Fox V1.4

Pink Mario

Okay so this may seem off but hear my out,
Fox is a character in a mod from 1.08 has the same abilities but with some added ones to (and yes he was also a recolor)

Swimming - Go underwater to start swimming this makes DSZ a joke

Double Jump- This is for getting to said platform this is a really fun move because of how much height you get from it really helps a bunch

Big Guns- Press spin to shoot a bullet that cost no rings to use but its slower then a red ring, you can also aim it, even though and it has a 2 second hold delay

Battle Move- High Jump Kick
Rises you high so then you can strike back down hard to land but its worth it

Lua: Made by me
Testers: Trystan the abomination, Trevor and Chris "Starlit Moons"!

To-Do List
-- Makes sprites DONE!
-- Make Super Abilities DONE! (well i did one of them lol)
-- Dirk Support
-- Kirby Support DONE! (idk what he gives u cuz i picked a rng number)
-- Battle Support DONE!
-- XMomentum Support

Changes From 1.3 to 1.4
-- epic effect when you land on the floor
-- Now you can yeet bombs (Custom 1)
-- New Super Effects (or sparks)
-- A battle move

Side Note
-- these will not be the last sprites but i will try to update them


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Wow, didn't know that the original mod was from 1.08, i wonder who made it. But anyways, the abilities are fun! I wish you good luck on making the sprites and super abilities for this character!


Great job! I really like the ability's they are very fun to play around with! Wait i'm a beta tester for this lol but congratulations!


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The attachment says "CL_FoxV1.2.pk3". Maybe is something with the page? i'll try to reload this

maze master7

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hey, pink mario. made a character and was wondering if i could use your gun lua for it.

i'll just give full credit. so i'll submit it now.
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