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Hello world !
Are you tired of playing the same Kart over and over ?

Too bad am not a good enugh modder to change that... However...

Would you like to make it feel a little different but still get Karted the same way ?
If the answer is yes, then let me introduce you to BirdPal!
It's a color palette that does color things! Nice color things!

Did I copy this addon's description from another palette I made for that other platformer that started as a mod of SRB2Kart ?
Yes. Yes I did.
Looks nice, uh ?
Then you can just download it and load it from the addon menu ingame.
It won't work instantly and you'll see it in effect after the current race/menu/whatever ends.
Also, no need for the server to load this file, it's entirely clientside.

Why does the purple Player Color look pink ?
Am not at fault here, the colors are based on the original palette.
However, since I could do something about it, I did, and added an alternate palette which replaces pinks with purples. It's included in the zip.

God these greens looks gorgeous!
...That's likely because I'm not the one who picked them.
I took the green's from Boinciel's Boinpal, which is a palette mod I absolutely loved back then.
(Protip: Boinpal is actually possible to use in Kart. ...but pls use birdpal.)

I don't have much more to add.
So I hope you'll enjoy the mod and have fun.
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