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[Reusable] Everything thoks [v3] v3

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What if...

It's unfair that only Sonic has the thok ability. This mod removes that unfair advantage by making EVERYTHING thok. All enemies, bosses, rings, monitors and scenery objects can thok. The last one requires you to enable it using a command. On top of that, all characters have thok as their character ability.

eth_enemythok <0/1> - enable or disable enemy thokking (default: 1)
eth_bossthok <0/1> - enable or disable boss thokking (default: 1)
eth_playerthok <0/1> - enable or disable thok for all characters (default: 1)
eth_pickupthok <0/1> - enable or disable ring, monitor, emerald and match pickup thokking (default: 1)
eth_springthok <0/1> - enable or disable spring thokking (default: 0)
eth_scenerythok <0/1> - enable or disable other object thokking (default: 0)*
eth_specialstage <0/1> - enable or disable thokking in special stages (default: 0)
eth_mutesounds <0/1> - mute thok and jump sounds made by this mod (default: 0 - don't mute)
eth_unlimitedscenery <0/1> - enable or disable restrictions for eth_scenerythok. Will make the game very laggy on bigger stages. (default: 0)*

*this command won't work on singleplayer stages with NoReload level flag.
Version 3
- Added unlimited scenery thok command (eth_unlimitedscenery) - removes almost all restrictions from scenery thok
- Greatly improved scenery thok performance (when eth_unlimitedscenery is disabled)
- Rewritten most of the code, mainly the object spawning code (eth_pickupthok, eth_springthok and eth_scenerythok no longer require a map restart to work)
- Changed eth_playerthok to revert to the original character ability when disabled
- Fixed pickup thok and spring thok on NoReload maps
- Removed CEZ chain objects and ACZ dust devils from normal scenery thok
- Removed scenery thok from singleplayer NoReload maps

Version 2
- Added special stage support (eth_specialstage)
- Added spring thokking (eth_springthok)
- Blue spheres and emeralds thok
- Match/CTF pickups thok
- eth_pickupthok is now enabled by default
- Removed a 2048 FRACUNIT distance limit for pickup thok

Version 1
- Initial release
Have fun!


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Easily one of the most intense and fearsome Brak Eggman encounters in my life. Welcome to releases!


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thok, thok.
Also you forgot to make the stages thok
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Its kinda fair because you can basically make everyone thok now

Just looking at this mod makes the game impossible


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Some of the options like 'pickupthok' & 'scenerythok' stops working correctly if you die/retry in a map that uses the 'NoReload'. In the gif... nearly everything thoks but when I respawned... only the enemies thok.

One other thing to mention is that the Spring Ball objects thok if the 'scenerythok' option is enabled. Would it be do-able to have them be listed under the 'springthok' option instead? There's also that Chain-Swing object in CEZ which thoks if the 'scenerythok' is enabled.
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What if...
Version 3 of Everything thoks has been released!
This version greatly increases scenery thok performance, adds 1 command and fixes NoReload map bugs.

View the changelog for more information about the update.

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