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[Reusable] Astolfo (Fate)

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Rider of Black, Astolfo, has arrived to SRB2Kart!


With a Speed of 8 and a Weight of 3, this Servant's quite nimble and maneuverable as a Rider should be, but not very strong when it comes to head-on clashes or being dismounted. Oh well!

All voice samples are from Fate/Grand Order. Please let me know if there's any issues~!​


  • KC_Astolfo_v1.pk3
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  • AstolfoKart Colors.gif
    AstolfoKart Colors.gif
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  • AstolfoKart Rotate.gif
    AstolfoKart Rotate.gif
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  • AstolfoKart Sign.gif
    AstolfoKart Sign.gif
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  • AstolfoKartPain.gif
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