25 Years of SRB2


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Wow, that was fast. Almost as fast as the blue hedgehog, himself!

As I'm still pretty young, I don't remember a lot of the things I did in this game. Heck! I don't even remember how my family found it! I think I remember asking my parents...maybe...?
It might've even been me who found it. After all, I found ROBLOX from a YouTube video all those years ago.

The version I found SRB2.
I was terrible at it. Obviously.
I started with Sonic. I remember being worried about the fact that he was described as "not suited for beginners."
I remember...my brother pointed out that Tails would be easier. He was slower. He could fly. I played as him, and he...wasn't wrong!
I don't remember the first emblem I got. I don't think it was the green club in GFZ1, it blended in too well (Ha!).
I remember not being able to join MP servers. I asked my dad. I deleted the config.cfg folder. It worked because my child brain changed the MS to something stupid. I was young, I had imagination. I don't remember my first MP experience, or my first addon.
I remember struggling with the 7th special stage maybe 4 years ago?...It's pretty easy now.
I was glad when the addon system became easier. Didn't have to memorize the filenames...
Where were the slopes? I was confused. I don't remember seeing any.
Not much difference from .20, though I probably first finished the game in .25...I don't remember.
Somewhere around there I was introduce to Mystic Realm. Couldn't get enough of it.
Mystic Realm...Emerald Isles...Tortured Planet...SRB2 Hub...Lots of stuff.

2.2.0 - 2.2.10
I was so excited when I noticed 2.2 had finally come out.
But I was sad when I first noticed it was a Torrent...how do I install a torrent?
A few days later, my brother pointed out there was a mirror download.
That did it. I started 2.2.0, and I was very happy.
The textural overhaul of everything, the new music, the slightly altered record attacks...(no more score emblems for levels!)
It was very pleasing. Nothing like what 2.1 was.
I occasionally forget that SRB2 is a fangame.

A few years ago(maybe one, maybe two) I decided to reinstall the latest version of 2.1, and something else...

When I first saw this, I was immediately confused by what I was looking at. The menu was...definitely not something I was used to. But, of course, I eventually got used to it.
The emblem system was kinda dumb. Some emblems seemed to be near impossible to get with the characters assigned to them.
The lack of third person mouselook was a bit annoying, and the fact that you couldn't strafe if you went too fast...eh.

Besides all that, 2.0.7 - 2.2.10 shows real progress. Real improvement. It's amazing. And it's why SRB2 is such a treasure to so many, no matter what versions they play or like. The game is universally loved, if you will.

Sadly, just minutes before I started typing this, I did something stupid. Now I have to start 2.2.10 over again.
But that's okay.
This game is all about being replayable, after all...!

5 to 6 years of memories for me,
25 years of memories for many, if not all.
Thanks for having great ideas, STJr.!


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How is this game only 5 years younger than the entire sonic series as a whole?!

Nice one! :)
You did a mistake here.

SRB2 started development in 1998,and Sonic franchise was created in 1991.That means you mistaked it by 2 additional years.


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It's funny we mention this, because according to my recollection and adjacent artifacts of the time, starting in October of this year I would be playing this game and be in its community for over 10 years.
Although I could've sworn it was September... funny what a decade does to your memory.
I'm glad that I've been able to be a part of this community for a decade, officially certifying me as a oldbie. Sure, there were some ups and downs... and there were REALLY some ups and downs (Reading about communist countries banning jeans hit a bit too close to home...), but overall they were growing pains in the long run.
This game has grown so much since the early 2.1 boom, and I'm overjoyed to see how far it's gotten.

...and, um, I was never able to find the time to maintain the TJRC. Sorry about that.

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Late congratulations for this milestone. Most fan games & communities around them would have imploded by now.

However, it would be real unfortunate if something were to rain on that parade. Little hint: remember how I talked trash about the SMBX community splitting apart as a result of irreconcilable differences over a long period of time? It seems you're intent on recreating that.

You will know eventually what I'm referring to. Suffice to say, I am disappointed in this community as I came here hoping that when I left the SMBX community that you would be more reliable and less drama-free than them. I was wrong, and now I feel betrayed as a result.


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Man 25 years huh... I remember the good old days when the tgf version came out...WAIT what am I talking about I was still in my mom's womb when marriage edition came out and my parents first met back in 1998 so how would I know what it was like! But anyways cheer's to 25 years guys!:threat:
P.S. can't wait for 2.3!


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