25 Years of SRB2

25 лет, вы только вдумайтесь, это больше половины времени существования Соника.
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Well! 25 years! wait--

25 Years?!​

Holy Jagegus! Srb2 is a quarter of a century old???
oh jeez thats like um Thats amazing! Congrats! Happy 25 Years of being a Sonic fangame! :wonderful:
25 years? Man, time flies. I could say that SRB2 and I grew up together (more or less,) with me being born on the same year when Power Rangers made their television debut, the same year as Sonic CD where [NAMES REDACTED] made their debut on Sega CD. Good times are in store, but rather than talk about my life (since it's more of a first post gushing about how awesome this game is, and this is not the place for such matters) why not go over some fun mods that would hopefully grow alongside the game.

See, I made a oath to myself that I'll unlock all the characters and beat the game with all emeralds before using mods, as I explore the areas in the game, I had some fond moments where I was playing as Sonic Xtreme. Spin Slashing onto walls, spindashing up said walls, and jumping from wall to wall is so much fun! Adventure Sonic is a real hoot too, but sadly I couldn't use shield abilities as the button to spin does a bounce attack in mid air.

The gems mod that originated from Sonic 06 is also a good time, upgrading the gems from defeating enemies and using their powers are a blast! Though I should note that I normally assign the Fire button to use the gems. (Right Trigger on Xbox Core Controller) so Pipe Towers and abilities that requires the fire buttons is out of the question. Thankfully the Gems System is not used in Record Attack so it's just you and the record attack, leaving the custom gems at the door when you challenge for emblems.

And speaking of Sonic 06, Silver is a real slice as well! Using his Psychokinesis to pick up and throw enemies and objects around is a treat. And the simplicity of SRB2 makes it work in Silver's favor.

What? Shadow? Snapping to and fro the various zones looks to be neat. I haven't tried him yet but I'm sure it would be a great time. At least guns need not apply.

Chrispy's Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails is also fun, but sadly when Pointy Sonic goes Super his jump is replace by flight. The Super Form's challenges regarding platforming comes from their out of control speeds, jumps and handling. If you're able to fly at will once you turn Super Pointy Sonic then what is even the point of said platforming challenge? Other than that, Looking forward to Boxy Knuckles by the way Chrispy, keep up the good work, but know that I'll disable the Super Form if I get the chance and a lua script to do so.

Roger Van Der Wilde's level sets are amusing. His IMP Christmas Level have you knocking the enemies into walls to truly defeat them. Though his interactive episode doesn't work in OpenGL, I've watched his playthough of his creation and found it to be fun.

The 3D Models are a real treat too! Since Sonic never had a proper Sega Saturn game, the 3D Models are a treat regarding how they look and how they play as well.

SRB2Kart? It's a blast! Racing through various tracks, bopping your head to the music as you race through the games, though I wonder if Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers would be able to apply the custom colors? Other than that, I am looking forward to Ring Racers.

And the challenge runs that are popping up in the mods sections. Such as a time limit rule, the Super Sonic Suicide Run challenge, and a host of other challenge is something I'll give a shot.

(If I happen to go over the ten minute mark in a stage, I could practically imagine a "YOU SUCK" message like that of Doom proper.)

Ringslinger? If I could get better internet, then yes, I'll give multiplayer a whirl. Until then, I'll just stick to bots for the time being.

But yes, I'll be looking forward to what the community have in store for us all. And NiGHTS Special Stages? A nice touch since Sonic X-Treme was going to use the NiGHTS into Dreams engine, before Yuji Naka threatened to quit Sega. But with what I talked about regard the character of Sonic XTreme is that of a reasonable interpretation of what the game would have played.

Yes, I read the rules, yes, I'll abide by them, no, I don't use discord, and no, I am not going to give you my communication links. (They're personal after all.)

Here's to SRB2 continuing awesomeness.
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Hehey! Happy late 25th, SRB2!! :D
I joined this community on 26th Dec 2019, back when it was 21 already!
I'm glad to still be here with a slightly rekindled interest in SRB2, and my recent undertaking of learning mapping!
My favourite memory of SRB2 HAS to be launching the game for the first time on my old crappy computer, and to give you an idea of how bad it was, it could JUST BARELY handle running Win10. CPU was too slow to use the software rendering, so I had to use OGL on my old GT 710, which sucked a lot xP I remember that it was a tiny bit past midnight when I downloaded it, and boy, I cannot tell you how happy I am that I made this decision! My latest greatest memory is (being extremely late to) playing the OLDC for 2022, and seeing Foliage Furnace zone and being completely blown away by how good it looked; I was in literal awe, and I was saying "OH!" every few seconds LOL

So yeah, I certainly can't wait to see the future of this game! I'll be around in some way or another in the future! Here's to 25 more years, and once again, happy late birthday, SRB2!!!
in all real-ness?... i fucking love this game and its just been out so long new and old creators go and join
Thank you srb2 i will always play this game
I'm late to this myself, but happy 25th birthday to one of the greatest Sonic fangames ever made! Ever since January of 2008, SRB2 has made quite the impact on my life, as I've been learning about creative skills I never knew I had.
Discovered this game during the 2.0 days and I've been hooked ever since, it gave me hours of entertainment from the endless amounts of user-created content to the countless sessions I spent playing all kinds of fun multiplayer game modes (Meadow Match FTW)

Happy 25 years SRB2, here's to many more years to come.

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