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Well, we didn’t have anything special prepared for the big day. It kinda snuck up on us. Sorry.

So instead of showing something off, we wanted to hear from you! We asked what your favorite memories of SRB2 were on social media. There were plenty of people talking about downloading the game on to their school computers, nostalgia for almost every version of the game (and every mod you’d expect), big achievements in speedrunning, antics in netgames, and much, much more. If you’d like to take a real trip down memory lane, check out the many responses to our post on Twitter.

As for me, the big hype trains behind the v2.2 and SRB2Kart releases were big highlights, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss struggling to play Final Demo netgames on mom’s slow PC and slow internet. Well, okay, maybe only a little bit.

What SRB2 gave me that I’ll remember the most is the drive to learn and grow. To put it shortly, I may have never gone down the path of game development if I didn’t have a free Sonic game to make levels for as a kid. I wouldn’t have met any of the people I now consider to be my best friends, either, and they wouldn’t have helped shape me into who I am today.

Thank you SSNTails, Sonikku, all of STJr and Kart Krew, and everyone else who contributed to SRB2 and/or its community over the years.

I can’t tell you if I’ll still be here writing news posts in 25 years, but whether I am or not, I think SRB2 will still be around in one form or another by then. After all, it’s proved to be a great platform for people to have fun playing and creating, and that’s not changing any time soon.

I look forward to seeing that future. I hope you do, too.

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Happy birthday srb2! your one of the most enjoyable, if not the most enjoyable fan game ever!
I remember searching up google on how to get 3D models on SRB2 lol
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Anyways, happy birthday SRB2
I'm not sure how I stumbled upon SRB2, But I remember the first mods I ever used were stuff like SRB2Hub, SUGOI, And the 2.1 versions of Mario, Kirby, and PAC-MAN. Happy B-day SRB2!
I remember clearly thinking SRB2 was an official game that ran in the same engine as Sonic's Schoolhouse and also thinking it was Sega Pico exclusive LMAO (I thought Sonic's Schoolhouse was for the Pico shujsuifgh)

happy bday srb2! even if i'm alot newer to the game, i still had some good time with the game for a couple years now and has made some times better for me
Merry Halloween to Super Mario Bros, haha!

Jokes aside, I’m interested to see the path that this game will take in the future... ESPECIALLY when it’s the time Fang (the character, not the boss) receives his highly requested buff.
Some time ago I started an animation for the 25th anniversary, unfortunately I didn't finish it


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I'm kinda late to the party since I thought it was a few days off but, still guys thanks for everything you've done over the years and for how much love this community has shown towards new and old creators. Again, thanks so much and I'll hop off my account per usual.

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