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[Level Pack] Aurora Cup


The Aurora Cup has started!

The Cup contains 2 Tracks

and more to come SOON!

Version: 1.3



Cavern Ruins
-boss waypoints
-new thumbnail
-fixed spawns
-visible alternate route
-more offroad
-visual changes
-more sneaker panels

Paradise Campsite
-boss waypoints
-new thumbnail
-new music
-new sky
-some fixes
-visual additons


  • KR_Aurora_Cup-v1_3.pk3
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The unreliable judge
There are a few issues I had without being able to see turns coming from the top of a hill, but otherwise, this map is just fine. To releases!


this track is, not very good imo, i have a lot of problems with it that i'll list off here
my biggest issue with the track is that, well, it's way, waaay too small, it gives it a really cramped and uncomfortable feeling, and makes playing it in a netgame a complete nightmare, a single banana can block off most of the roads completely, i personally feel like you should size up the stage at least 2.5 times, it's ridiculous how small it is

some of the more general issues:
*the brightness in the track makes it really hard to tell what is ground and what isn't, and it makes it hard to see turns coming, the underwater nature of the majority of the track doesn't help
*the directioning is really bad, complete lack of arrows indicating a turn is coming up on a stage with so many sudden turns and steep slopes is not a good idea
*adding offroad to the main road in any track is NEVER a good idea, EVER
*you should really add more items to the item packs you have in the stage so everyone gets to have an item, it's never a good feeling not being able to get an item

some of my more minor issues:
*the display screenshot for it in the map select screen doesn't really show much of anything
*the visual design of the stage can feel a bit dull sometimes
*the lack of credit for the music in the stage is a bit icky


I'll try to fix these problems in the next version of this track.
This is my second track ,and I am mostly experimenting, sorry for making this track horror for you.


Aka Star
I never realized this actually became a cup until I saw this in Jart! I wonder if you're going to add Lakeside Speedway to it?

Generally the tracks could do some more polish but there is a hugely clear improvement over time and I can't wait to see more! Both in new tracks and in improvements of these two tracks.


Thank You! ,Lakeside Speedway sadly won't be added to the Aurora Pack (even if in my opinion is my most clean track)

I have ton of other Ideas for Tracks tho!
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I didn't realize this was turned into a pack either, and my, what a really big improvement! i really like those tracks now honestly, you did really good! i still do have some more minor issues compared to last time tho
for cavern ruins: you should turn off slopes physics on this turn, i'd imagine it being really hard, if not impossible for certain characters to get through with an SPB behind them

it can be pretty hard to tell that there's an offroad section in the middle when taking this ramp, so, i'd recommend you make the color for the area of the ramp that takes you to the offroad different

this ramp is way too steep, you should make it less steep, OR, add a red spring panel to it!

the music loop in this map is not very good

paradise campsite: the map could do with some better directioning, the music loop is not good either, and this ramp is too steep as well

but aside from all of this, those are some really fun levels honestly, and i've enjoyed my time with them a lot, really looking forward to whatever new maps you make! ^^
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To let you know, you have a mapslot conflict with EverythingisTerrible by DOOD64. Slot HJ is Septic Quarry. Slot HL is Lovely Afternoon.


Perhaps could you choose different ones? I wouldn't be surprised if DOOD isn't going to change the mapslots for a map pack thats been out as long as that one, and I'd like to run both packs at the same time. I won't be using this pack as long as it conflicts with that one unfortunately.



all these changes were made by Starman91!

I am really thankful that Starman91 fixed my maps!
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