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Front-run to drain your own timer.
Drain your timer completely to win!




More complex rule description
Stay in first place to drain your own timer. If you can drain your own timer down to 0, you win! Being not in first while below 10 seconds refills your timer slowly.

Falling off (or dying) will add 5 more seconds on to your timer, up to a maximum of 60 seconds. Falling (or dying) while below 10 seconds will refill your timer to 10 seconds PLUS add 5 more seconds for falling off, resulting in 15 seconds!

If the round timer runs out, the game will enter OVERTIME. During overtime, the timer will drain at an accelerated rate. For every minute during overtime, the drain rate will accelerate again.

All of the variables start with outrun. The original name for this gamemode was outrun but another addon already has that name, so I have changed it to Frontrun.

frontrun_enabled (default on)
Toggle if outrun is enabled.

frontrun_timer (default 60)
Starting timer for each player.

frontrun_respawnpenalty (default 5)
How much time is added on to a player's timer when they fall (or die).

frontrun_suddendeathseconds (default 180)
How long until sudden death starts.

frontrun_suddendeathupgradeseconds (default 60)
How long during sudden death until the time decrease rate increases.

frontrun_minimumtimer (default 10)
Minimum timer that a player is allowed to have while not being in first.
If a player where to fall, their timer would be set to minimum+respawnpenalty.

frontrun_comeback (default on)
Toggle if the comeback mechanic is enabled.

frontrun_comebackmintime (default 10)
frontrun_comebackmaxtime (default 30)

Set the amount of time behind is required to start gaining a speed boost.
The boost will cap at the maximum time.
If the minimum time is set above the maximum time, comeback will be disabled to avoid issues

frontrun_comebackmaxspeed (default 12)
Maximum speed bonus that can be gained from comeback.
This is given as a percentage multiplier (12 is +12% speed).

frontrun_comebackaccelfactor (default 8)
Maximum acceleration bonus that can be gained from comeback.
v4 - Ang did a bunch of stuff to help balance speed boost. The boost from being behind can now be stacked with other boosts.
v3 - Removed penalty system, replaced with a comeback system: The further behind the leader in terms of timer remaining, the faster you go!
Changed the perfect system to require a more perfect game to be played.
Hopefully fixed desyncs.
v2 - Added a penalty to slow down first place if they front-run too much (This was to address people breaking away too much at the start and not having any competition)
Added post-round screen
Fixed bugs
v1.2 - Added a reasonable cap to CVars
Stopped overtime sound from playing every tic if outrun_suddendeathseconds was set to 0
Stopped gamemode from running in singleplayer/freeplay
v1.1 - Made map count reset to lap default if gamemode was disabled
v1 - Initial release

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Hey, sorry for the delay - normally we keep testing between judges for the privacy of the submitter, but given that this requires multiplayer, is it fine if we test this publicly?
Welcome to releases! Sort of a strange way you chose to handle sprint maps, but otherwise, it seems to work as intended.
Updated to v2
Added new penalty system to reduce the power of breaking away.
Check change log for changes.
There is a bit of issue with the "Perfect Round System" - rounds sometimes end in a Perfect without the "Can Perfect" / "Go for Perfect" even appearing for the winning player at any point in the round (note that in normal cases, the "Can Perfect" still remains even after a round ends).

And also maybe add splitscreen support?
Updated to v3
Replaced penalty system with a comeback mechanic: The further behind the leader in terms of timer remaining, the faster you go!
Check change log for changes.
This mod is a lot of hectic fun. One thing worth noting is that it doesn't play nice when Friend Mod is active;the scores in it are determined by how many players of the opposing team you finish ahead of, not who achieves a full countdown. If it's possible, having a larger pool that's shared by a team that they then have to wittle down would be better. Possibly double or even triple the current time values for it to accommodate the countdown being shared amongst several players, if such a thing is possible.

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