ArcadePak v1.5b (The Promised Hotfix Update)

[MP Level] ArcadePak v1.5b (The Promised Hotfix Update) 1.5b


Haven't got enough from SRB2Kart? Doesn't feel like you have played enough tracks? Want to Record Attack some more? Well, not sure how you will fill your pockets for what you want, but here's something for you, kart racer, and something more for you, record attacker:

...The original description with 1.3 update is below there; as some stuff will need some readjusting later on (namely the ghosts, which could be a bit inaccurate in some slightly modified sections of certain tracks; and entirely missing for the new track). However, this 1.4 update not only applies some pending fixes, but also adds a whole new track: Tricolored Space Zone!

That said, there were some tweaks that I finally applied (and detailed v1.35 changelog after a while), and of course I will try to finish the polish in this update as time goes on. Feel free to let me know about any new feedback regarding old and new tracks!

1.3 description
If you have been around since the release of SRB2Kart, you should know how (relatively) easy it is to make tracks, but not so much to make them quality. And you should also known that I have made some few tracks here and then in the past, including Dinosaur Canyon (Daytona USA) and Big Forest (Virtua Racing). Well, for those that have been waiting for more, and after my arrival from being absent 3 months ago, here's what you wanted! 5 tracks (maybe) for you to sink your teeth, all with ghosts for Record Attacking; some new ones, and some returning from my previous follies.

While this pak had already been released some beginning December, the new 1.3 update packs some neat stuff in store, including an addition to the previously 4-track lineup:
Big Forest has returned big time! The beginner course from Virtua Racing, that I previously released standalone back in April 2019, was given an update with higher accuracy to source, decoration additions, and the addition of what everyone expected last time...MORE TREES!
...oh yeah, and the ferris wheel is (mostly) in now :3

Several bugfixes and visual improvements to the other tracks have been done too, and on top of that, there's now the aforementioned Record Attack ghosts (absent in the initial release), featuring Yoshi, Pilzkopf, Star, myself, and MrNin. The Thunder-colored Sonic ghosts are my first recorded attempts, while the black Sonic/Metal Sonic ones are the ghosts I grinded my best >:3
And then there's MrNin ghosts, which defeated all of my aforementioned ghosts...but summing it up, there's an variety of ghosts, ranging from intermediate skill to real tough, so good luck for you all speedrunners!

I want to thank everyone on this community for such awesome support and creations, as well as the SRB2 Staff and KartKrew for their excellent gems that are their games; and HUGE thanks to the fellas that submitted their ghosts for this release. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did (and hopefully much more as I did to get unstuck during this trip).

Until the next update!

Current maplist:

Hidden Map - MAPE0
A blast from the past? Maybe. Is it new from this update? Actually yes. Are we going to know what it is? Not if you don't find it out yourself.
Thanks to Bluegen for the assistance with this one.

MAPE1 - Virtua Circuit Zone:
A 5-lap circuit inspired by the Model 1 and 32X games, with flat colors used for the style of this short but speedy track. Watch out for the colored glowing pads, as green ones are boosters, yellows and reds are springs, and blacks are hazards!

MAPE2 - Snowdust Valley Zone:
Jump over the valley, drift near the drop, and fly over a fan-filled pit in this snowy mountain; now filled with trees overwatching your race!

MAPE3 - Mount Acres Circuit Short:
This track returns from the past in ArcadePak, bringing some new few additions, but the same fun layout as before!

MAPE5 - Polychrome Polygon Zone:
Flat colors are back, and this time with a vengeance: This unique track, filled with floating cubes and crystals has an alluring artstyle and many speed-heated turns; and with items it gets much more hectic! Will you take it safe over the upper path to lob spikeballs at others? Or will you go through the lower path for faster times?

MAPE6 - Tricolored Space Zone:
Looks like space, but more polygons and 5-lap goodness! Make sure to stay on track, take the closest turns and make the best of all the jumps you can find!

MAPEB - Big Forest
The beginner course from Virtua Racing once again shines with its polygonal trees, mountains, and a nice view over the lake from the bridge. After you are done racing around, check out the ferris wheel!

Tricolored Space Zone
Snowdust Valley:
-Finished the starting lane details (lol)
-Lowered tree density to avoid clipping/framerate drops
-Altered one of the pits in a semi-hairpin turn
Maybe other stuff I have forgotten

v1.35: Hotfixes including checkpoints.
Virtua Circuit:
-Finished barriers (outside area)
-Finished first hairpin walls
-Added extra detail to road and finish line
-Removed green glow from section

Snowdust Valley
-Changed booster pad appearance and adjusted locations
-Added a FOF on the first big jump
-Extra visual details

Big Forest VR:
-Made some lines impassable, thanks to Scootie for pointing me that out
-Start lane flag says START now (accuracy)

V1.3: Everything above, and the details here:
-Virtua Circuit Zone now has glowing panels, unintentional skip patch, and there's some extra details added.
-Snowdust Valley has extra decoration.
-Mount Acres Circuit Short had some checkpoint issues and a death sector on the bridge fixed.
-Polychrome Polygon Zone received some slight extra details, unintentional skips patched, and the lower area now has offroad in the rightside path, so you need to either go left there or bypass the offroad.
-Big Forest has several changes from its initial standalone version: Name conflicts fixed, checkpoint bugfixes, expanded decoration like flags, mountains, trees and the ferris wheel, visual accuracy changes, skybox slight adjust and minimap replaced, and the entire map has been scaled to an slightly bigger size overall.
-There's an extra secret map added.

V1.0 to V1.0b: Initial release, as well as initial patches to fix some things broken out of the box

-LJSTAR: Sky texture for Big Forest
-CoatRack & RoyKirbs: Additional assistance for Big Forest
-Eldog: Tipped me over like a cow to make me do the ferris wheel rounder...and it worked out well
-Bluegen: For helping me a lot in updating...the secret map, while I was without internet.
-Yoshi: Helped me test several checkpoint issues in Mount Acres Circuit Short
-MrNin: Pointed me out several unintentional skips to patch (Thanks a lot!)

Staff Ghosts Contribution Credits:
Virtua Circuit Zone: MrNin, Yoshi, Star
Snowdust Valley: MrNin, Yoshi, Pilzkopf, Star
Mount Acres Circuit Short: MrNin, Yoshi, Pilzkopf
Polychrome Polygon Zone: MrNin, Yoshi
Big Forest: MrNin, Yoshi, Pilzkopf, Star

Special thanks to Eldog, Faytstayx, Cactus Fantastico, Onion Knight, Mr. Logan, Halatnikov, and everyone else in the KartKrew Discord for their great feedback.

NOTE: The GIFs on the post are currently outdated, but I'll update them ASAP.

BONUS: Video with a Making of Polychrome Polygon Zone, having almost everything of the track being made from scratch to what it is now.


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V1.3 has been just released! It includes bugfixes, extra decoration and stuff, record attack ghosts, and Big Forest!

...and maybe something else out there, who knows.


Heads up about that I replaced the PK3 with an RAR compressed WAD since I had been reported about how the PK3 for some reason didn't add any maps.


A Sonic and Puyo Fan
I really like the design for these stages, it makes me wish more people knew about this map pack. Though I should point out in Snowdust Valley you can't get over the gap at the beginning if you are in the shrink effect. Which will make you loop back to the beginning until shrink wears off. Just a little heads up for those that forget to disable shrink when playing Srb2 Kart.



V1.4 is out!
On top of a new track being added, some fixes were made overall!


ACStriker updated ArcadePak v1.5 (NEW TRACK - Ridge Turnpike Zone) with a new update entry:

ArcadePak v1.5 - First 2021 update arrived!

At long last, after many months of inactivity and GBJ/cheap skip reports, today I finally officially deliver ArcadePak v1.5! The new big features are PlayerBots support, several issues getting patched, Snowdust Valley having a touchup, Polychrome Polygon Zone getting the orange lower tunnel removed, and a brand new track: Ridge Turnpike Zone!

While the current post also has the changelog, you can check it below here as well if you want

  • All maps (except...

Read the rest of this update entry...


ACStriker updated ArcadePak v1.5 (NEW TRACK - Ridge Turnpike Zone) with a new update entry:

ArcadePak v1.5a - Triblue hotfix moment

So just one day after v1.5's release, Triblue had found some few unchecked unintentional skips/GBJs :oh:

  • One of VR Big Forest stretches no longer has slope physics, preventing a weird hop from happening if going too fast in there.
  • An invisible safety bridge in Snowdust Valley was not in the right place for some reason; its fixed now
  • A slight change in Tricolored Space...

Read the rest of this update entry...


Hello everyone! I have taken a while into providing a new update despite several reports of weird issues that showed up in certain tracks, but I wanted to know if people wanted to give additional feedback about the current version of the tracks, since I could see if I do tweaks for the next version (which is something I'd like to hear as soon as I can, since I want to add reverse versions of tracks and I'd need to have the tracks fixed before starting work on that.

One thing I can mention is that the blue ramp jump in Tricolored Space Zone is being replaced with a bridge to the red area to address two reports related to that part, that it might be made slightly bigger as I heard some people mention that its a bit small, and that I'm still trying to decide what will be my next track featured in the update.

Any feedback you can provide here would be incredibly useful and I would appreciate it, since as I have got internet back since some few months ago, I'd really like to deliver a new ArcadePak update for everybody to enjoy :)


ACStriker updated ArcadePak v1.5a (NEW TRACK - Ridge Turnpike Zone) with a new update entry:

v1.5b - The long due meme hotfix

First of all, apologies for the many months that the reports "went unchecked"; I was aware of most that were fixed in this bugfix since months but either I happened to be incredibly wrecked with university, or was offline and couldn't really access Internet outside of rare instances.

The changelog is as it follows:
Virtua Circuit:
-Raised a bit an outside orange wall
-Fixed a small sector missing the finish line effect

Snowdust Valley:
-Made those out of bounds fence areas...

Read the rest of this update entry...
Tricolored Space has a death loop if you die and respawn at the check point right before the red section.

Also, I think VR Big Forest's item set distribution is relatively dense for how small it is. Five item sets on a 4-lapper, with two pairs of them being ~7 seconds from each other makes the map heavily item-dependent.

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