A Character That Ruins SRB2Kart [RSRB2 Ember]

[Reusable] A Character That Ruins SRB2Kart [RSRB2 Ember]

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How the turns have tel- tab-
[I'd advise CAUTION if you are a thing that exists.]
Welcome to hell - this is a character That Ruins SRB2 Kart, also known as RuinsSRB2Kart. It --


You cannot be serious

Flicky 1: 
fuckin bees
base game was not enough you go and add them to kart
fuck you telos
Armed with voices stolen straight from heaven*, the (updated) tiny bee is here from what has quickly spiraled out of control and will be the focus of my life for the inevitable next 15 years.
Oh well, at least she's cute! Drive.

*this is actually literal


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How the turns have tel- tab-
It's canon that she's actually referring to the function TSR in which an individual can share their items with the team, in order to increase the immediate attacking power of their party members, as well as raising the team meter in preparation for unleashing a team ultimate through which the tides of the race can be changed. At least, until another team utilizes team ultimate in return and takes back 1st seconds before the race ends.

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