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[Character] Crash Bandicoot (Update:Now its PK3 supported)


DDR junkie
It was only a matter of time before Crash hit the track for SRB2 Kart.
He even comes with the Kart from Crash Team Racing.

Crash has even stats across the board from CTR.
So in SRB2 Kart his stats are

Plom510 for touch ups and putting the wad together
andreelikesplantsvszombies from Sounds Resource for the CTR voice clips
Namolos for the custom sounds script

I've put together a base for the CTR Kart for public use

Edit: V1-1 now has portrait color changes
Edit: V1-2 Custom engine sounds are added thanks to a lua script


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Probably Responsible
Welcome to releases! My only real issue is that the player icons used for things like the scoreboard lack a way to see what color the player is, so its impossible to tell who's who based on icon alone. Even a basic stripe would do.


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Gettin obsessed on SRB2Kart
Finally! I've been waiting for this since I downloaded SRB2Kart!
Now if I get to make CTR's maps, this could fit perfectly.

PS Why does the kart change with the skin color and not Crash himself? As D00D said, it makes it confusing to difference players.


Fishead Lad
Cool! though i would have prefered if the one who changes colors was Crash instead of the vehicle.


Gettin obsessed on SRB2Kart
Also, Crash is smaller than the other characters. It's not much of a matter, but it just doesn't look good. Crash is taller than Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Or could at least be the same height than them to fit.


DDR junkie
Can you change Crash's hair to a darkish red like in the original games?

This version of Crash is no longer gonna be supported as a newer, better version is in the works. There's a good chance that, the new Crash will have some sort lua scripting for multicolor changing. However It'll be a good while since the person working crash is working on another project at the moment.

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