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[Reusable] BotSkin - Pair up any 2 characters

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So a while back MotdSpork made More Choices, which allowed you to combine Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles into any team of 2 that you wanted. This new Lua script I've created allows you to make a team of 2 out of ANY skins, including addons.

This script adds 2 console commands:

PLAYERSKIN <skin> - Sets your skin
BOTSKIN <skin> - Sets the bot's skin

Just start a game as Sonic & Tails (or any other pairing), then use the console commands to set your characters.


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Hey, sorry to be quite so picky about filenames after release. But in the name of getting our filenaming conventions completely uniform, could you rename your file to VL_BotSkin-v1.lua? The prefix needing to be in capitals in this case.
Thanks for the clarification. I thought skins were colors. Like how Sonic can be pink, and Tails can be Cobalt, etc. Knuckles can be white.

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The only thing that would make this better, is if this could be used without needing to use the console command. (Which I don't know if that's possible). (Like Sonic & Amy being one of the options in player select. Or even a Sonic Advance like "Choose your partner.") But that's not possible with LUA I think.
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It's funny that this has a mod, as if you use devmode 1 you can use skin [skin] to set your skin (skin referring to character)


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The commands aren't working for me....

EDIT: Nevermind, I found out how to use it. Though Idk how to set Neo Sonic as a bot
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This isn't working. Every time I try to type "PLAYERSKIN TAILS" it just says
"PLAYERSKIN <Skin> | Changes your skin"

Edit: nvm turns out I just had to do all lowercase
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