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[Script] Dynamic Music v3 3.0


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I really wish there was a version of this where things are just... already put together? I don't understand all this stuff about putting code in files and loading files into WADs. Also, I can't find any ogg files in the zip where the Music Pack document says they should be. ALSO also, I can't find a document called "dynmusic.cfg".

What you're asking for completely goes against how the mod is designed. From the start, the intent was for individual players to customize music on their end, not to be subject to whatever the server decides on. Example usage and a reference for the commands is included in the mod's zip, so you might wanna see what's going on there if you're confused.


Wrong Music Glitch

I noticed a bug that affects what is usually a rare edge case under standard race conditions (item smuggling): Sometimes, SPB music will revert to the stage music despite a music-changing power item being active.
To replicate: (tested with only SPB music active, on a vanilla 1.3 client with only BChars, Dynmusic, and an SPB music add-on loaded)
  1. Get a SPB to target you while you have a music-changing power item (invincible, grow) on hand, or use kartdebugitem to gain an SPB then make the next item box an invincible or grow.
  2. Let the music change
  3. Use said power item and brake check the SPB with it
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Right, so there's some outright wrong stuff in this thread now (DOOD64's post for adding the Final Lap Music has outdated copy/paste text and that sent me down an hour long hunt for why my WAD wasn't loading) and a severe lack of highly integral minutia to the main post (why I was following DOOD's post in the first place).

So, to help other folks who may be confused by this mod, here's what got me started:

First, you're going to need SLADE:
(Sure was fun to find that buried halfway down the comments without a link in the comment that mentioned it, but I digress.)

Download the three files in the OP. Extract all of them wherever is most convenient and organized for you. To start with focus on FLMusic's zip file. Run SLADE, in the top left you'll find New WAD Archive. Click that, then drag and drop all the .OOG files from the FLMusic zip into that pane: they'll be added to the WAD, hit Save As, name it (I just called mine finallapmusic.wad) and voila, you have your Final Lap Music wad!

Now go and open dynmusic.cfg (open it with Notepad). At the very top you'll see addfile DynMusic-SamplePack.wad, add a line and put in addfile finallapmusic.wad below it (or whatever you named your one). Then below the finallapmusic listing, copy paste the bigass list from the FLMPacklist.txt into that area.

With this done, move the dynmusic.cfg, finallapmusic.wad and DynMusic-SamplePack.wad into your Sonic Kart directory (if it wasn't already). Personally I just put mine into the Download folder with everything else. Join a server like RDX Standard, then just leave and test it out in an Offline race to make sure the music is working.


"Something broke!"
Bruh, I'm as in the dark as you are. Hopefully my instructions above are accurate, but feel free to let me know if something needs fixing or clarification. It's currently too late in the night for me to bother making screenshots, so good luck.



There is a bug with this addon. For some reason final lap music does not work properly in splitscreen mode, when a player triggers the final lap the music often stays silent until you either toggle the music off then on in the options menu, if invincibility/ grow runs out or if you respawn after falling off the stage.
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I like to imagine them like Minecraft resource packs, it's a preference, if it weren't the case there'd be servers with huge downloads. This mod is awesome.


I do enjoy the amount of customization you can make with this addon. Though there is one issue I noticed.

When I attempted to make a final lap lump for encore music, the game is saying that the command "addencoreflmusic" (according to the module description) is unknown. I have a normal final lap lump and it worked just fine.

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Did you ever manage to get the final lap music for encore mode working because I'm having trouble with it myself.

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