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[Character] Hex Character Pack V3


Hello, I'm Teeznet, I'm an indie developer, and wanted to implement my character from my video game as a Racer in SRB2Kart! If the mods wish to confirm that I am indeed the creator of this character, they can do so by going to the game's official page @NightSwordGames on twitter, and PMing me there. (be warned of outdated graphics though.) Update: VERSION 2! Hex has been completely overhauled and fully shaded! That's right, I remade every sprite from the ground up, completely from scratch, to ensure maximum quality! Have fun racing!

Update 2.1: Made it so her hat/shirt swaps palettes now instead of her hair/skirt.

Update: CharPack! Hex isn't the only character of mine in this game anymore, introducing Wildred, the Warlock Thief! I hope you enjoy playing this smug, smug weasel. I sure will.

Update: New character: AC-RN! What's a basic baddy doing in a high class place like this? I know Hex won't be happy about this one...

Update: New character: Dr. Nutbrain! I should've known it was only a matter of time before that menace reared his ugly... mask!

Update: All of the characters are now available as their own individual downloads! Have fun!


  • HexScreenshot 1.png
    HexScreenshot 1.png
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  • KC_HexTW_v2.1.pk3
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  • KC_WildredWarlock_v1.pk3
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  • KC_AC-RN_v1.pk3
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  • KC_Dr.Nutbrain_v1.pk3
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  • KC_Dr.Nutbrain-and-AC-RN_v1.pk3
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  • KC_HexCharPack_v3.pk3
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She's wonderful!! I love her aesthetic a LOT, and wish you luck with your personal project.

Usually people post screenshots of the stats screen for their character, though - do you mind adding one to the post for yours?
Teez? I used to watch your stream. Never expected to see you on here.

Nice character design, though you should probably make the sprites follow the shading style of the rest of the characters.
This is a very nice character! The design is nice.. Everything has good to this mod! But it could use a little shading..

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