original character

  1. Joshimations

    Joshimations Character Pack 1.1

    Please check the updates for the character pack! Thank you! <3
  2. Milo

    The Meowers Pack 2.0

    PuppyCat After I watched the Bee and PuppyCat series, I had an idea to create PuppyCat for the kart together with Halzenut15 Stats: - Speed: 6 - Weight: 4 Raccy The Raccoon The Raccy was a project of mine when I was creating a game but I decided to bring it on the kart,made it together with...
  3. V

    Madoka Tagokoro 1.0

    Voice lines are Iris Heart's from Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 3 V Generation Stats: - Speed: 6 - Weight: 8 Credits: - Character by: DANGAN
  4. Preppion

    Eitling [OC] 1.0

    This racer is of my OC race called the Eitlings, who also serve as my online mascot. I made this to celebrate the milestone of 1000+ followers on Twitter. Speed: 7 Weight: 3 The voice is of a Shyguy, since I don't really have the equipment or expertise to make something original. As always...
  5. ZitoisNeato

    Bout Character Pack V4.0D

    What was once just an exercise in emulating Sonic character design is now a huge roster of original characters remade to be racers in SRB2K. Prepare for a new roster of characters made into Speed, Flying and Power teams, varying in all manner of shapes and sizes. With more characters and teams...
  6. Sai Huang (Sydery)

    Sai [OC] 1.0

    Hi, I made my mascot/OC into a Kart. This is my first attempt at making a custom character. Their stat is 7 Speed and 2 Weight. Mainly made them to show off to my friend circle, feel free to give em a try if you want. You can visit me on Twitter @SyderyVuris
  7. EquinoxDoodles

    Lottie [OC] 1.0

    Lottie, my personal mascot and cute slime girl weeb, joins SRB2K! "I ordered this mod on Amazon, turns out Amazon didn't know what I was talking about and I bought a monster instead. Got the mod anyway because Lottie good c:" - SpriteStar (@SpriteStar0 on Twitter) With a fully custom voice...
  8. Triant

    My Works In Progress (The Twirlspin levelpack) i dont have a good name for a levelpack :P

    weeeeell, after my last work in progress first i wanted to say sorry,i didnt tried to copy dirk,and until you wait for new sprites here are the designs for steel also,admins,if you have some problems with the sprites,tell me but please dont block this post i dont have bad intentions, and yes...
  9. Putuk

    Putuk's Character Pack! V2.1

    PUTUK CHARACTER PACK! Welcome! This is my character pack, it mostly includes original characters of myself, or ones I made for friends, but there's also game characters. Of course, I also provide individual downloads, since I can easily imagine someone would want the Turret, but not care about...
  10. Rueven

    N64 Mario V2.5

    After the events of Super Mario 64, Mario is rewarded with a nice vacation on the Greenflower Coast. When Greenflower Mountain gets desecrated, he knows someone's up to no good! N64 Mario jumps in! His sky-high jumps and capable moveset allow for a gameplay flow unlike many others!
  11. warpKaiba

    [Reusable] Kaiba's Karts - Pix&Bit + Mew, all with 3D models 2.0

    Here are my characters and models for SRB2Kart, so far just Pix, Bit, and Mew. Also an md3 for Dirk's Mewtwo. My racers all have 3D model .md3 files, which you need to download and install separately. Instructions are included in the MD3Pack zip file. ---- Pix & Bit, from the album Pix & Bit...
  12. JET-360

    [Reusable] Gear Version: 1.2 2021-08-26

    "name": "Gear" "stats": [4, 7] "prefcolor": "grey" Gear has a go at racing, and this is the awesome result. I had fun making this, my first original character, and I hope you can enjoy it too.
  13. A

    [Reusable] Gum Bally races into SRB2 Kart! V1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Give it up for the star of the show... Gum Bally!!! That's Right! Gum Bally joins SRB2 Kart! Stats: Speed: 9 Weight: 4 Info: Gum Bally is a Blue Gumball with a Bright Pink Bow on her head, and she won't let anything between her and her #1 job: to Star in the Show...
  14. I

    [Reusable] Pikin 2.0

    Just started played this game recently and decided to make a mod for it with one of my characters.
  15. DakotaSpine

    Pierre Joins the Race! 1.1

    Pierre joins the race! ------- It's been a while! At the current moment in time, Pierre is nearing two-thousand MB Downloads! I am ever so flattered. Getting back into thing just a little, I wanted to add Pierre to SRB2Kart seeing as i've been playing it more again recently! I always did want...
  16. Baus Of Bacon

    [Reusable] Bauselio in SRB2K! 1

    Bauselio "Baus" Baconovich has decided to join the kart-racing scene! With several voice clips recorded by yours truly, this character's... something all right. Wait, does he even have a driver's license? Eh, who cares?
  17. CryoGX

    [Reusable] Neon & Maxed Neon (Advent NEON) 1

    Hey everyone! I play SRB2Kart with my friends pretty regularly, and decided to make a mod of my own character! I've been playing it personally for a while, but I figured I'd go ahead and release it publicly too, along with this new art I made for the occasion. If you've never heard of them...
  18. FAVman33

    FaDChars - Frank & Dummie V1.6.2

    Check out Frank and Dummie's backstory here! The gameplay might be a bit outdated, so ignore that part. The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure! Credits Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he...
  19. ImoTube

    [Reusable] Imo Character Pack 1.3

    Hi, and welcome to the Imo Character Pack. I present my first SRB2 Kart Mod, In which it's a Character Pack with Various Types of Characters. (for example, Okabe from Steins;Gate) I made this because there's some missing Characters for the Addons section and I decide to making them myself. I'm...
  20. Pure

    Pure's OC Pack [ V5.1 ]

    Hi, here's my character pack! It's got 7 characters, and maybe some of them might interest you? With OCs ranging from really small to really tall, hopefully some of these characters might get your attention!