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Welcome to releases! Though, it would be appreciated if your other images were also added as attachments.
I'd like to point a mistake in the filename. It should be kcl_deton_v1, not just kc_deton_v1 - from what I see, it's clear it has a Lua script.

D00D, didn't you check that before approving it?
Not a judge, but I assume that it's viewed in the same way as traditional SRB2 .wads - that if the script affects one character and one character only, the Lua is viewed as a means to an end to make the character unique rather than its own thing worth calling out in prefix.

By this metric, a kcl_-prefixed file would probably be, like, a Sonic Riders mod or something that affected the entire roster.
Oh, I will admit this was me making a mistake. Especially since I made this mistake... for a really dumb reason, and I only just now remember it.

...I was too distracted by mentally replacing kc_deton with JC Denton.
Yes, this is the dumbest reason to overlook a filename. I have no excuse.

Well, since the cat's out of the bag here and the wad is in releases already, can you please change the filename, Jimita? Just make it kcl_ instead of kc_. I wouldn't be suprised if I missed another chracter wad or two that have Lua but don't have 'l', so bring it up if I forget.
(I'm too late, but I would've REALLY preferred kcl_ since it's important knowing what files may load the Lua processor and lose frames...)

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