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[Reusable] Bomb Throw Ability for Fang

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Was I the one who got disappointed by the fact that Fang can't throw any bombs when you play as him?
Because that disappointment is now over! With a tap of the Toss Flag button, Fang will throw a bomb ahead!


The throw is affected by your current momentum, horizontal and vertical, enabling you to do any kind of crazy things!

srb20001.gif srb20002.gif

This is totally free to use, as long as you give some credit (I had to get through a lot of bugfixing and trial-and-error to get this thing working)


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Welcome to releases! Though, I can still throw bombs after clearing the level. Should probably do something about that, maybe? Didn't seem like something worth holding back a release for.
Excited to play this! Thanks for making it!

I love Fang's design and springy tail but I felt the same as you — wanted more of his "sniping arsenal" aside from the pop-gun.

Adding bombs helps to make Fang feel more like a cowardly sniper in his combat and how it differs from the rest of the cast, who fight more directly. I like the idea of playing Fang as a kind of "stealth" approach to the levels — take out the enemies ahead of you on screen, bounce ahead to the next section. Bombs make that much more feasible, theoretically!

Will update this post or add another with thoughts later!


I agree, do you know how to make a character? Are there sprites of Bean already made?
This bomb ability would be nice for him yeah.

I've never made a character for SRB2 before, but I could try. I'll find the tools and see what I can do.


Hello! I am a huge fan of the mod my only real disappointment is the fact that the bombs can't "destroy" cracked walls because it would seem logical that it could yes??

If you might be worried that it could make fang overpowered perhaps my suggestion in trade would be that Fang's tail bounce could still help him bounce "higher" but it can't break anything as to where he needs to rely on his bombs or his pop gun considering he is a bandit after all and he gotta run away with them emeralds!
Is there any way to make bombs destroy cracked walls? I think it has something to do with EV_CrumbleChain, but I dunno how to integrate it into the lua

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