things. I probably won't be too active here, at least for now, but I will at least be around.


i am a toaster
hi im El-Fire though i liked being called by my real name: Elijah. im autistic and i suck at socializing! im a little new to the SRB2 community ive kinda played 2.1 a long time ago and never beat it and now i came back to the game in 2.2 and ive beaten the game too many times. i was that guy who made that Sonic but Funni mod idk if im gonna finish updating it maybe i will when i finally learn how to do LUA. i think my first sonic game was the demo for sonic adventure 2 on PS3 or maybe it was sonic dash idk i dont remember but those were cool. i draw sometimes mostly dumb stuff and im wanting to be a game designer so thats why i trying to make mods i have a few other mods i made besides Funni but they are either not finished or they are my own mixtape cause i got tired of hearing the same level songs. i play littlebigplanet 3 alot thats where i do most of my game design journey i guess and also where i make music but i suck at making my own original beats so i mostly remix or mashup im not a professional by any means. i like sonic and the black knight... 's aesthetics ive never played the game cause i havent owned a Nintendo console until now with the switch but idk if i wanna play the game i just really REALLY like the medieval aesthetic and sonic with a sword is cool also i like castle eggman zone for the same reason except i like the gameplay too so ye. i like sonic adventure 2 now that ive gotten to play the full game recently but i dont like adventure 1 that much but i like chaos and open your heart those are cool. i really like the amazing world of gumball... ye. i dont talk much i feel like i said that already but different idk this is getting too long bye! i dont have a cool hat or suit irl bye!


I like Sailor Moon. So sue me!
Hiyie I'm @SonicSpongeGuy(?). I've been here since August of 2021. I might disappear around the end of the school year due to me using a school email account. Should I tell you about my real name? No. Why? 'Cause I don't wanna and also 'cause I like to keep to myself.
I was born around a couple weeks after SSNTails got married.
Also I like food (but I'm not fat) and I like to sit around and like to watch TV/Youtube. Also I'm a bit lazy, and my parents get pissed off because of it. And... uh... yeth YETH YYEETTHH yeah that's probably it.
Hello im sonico it's been a long time im here but finally im created a account sooo yeah im make drawing some times im dont want to tell other things like my age know? Im dont want to tell personal things.
im br if the english is bad sorry


Hi, I'm CappyKid! But you can call me Jack for short. I love Sonic! If you wonder why I have a Pichu on my profile, I have an OC as a Pichu named Spark. As described in the avatar, I might not reach out to all of you since I have SCHOOL (almost done tho). ANYWAYS, let's blast through this at the speed of LIGHT!!!


Names skylina (deadsky on Srb2) im just someone who likes playing and chilling with friends and hates toxic players

Roam around in a new adventure folks

Tailsko isnt that bad imo
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Good evening, soldiers.

I'm the one who made the movement #JoinGUN and #MakeTeamDarkGreatAgain. Having heard GUN will be brought back in the games, I decided to make my own YouTube channel focusing on the United Federation, GUN and Team Dark, that is how I ended up here, I heard there's a mod for Shadow. If there are also mods for Rouge and Omega, feel free to tell me


Weegee when?
Heya, i am Noflex., i am from Brazil. i, like weegee and i make sprite art and some mods also like Sugoi triology, i joined on SRB2 in 2018, just now i joined on SRB2 community these days

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