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[Reusable] FlowAbilities v5

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A PC? Nah, I have a top-of-the-line laptop!
i've removed the pk3 file from the attachments because of the infinitely better direct download method.

scroll up to the top of the page, and to the right there should be an orange download button. you'll be able to download the mod from there.
i found it.... that was the stupidest thing I've done this year :blink:
I had a lot of fun with this mod. However, there is one problem with this mod. It absolutely messed with the special stages.


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Always been tired of the same old charability uses? CA_TELEKINESIS not doing enough for you? This pack attempts to reinvent and expand on the vanilla characters' movesets to give them an extra oomph of speed, while also naturally integrating them into the gameplay without making them stick out...keeping the flow of it.

As of 10/01/2020, only Sonic, Knuckles, Fang and Metal have full, complete moves to play around with, so let's get going!

Sonic's Ability: Homing Attack


Oh no...another CA_HOMINGTHOK...wait. No it's not! The new Zero-In Homing Attack, while it doesn't take advantage of your momentum, adds to your speed and rebounds you high enough to connect extremely long combos at high speeds! It won't just zero-in on enemies, though, it'll zoom towards monitors and springs too, as long as they're in range!
Of course, if they aren't in range, you can always just do a regular thok! It's slower than the normal one, but it'll still get you places when you need it to.

Knuckles' (Extra) Ability: Dive Boost


Not only can Knuckles still glide, latch onto walls and climb across them, but if you hold spin while you glide, you will curl up and descend towards the ground, bouncing off it once. While you're rebounding, you can either let go of spin to start running, keep holding spin to spin when you're on the ground or hold jump to start gliding.
If you're really skilled, you can even chain bounces together for a lot of speed!

Metal's Ability: Boost Jet


Metal used to be able to hover normally, but now he can use his Boost Jet instead! Using the fuel he has, Metal can hover and thrust forward for about a second at a time. This ability is extremely difficult to control, but provides a massive amount of speed!

Tails' (Extra) Ability: Flight Cancel

Although he hasn't gotten the proper Flow treatment yet, Tails still isn't going to be left behind just yet! By pressing spin while flying, Tails can curl up and cancel his flight. What's more, Tails can also continue flying after he cancels, but that won't give him his strength back!
Tails also has a Super form, which allows him to fly infinitely!

Fang's Ability: Bomb Toss


Derived (for better or for worse) from his boss fight, Fang can now throw bombs after pressing spin after jumping! These are thrown as projectiles, and can take out enemies with proper aiming, but beware! You and other players can be damaged, lose rings, or even die if you aren't careful!
(Or maybe that's what you want, I'm not one to judge.)

Fang's Extra Ability: Popgun

Wait...Fang has two abilities? Yep! His popgun has been updated to be able to fire from any point on the ground. No need to keep standing still, just slow down a bit! Unlike other mods however, you can't fire in mid-air for...obvious reasons.

Super Form and Other Changes


Of course, nothing is complete without the extensive cast taking full advantage of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Knuckles and Metal have boosted forms of their new abilities, as well as Sonic retaining his spin-float, Knuckles' glide no longer losing height during use and Metal's Boost Jet rising upward when used. As well as this, both characters can power through spikes just by touching them, though Sonic and his shiny duplicate don't get as powerful as breaking strong bustable walls.
Regardless of Chaos Emeralds though, all three have their spindash speeds buffed quite a bit farther than before, and have a cool little jump effect that's pretty neat.

Things still to come:
Moveset changes for every other character!
More than one move per character.

V1 (03/01/2021): Initial publishing onto the message board.
V1.1 (05/01/2021): A few bugs fixed, along with adding a small air dash for when there are no targets to home in on.
V2 (06/01/2021): Sonic's Backup Thok weakened, plus Metal Sonic revised!
V2.1 (07/01/2021): Completely changed Metal's Super Form, gave Tails a flight cancel/flight continue ability, and allowed every vanilla character to use a Super Form.
V2.2 (08/01/2021): Completely redid Knuckles' Dive Boost + Rebound, fixed some issues with Sonic's Homing Thok, and increased its speed. Also fixed a flight carry bug with Tails.
V3 (10/01/2021): Added FlowFang, decreased the vertical gain of Sonic's Hold-Homing Rebound, increased Knuckles' dive boost rebound height.
I can't really Use the bomb that fang has, is there a way to make it simpler?
I can't really Use the bomb that fang has, is there a way to make it simpler?
as of release V4 (which is the current one), fang's bomb ability has been removed simply because it isn't balanced, nor useful and lags netgames. i may add a fixed bomb in future but don't count on it.


as of release V4 (which is the current one), fang's bomb ability has been removed simply because it isn't balanced, nor useful and lags netgames. i may add a fixed bomb in future but don't count on it.
Ah, okay. You should at least put that in updates just to avoid disappointed downloaders.


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you'd be better off referring to the Overview tab, that section is always updated with the latest information.
I usually look at the Updates tab for updates, why not "Post an update" with each update?
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(Referring to the button here)
I usually look at the Updates tab for updates, why not "Post an update" with each update?
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(Referring to the button here)
i do, they're referring to the original post (not the overview tab) which hasn't been updated since the old message board.
SilverVortex updated FlowAbilities with a new update entry:

the "There's No Such Thing As Too Similar To XMomentum" update

wow this is a long time coming

the mod has pretty much been reinvented to be a completely new experience! there are a lot of changes now, but here's a few of the standout changes.

- momentum! you can now retain momentum, spread the word. awesome. amazing.

- amy has like five abilities hoooly shit
-- abilities like the piko-piko catapult, double jump, and instashield twinspin, as well as passive changes you might want to check out!

- fang also has like five abilities but not the bomb...

Read the rest of this update entry...


I just recently joined on this website. Downloaded the game and got some of the mods (this one included), and this is such an amazing thing you guys have done!!! This game legit revived my love for Sonic!!!!
When i press spin after jumping i do a cork fire jump?
wheres the bomb toss
the bomb toss was removed for being extremely poorly implemented and extremely impacting towards the game's performance. besides, it wasn't even that good of an attack to begin with.

the cork fire jump replaces the bomb toss.

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I can see the Flow in these Abilities! ..just one problem though, sonic switches targets mid-homing attack sometimes if there's another homing attack-able object


Bro como lo hago para los controles en android, como por ejemplo: el impulso de metal, la cancelacion de vuelo de colas, etc
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Bro how do i do it for controls in android? for example: the metal impulse, the cancellation of the flight of tails, etc.
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idk if this is much to ask for, but is there anyway for you to release the knux ability separate? i really just like it for knux and would like a way to use just his ability. obv if its too much to ask for then its ok

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