player color

  1. InnocentDalek785

    InoocentDalek785's Custom Skin Colors and Replacements 1.4 - Added Teal

    This lua introduce some new custom skin colors, as well as altering existing default skin colors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Skin Colors ID785 White ID785 Seafoam ID785 Jade ID785...
  2. * e *

    E's srb2 color pack 1.1

    A color pack by me * e * /Random user name with a few more to be added soon. Soon there shall be more colors.
  3. Dremen

    Fancy Palette v2

    A lot of people say: "I just find these vanilla colors quite boring. It would be a glory to have something fancier!" And 'Fancier' you say? Well, let me introduce you to our new painting pack.. foreverliminal&feharu Introducing... This new combo color pack come at its full peak to...
  4. Insert something funny

    [Open Assets] Toy Freddy's Crazy Collection 2.0

    This is a large package of colors I made with tons of different inspirations and ideas all in one! This addon was originally going to be called "Rom Colors", and all of the colors were going to be based off of Sonic's pallets from various Sonic ROM Hacks. However, I wanted to make even more...
  5. shortnameswill

    [Open Assets] Will's Random Colour Pak 1.0

    Hello! This is my first attempt at a mod, so I hope you like it! This is a collection of a bunch of colours I made just for fun. Credits -@shado: for making SCCSCC
  6. MarioFaker

    Simple Colors 1.2

    Colors designed for a simplified look for 10 different characters, includes 4 mod characters currently and more are planned for the future.
  7. Macholor

    Cman (Remake)

    Macholor submitted a new resource: The Cman - He is THE Cman Read more about this resource...
  8. Macholor

    Cman (Remake) 1.2.1

    SMS Alfredo and Macholor and MarbleCheese present to you: Cman jumps right back into SRB2! -HE'S BAAAAACKKK!- there are no airdrops here While he can jump on enemies to kill them, he has a variety of different attack and speed options such as instantly propelling himself forwards in full...
  9. ~Smokey~

    Smokey's List of Colors! v1.8

    This color pack adds a whole bunch of colors!! Hope you enjoy these colors as I did making them! also higher quality icon if you are interested. (There will be more icons so stay tuned.)
  10. Shanon

    [Open Assets] Penguinator want to give you a gift!Colors! V1

    Hi, today i want to give you a great gift. by Penguinator While i was working on penguinator in my mind was if i try copy the original color for the little guy and....oH My God i hope you all liked this gifts colors from the little penguin:wonderful:(is not 100% accurate the blue one but i tried...
  11. SBT

    SBT's color pack 1.2

    this is a color pack i made with weird name like piss and milk anyway hope you enjoy
  12. LuckyBell15

    8-Span Colors 1.01

    This is a pack of 8 skincolors that are based off the Moss, Azure, and Lavender colors. They each span 8 color indexes. List of Skincolors: Syrup (64-71) Sunshine (72-79) Desert (80-87) Chlorine (120-127) Metal {prev. Diamond} (144, 145, 170-175) [ONLY exception] Hearty {prev. Carnation}...
  13. Platex

    [Open Assets] Plat's Old Color Pack 1

    I made some custom colors a while ago and felt like submitting them. There's not much to say apart from that.
  14. jayflamestar

    Jay's Colors v2

    Hi! I decided to make some skincolors for fun, and I thought I'd publish them for some people to have if they like them! This pack has 21 normal skincolors, 3 animated skincolors, and 1 special skincolor, totaling up to 25 new skincolors! Credits: SkinColor Effects by Rem - Used as a base...
  15. Grace

    Hat's.. odd Skincolors v1

    I'm not sure if anyone's all too interested in skincolors anymore, but here I am. This is just a pack of a bunch of skincolors, which I definitely plan on updating to add more. Here's a GIF of all the current skincolors: Well, I guess that's pretty much all there is to say? It is just some...
  16. -Nhoa Light-

    [Open Assets] Light's Epic Colors :D v2.0

    UPDATE ALERT! UPDATE ALERT! (new version : 2.0) A pack of colors lol , some images (changed the original for images of the new version colors): I hope you enyoy this Epic colors :D
  17. ThunderHammer915

    Reese's Heraldry Color Pack! v1

    Here it is, my first finished addon: The Heraldry Color Pack! This pack adds a TON of colors, each one using the Vanilla Color Ramps in reversed order with varying intervals, shined with a neat Gold or Silver hue! (It was a bit of a pain to get the colors to work with Blaze's firecolor command...
  18. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] TLKG'S Colors and Supercolors v3.2 - v2.5

    I made colors I got colors and supercolors todo: give all the colors better names tbh most of them suck Normal Colors 1. Mischevious 2. Pilot 3. Origin 4. Corruption 5. Jade Supercolors (you can select specific versions of the supercolors in the player setup screen) 1. Void 2. OceanWave
  19. Ceru1088

    Cerus Rushed Colors (DISCONTINUED) 2.0

    Hi! this is my first skin colour pack. also my first mod. Please leave feedback and make sure to go to the discussion for suggestions!
  20. SonicSpades

    SonicSpades' Colors Version 1

    My first addon! It's pretty basic skincolor pack with 9 colors.