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Yes another mod mod
HP for kart! Try to eliminate each other with items!

Thanks Fayt for the GIF!
Try not to run out of health!

Maybe try not to slip as well...
Players who run out of HP are ELIMINATED from the race. Eliminating all other players results with an instant win!
Getting hit by items hurts you, as well as falling off!
Also don't try cheating the eggbox...

hpmod_enabled (Default: On)
Toggle if HPMOD is enabled.

hpmod_enabledinbattle (Default: On)
Toggle if HPMOD is enabled in battle.

hpmod_maxhp (Default: 50)
Set the maximum HP for everyone.

hpmod_maxhpperplayer (Default: 3)
Increases the maximum HP for everyone based on the amount of players in-game when the race starts.

hpmod_maxhpperplayerminplayers (Default: 8)
The minimum amount of players required before max HP is increased per player.

hpmod_killhealenabled (Default: On)
Toggles wether HP is healed when a player eliminates another player.

hpmod_killhealamount (Default: 25)
Sets how much HP is healed when a player eliminates another player.

hpmod_combatdamage (Default: On)
Toggles if HP is lost from spin-outs, explosions, crushes and falls.

hpmod_bumpdamage (Default: On)
Toggles if HP is lost from bumps between two players.

hpmod_wallbonkdamage (Default: On)
Toggles if HP is lost from wall-bonking.

hpmod_deathdelay (Default: 17 (tics))
The amount of delay in tics between someone being eliminated and exploding.
A tic is 1/35 of a second.

The next two commands relating to healing where left in but (in my opinion) makes the mod less fun to play.
Only consider changing these variables if you are playing a high lap count game!

hpmod_hphealmode (Default: off)
Sets how HP is healed per lap, it has 3 modes:
  1. Off: HP is not healed whenever a lap is finished (Default)
  2. On: HP is healed whenever you finish a lap
  3. Limited: Same as "On" but limits HP healed to only the last amount set by hpmod_hpheal

hpmod_hpheal (Default: 20)
Set how much HP is recovered per lap

hpmod_itemabsorb (Default: Off)
An option that was implemented but disabled by default due to not fitting well. Players are able to push "Custom 1" to eat their current item, recovering HP. This also drops the item behind them for someone else to pick up.
v2 - A few of server variable defaults have changes:
  • HP defaults to 50, with +3 per player over 8 players.
  • Wall-bonk damage is off by default.
Bump damage mechanics have changed, bumping someone will remember who bumped them, meaning you can get eliminations from bumping people off the stage. Also, damage can also only be dealt if one person has sneaker boost (like in battle).
Dying is no longer instant, players will spin out for about 1/2 a second before being eliminated.
SPB damage has been separated out from explosion damage. SPB now deals 30 damage, where as all other explosions deal 20.
v1.8 - Added basic elimination support, force spectates people when they are eliminated to running out of HP.
v1.7 - Added 3 commands for toggling types of damage on and off.
The HP bar can be toggled on and off though lua using hpmod_showbar
Players can be damaged using hpmod_damagehp(target player, damage, attacking player, force elimination), The attacking player can be a hitfeed v2 table, if the player is eliminated from this attack, the attacker will be displayed.
v1.6 - Allowed for HPMOD to be turned off during battle using the command hpmod_enabledinbattle.
Bump damage has been changed:
  • HP drain is now based on your speed when you bumped the wall.
  • HP drain from wallbonks while under the effect of a sneaker boost is halved.
v1.5 - Fixed bug that caused peoples HP to drop after eliminating someone (and maybe other things since small rewrite with max HP calculation)
v1.4 - Max HP can be now increased per player by changing hpmod_maxhpperplayer (see "Console variables for more info")
Players who have not finished after a player has finished will now slowly lose HP after a while
HP healed when eliminating someone will now stay after finishing a lap
v1.3 - Added battle support
Sinks might be... slightly deadly now...
v1.2 - Added HP heal on elimination: eliminate another player and get back HP!
Increased some console variable max values
v1.1 - Fixed (hopefully) some sync issues
{!} icons now do not show up under certain circumstances
Added the ability to check for HPMOD in lua. Check the variable "hpmod"
v1 - Initial release


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Updated to v1.1
Check change log for details.
(Would suggest updating since this fixes a sync bug - hopefully)
So the boosting is unhealthy?,not great,also,what is the addon that adds racers ingame?
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Updated to 1.2
Added HP healing on elimination: eliminate another player to heal back HP!
check change log for details.
i have suggestion, can you also apply this mod for battle mode, so you can disable the
bumper and just use the HP gauge for battle?
Thx in advance
Okay so battle mode with HP is bugged (I'd say a "base game bug", as this has happened with other mods too), but it always considers the lowest player number as the winner regardless of which player number survives
Updated to 1.5
Check change log for details.

Can you make it friendly with the Daytona Kart addon please?

I've had a look at how Daytona Kart works, but from what I've seen it is written to force on that piece of HUD. I do not know of a way to fix this, but since HUD from addons is always drawn over the built in HUD, it should not effect too much (apart from looking weird).
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I've had a look at how Daytona Kart works, but from what I've seen it is written to force on that piece of HUD. I do not know of a way to fix this, but since HUD from addons is always drawn over the built in HUD, it should not effect too much (apart from looking weird).

Well, as the creator of the DaytonaKart mod, I would be willing to work out some way to have a modified version of HPMOD which works with DaytonaKart, or vice versa. If you're interested, and you have Discord, let me know.
Funny, I was just thinking that it would be interesting to see "Boss Battles" in SRB2Kart. Like, one other racer as the "Boss", and the goal is to whittle his HP away while having to keep up, and every time the Boss passes the goal to finish a lap, it activates a timer and you have a few seconds to pass the goal yourself without blowing up like you usually do when you're in last place. Harder bosses would probably get free items every so often to throw at you and make you have to dodge.
In my opinion, Mines (and likely Eggboxes too, I don't think I've gotten egg'd with HPMOD on) deal too much damage. Its possibly the easiest item to hit people with, and I'm not sure because racing is distracting but they seem to deal like ~30 damage? It seems like whenever someone gets hit by them their race just ends. Its also just completely unproportional to other items so its just staggering.

Is there a way to configure damage on an item-by-item basis for a server? If not you may want to add one, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate the functionality.
Updated to v2, wallbonk damage is off by default, lowered default starting HP and separated damage out from explosions and SPB.
Want to suggest maybe adding a buffer before the game auto kills players after finishing.

It doesn't seem right that killing players near last can get you killed after the 2nd to last live player finishes.

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