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Community Hangout Design Contest (Season 1)


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I finally worked up the motivation to finish this. Apologies for the wait.
For those who read the editing thread for this, I've changed up the plans a little bit. Future iterations of the Hangout Contest will coincide with the OLDC. I do not have the motivation to handle monthly contests, unfortunately. It's a commitment I've unfortunately realized I won't be able to make.

That being said, you're free to submit your maps for Season 2 starting now. Submissions will close March 1st, coinciding with the OLDC. I will make an attempt to get it out in a reasonable time, unlike this one.

We're gonna be holding votes, OLDC style! Rate each map in a list from your favorite to your least favorite.. Here are a few things to look for when giving criticism, and also when creating:

-Visuals- How good does the map look?

-Exploration- How open is the map? Is it fun to explore? Does the map make you want to explore it?

-Compatibility- How compatible is the map in a multiplayer environment?

-Interactivity- Considering actual level design is being thrown out the window. What makes the map fun to play?

I will package all of these mods into a pack, so please make sure your scripts don't conflict with vanilla assets other maps may use. I will post it on the message board. By submitting your map to my pack, you're explicitly stating that your map is reusable content, so don't include anything you don't want reused!
But this wont be the only voting period! It won't be the only submission period either!
I've come up with a system to go about submission and voting periods, and I think you guys will all find it very fun.

Every season there will be a new voting period, the next one is March 1st! It will have every single map submitted in each previous voting period included. (What that means is that the Spring voting period will include the same maps as this Autumn voting period, plus new ones) Give me new submissions whenever, and I will include them in the next contests pack. This also means that if your map flopped at first, you have a whole new voting period to fix it up. You can have as many maps submitted as you want! If you really want your stage removed from the pack, I'll do it.

Season 1 lineup includes:

D-Eden by PrincessDrakyon

Arcanum Woodland by Raze

Mini Hangout by Nova Assistant

Zolton's Funny by Zippy_Zolton

Waiting Lobby by Slowman20

Mushroom Hill (This map was submitted to me a while ago and I cannot figure out who submitted it. If you're reading this and you made the map, feel free to come forward to me about it and I'll properly credit you.)


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Welcome to releases! I'm not sure how to rate them, but I had fun exploring these!


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Poggers?? Poggers. Sure gonna be nice for hangout servers to have more maps to play around with, lol.


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Updated post to have some voting information

Also, if you made any of these maps, could you send a brief description in here of your map for me to add to the thread? I'd write them myself but I feel like I wouldn't do justice with describing the maps, lol.


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I completely forgot I submitted my first ever map here as a joke! I wasn't even competent enough to get that control sector right...

Professor Eevee

Funny Eevee i guess
So i the guy who made the mushroom hill zone map and he is called Neon the shapeshifter boi if i remember or well at least i think thats his message board user name but i like to refer him to Neon and the reason why i know this is cause on my discord he server he posted some images of him making a mushroom hill zone map and some progress updates


I think Professor Eevee is refering to this user. He's known as Neon on Discord and he posted some screenshots about his work. As for the level pack here, i'll be sure to try this the other levels out and leave another reply, since i already played Mini Hangout (that i got from a server) and that map despise looking small, it makes me lag because of the insane size of the corridors XD I'll be looking foward to this thread :)


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Well, I totally agree with D00D64's opinion. It was... yes, it was fun to run through the levels, but I really can't say anything. And I doubt that I will use it for its intended purpose.

Then why am I writing this message?

I liked the Arcanum Woodland level. It may sound a little creepy, but I love it. The visual is very well done. The only thing is that there is little light at the level. This is not very pleasing to the eyes. Generally speaking, the level is steep.

The level from Zippy_Zolton is certainly much better.

Raze C

(Ranked from favorite to least favorite)

D-Eden: I really love this map! It's fun to explore and the crawla gimmick is pretty fun too.
The visuals are not bad at all, but I feel like it could do with more detail\decoration and smoother slopes.

Even though I really like the crawla gimmick there's some issues with it in my opinion: the amount of rings. I feel like there could be more rings and ring monitors around the map. It's really disappointing to spend all the rings collected over a crawla that gets stuck on the monitor sector immediately. If possible it should be easier to move the boxes around (the physics are kinda jank sometimes and it's hard to push them around without hitting the monitor twice). Talking about the crawlas themselves, it could be easier to guide them around (they can get stuck pretty easily).

Lonely ceiling texture:

AGZ texture visible inside the waterfall (I think this might be an issue with every waterfall in the level, but I haven't checked):

This is less of a nitpick on the map, but crawlas can get stuck into walls too:

Missing textures (though it seems more like you messed up the sector heights):

Uneven slope and also a visual glitch caused by the water fof in contact with the slope. This can be fixed by splitting the slope in half right where the water meets the slope:

In OpenGL:

Arcanum Woodland: I feel like I could've done a lot better with this map, my main regret is the boring theme choice. I still think it looks pretty good (even though the thok barriers look kinda jank) and I did really well on the visuals. As for the interactivity, I really tried my best to make it fun without custom gimmicks and stuff since I lack the skill to make those. Even though the map is open and there's a lot of places to explore, there is still nothing much to do and I feel like it could get boring pretty fast, especially in a server with a small amount of players.

Mini Hangout: Despite the size it's a pretty fun little map. There is some stuff to do, but there isn't much places to go and explore due to its size.
The map doesn't look bad, but there's nothing much to it. I feel like there could be more natural stuff such as mountains, rivers, some sloped rocks and maybe even flickies! But I guess that goes into the map being bigger too.

Mushroom Hill: This one is tiny, needless to say there's nothing much to do, but it's pretty cool, it could really be a fun map if it was a tad bigger. Visually it doesn't look bad, but it could really make use of a skybox and more decoration. Those pitch black entrances look kinda weird, you could probably make the effect better by making them longer and giving it a smoother brightness fade.

I don't know if it's possible, but I really wish there was a way to move the mushrooms from this room to the other parts of the map, but they get stuck on the door.

Kind of hard to notice, but it seems like this block's height is changed to be bigger than the texture for a second (I don't really know the setup for these, but this doesn't happen with the fire flower block, so I'm assuming it's possible to fix it):

Waiting Lobby: Another tiny one, this one feels more like a test map than anything. I mean, I guess that could be its purpose given the name? Either way, there's nothing to explore since it's basically a box filled with all monitors and emeralds. (Note: if you collect all the emeralds in this map, they won't spawn in Arcanum Woodland.)

There seems to be different ceiling heights on some sectors:

Zolton's Funny: Clearly a joke map (and I know Zolton can do better), so it feels like a waste to give feedback on this.


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Yellow Emerald un AWZ is inside the pillar to the left of the library...

...Which lacks a Trigger Linedef Executor sector to open it and grab the Emerald for some reason

Maybe just an oversight...


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Yellow Emerald un AWZ is inside the pillar to the left of the library...

...Which lacks a Trigger Linedef Executor sector to open it and grab the Emerald for some reason

Maybe just an oversight...

There's a trigger executor for it, it's triggered by moving the crawla statue to the center of the map.
Raze currently can't fix it because computer issues.
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