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Community Hangout Design Contest (Season 1)

I finally worked up the motivation to finish this. Apologies for the wait.
For those who read the editing thread for this, I've changed up the plans a little bit. Future iterations of the Hangout Contest will coincide with the OLDC. I do not have the motivation to handle monthly contests, unfortunately. It's a commitment I've unfortunately realized I won't be able to make.

That being said, you're free to submit your maps for Season 2 starting now. Submissions will close March 1st, coinciding with the OLDC. I will make an attempt to get it out in a reasonable time, unlike this one.

We're gonna be holding votes, OLDC style! Rate each map in a list from your favorite to your least favorite.. Here are a few things to look for when giving criticism, and also when creating:

-Visuals- How good does the map look?

-Exploration- How open is the map? Is it fun to explore? Does the map make you want to explore it?

-Compatibility- How compatible is the map in a multiplayer environment?

-Interactivity- Considering actual level design is being thrown out the window. What makes the map fun to play?

I will package all of these mods into a pack, so please make sure your scripts don't conflict with vanilla assets other maps may use. I will post it on the message board. By submitting your map to my pack, you're explicitly stating that your map is reusable content, so don't include anything you don't want reused!
But this wont be the only voting period! It won't be the only submission period either!
I've come up with a system to go about submission and voting periods, and I think you guys will all find it very fun.

Every season there will be a new voting period, the next one is March 1st! It will have every single map submitted in each previous voting period included. (What that means is that the Spring voting period will include the same maps as this Autumn voting period, plus new ones) Give me new submissions whenever, and I will include them in the next contests pack. This also means that if your map flopped at first, you have a whole new voting period to fix it up. You can have as many maps submitted as you want! If you really want your stage removed from the pack, I'll do it.

Season 1 lineup includes:

D-Eden by PrincessDrakyon

Arcanum Woodland by Raze

Mini Hangout by Nova Assistant

Zolton's Funny by Zippy_Zolton

Waiting Lobby by Slowman20

Mushroom Hill (This map was submitted to me a while ago and I cannot figure out who submitted it. If you're reading this and you made the map, feel free to come forward to me about it and I'll properly credit you.)


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