How'd you get your profile picture?

Recolored tails sparkles from the ending to match the colors of my oc
Update:im not even gonna say anything
Another update:some modern sonic v6 sprite posted on the srb2 os
3rd update:m i n i me
4 t h ahh update:some art i found on twitter
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I made my pfp because of a tqiter post saying"draw ur oc but with a gun" or something along those lines and boom my pfp is done
Usually in social medias I switch my profile picture when I feel like it, though I had a few main ones. For the sake of length I'm gonna just list the one I'm currently wearing here in the forum: I was listening to Forest Zone from Wario Blast, ranting in my mind about how badass it is, stared at the cover of the game for a bit and went "Hmmmm, Wario in the art looks badass." and here we are.
A Bit like what @ElioHeyena said, but i don't change it, i just make em, plus it was a bit inspired by that one human sonic render, and i don't even have to mention the hair or scarf.
Why the crown? well in one of my old sketches i made a character with a hoodie, black pants and a crown, when i was making that one profile picture i used i said, why not use that one fucking crown, was it unnecessary?
Answer: Yes
plus, now that i got back to being a sonic fan after I've been sticking to dragon ball, i decided to make these shitty changes.
1: add sonic's shoes, cuz why not?
2: add that one thingy whatever from the sonic 1, 2, 3, CD, ECT title screen as a scarf, cuz again why not?
3: Classic idle, Because again, WHY NOT?
Plus this is the second time i make more pixel art, look's a bit lazy, plus made some color changes
and added the warp ring or whatever, because W H Y N O T ?
Did anyone ask me to make a 16 lane message?
Answer: No
But did anyone ask to put in how did you get you're pfp?
Answer: Yes
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My pfp was first found within Sonic CD,then i searched on google.And bada bim bada boom! My pfp is here.
now that I've changed my pfp 4 times in total, might as well make another post here.
Now that I'm still making 3D models, i thought why not make myself evaporate into the dark background hell that is almost impossible for me to work with?
Depression and loneliness, not that i actually am though, just some lore type of shit plus the you-know-what analog horror series art style. (Kinda)
I don't want to mention the name, it's pretty obvious why, right?
i waz rewatching the (firzt)zonic 1 movie trailer & pauzed on thiz face, and it became an in-joke with zome friendz! pluz i didnt know what elze to make my pfp, zo it became thiz ^_^

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