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[Script] Acrobatics (v0.5a): ABS System

Is it possible to program one of the custom buttons to cycle through the different styles before a race? I really like this mod but it's hard to get everyone on the same page of going into the console when I do this in parties.
Hello everyone, I want to host this mod on a server of mine and I had to ask; at this time is it possible to remap the button (preferably to CUSTOM1) needed to use the boost gauge when in the "STORE" mode? I found out that it somewhat clashes with Hornmod (pressing "item" button when you have no items results in both a horn press and the boost which could be semi-annoying in high frequency) in the current implementation and I was wondering if I overlooked something there.
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Noticed a bug with Acrobasics-v1. I tried to add you on Discord to message you, per your terms for reuse, and I haven't gotten any response, so... here's a bug report, I guess?

Acrobasics's as_active variable doesn't appear to actually have any gameplay effect. Given the way it affects the HOSTMOD MOTD, if seems as if the intent is to disable the mod's functionality, but setting it to 0 has literally no effect outside of that. Adding "as_active.value == 1" to the canplayertrick logic appears to solve this issue.
I keep seeing videos of this in use where they are doing simple tricks, but still using the acrobatics combo system. What set of commands would I need to use for that?
Hey, i would like your permission to modify acrobasics just by reducing the number of combo
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Hey, i would like your permission to modify acrobasics just by reducing the number of combo
noticed that little fourth (technically fifth, but i'm counting stomp as an extra trickstyle exclusive to battle in this case, still waiting for the day i'm able to turn on stomp as a race trickstyle even if it has to be turned on beforehand) trick style hidden in the code
wonder how it's gonna work

It's at the beginning of the discussion
I might be new here but I can't for the life of me figure out how to enable Acrobatics properly. I've tried only turning it on, I've tried separating the different kinds of mods I have installed, I've even tried Custom Builds, but when I try tricking in the air, it shows I've done it, it plays the sound!.. Only for the meter to not appear, and I land on the ground to a solemn OK... I hope I didn't misunderstand anything crucial.

EDIT: My apologies, I simply downloaded the wrong version. My bad.
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Acrobasics took me way too long to find. Can you add it to the title of the mod or at least the description so that anyone can find it on search easier?

Edit: Realized that I couldn't read the part where it said acrobasics. I still think it should be more clear in my opinion but I am a doofus.
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