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Gamer wife-artist wife tag team
Hey yo, we're Becky and Sami. We're a couple separated by the Atlantic ocean.
Becky manages her own SRB2 Kart server, while me (right now Sami) makes the custom characters of the server. Once I'm done setting up the forums account I might post some of what I've done so far.

Becky knows waaaay more about SRB2 than I do, or Sonic in general. I just like doing art, I'm not a gamer myself and I've been enjoying playing the kart game with her, even though I suck at it! So far I've only toyed around with making three character spritesheets, but I might try doing more complex stuff in the future. I know how to use Blender so I might also give making a custom course a go.

I'm not very social, so I don't know if I will be using the forums too much, but I wanted to make us an account anyway. I will always sign the posts with "-Sami", but Becky will probably forget to sign so... if you see an unsigned post then just assume she wrote it.

Anyway, nice to meet you. I'll post my art sometime soon. Hope you like what I create, and if you ever play in Becky's House I hope you have some fun too! See you around.
Introductions, hmm? Well I'm XML_The_Hedgehog, I prefer to be known as XML. Ever since I saw gameplay of this game on Youtube, I decided to download the game and a few addons to play around with. I probably won't make anything.


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Introductions, hmm? Well I'm XML_The_Hedgehog, I prefer to be known as XML. Ever since I saw gameplay of this game on Youtube, I decided to download the game and a few addons to play around with. I probably won't make anything.
Welcome to SRB2MB,bro!
hello, i remember first playing this game during the summer after 4th grade in 2005. I was 10 at the time, now I am 28 its good to see this game has been made into a wonderful experience that feels more polished than some official sonic games.


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I don't know if I've been introduced here yet here we go!
Heya Beta_Tails2 here (not a alt)
You'll probably see me as a jet colored fox (Shoutout to MasteredDarkFoxx! Also my username is Dark2Tails)
Anyways so I've been playing for a while (1.09.4 moment)
Big interest in Sega Ofc
I make a ton of sonic.exe oc's on deviantart Dark2Tails
And yea that's about it for me
Hello. I'm TMG. I got bored and Google searched SRB2 and eventually explored the site and made an account. I haven't played much of SRB2, but it's starting to get addicting...

What do I do for a living?/What are my occupations? I make a wide range of content, including videos, games(Inactive since 2021), thumbnails and anything design related, music, stories(currently working on one, actually), freeform drawings, and from time-to-time, community events(of which I host). I play games when I have free time or when I'm bored.

I don't know how to end this introduction. I'm going to play more SRB2 now, see you later!


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Names Brugger, used this site since 2019 though I haven't made account since recently. Very big Cryptid and conspiracy theory believer. Occasionally dabble in tragul. Im a seller of the drug behesidutte. Enjoy my introduction and have a blessed day.


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Hi there, my name is Sls64LGamingBro. Some of you must know me as a full name called: Sls64LGamingBro/ST&HE as I used it in SRB2, I started playing SRB2 back in December 8th 2020. I had a odd name since I didn't know what kinda name to fit, my first ever server i ran into is Specturm Server. Since he live streamed it, Later in 2022 I started to mod instead of playing mod characters and vanilla characters and other stuff again and again. I even released Voices and Staromentum from August 2022 and November 2022, I also sometimes get mad and spam constantly by no reason. Atleast I am improving of course, I am happy i liked srb2. Because i will always like it!


"milk and cereal milk and cereal cereal and milk"
i didnt even knew this existed lol well
im Alternative! some (brazillian, that knows english)) guy that roams around the internet
i played srb2 for a bit long time (2.0 [2015-2016], started playing again on 2.2.6 [2018, i think])
probably you will find me on srb2 as: Alternative, Unknowned, Advanced, Adventure, Galaxy, Sonikku and some more
trying to be main of some vanilla character :dramahog:
make some private edits of srb2 things (mostly models (REUSABLE ONES.), i dont rlly wanna hurt mod creators so i dont edit mods.)
you can also find me on:
youtube - UnknownLS (LS = Little Studio)
newgrounds - Alternative
roblox - Alternative
also a fan of mario, kirby and sonic series


Hello! My real name isn't my username. It's SIR-LIKES-SRB2-A-LOT. I Played SRB2 V2.2 since November 2020. Sonic Robo Blast 2 is my second favorite Sonic Fan Game after Sonic Before the Sequel.

I may not be available in late January because I have schoolwork to do, and I hate distractions, So I have a time limit to reply you guys.
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Also I am a fan of Sonic, Spongebob and Pokemon!
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Just Saying:blink:
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I'm just worried that you guys are going to get mad at me. I am really senstive.
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My name is Next12, and I am a proud Sonic fan. I am also a proud fan of both Balan Wonderworld and Mighty no. 9. To tell you the truth, I came here looking for a space to just be myself. I came here looking for a safe space to communicate with other Sonic fans. I'm sick of the hatred this franchise and its fandom get at every minute. I've been bullied maliciously and chased out of multiple forums and communities just because I support Sonic and the fandom.
Hello! My name is Snowy and I'm from South Carolina. I'm a shy person and I love dogs. I like to draw every now and then. I think I've been playing SRB2 and SRB2Kart since 2018. My favorite color is green.

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