1. InstableGR

    [Battle] Super Smash Bros. (64) Stages [v1.1]

    These maps require SRB2 Battle (by CobaltBW) to function. Grab it here: Additionally, be sure to load BattleMod before loading the pack, otherwise the maps will not appear in the Level Select menu. Get ready to SMASH! ... or, rather, play SRB2 Battle...
  2. light dasher

    [Open Assets] Alert! Red Fang in the base! CTF_2fort [F_SRB2fortLD-v2]

    Hello friends! It has been a very, VERY, long time since I last posted here, over 10 years ago infact! I did originally want to make my first repost here Lightdasher-Reborn! but characters take longer to make than levels in my opinion. So this is actually my first level I've made in a...
  3. K

    [Open Assets] Battle2D + Meadow 2D - A New Form of Ringslinger and BattleMod

    The primary feature of this script is adding a mouse-controllable crosshair to 2D Ringslinger and Match - when enabled, your character will aim and act in the direction of the crosshair, regardless of your movement direction. By default, it is enabled when ringslinger is enabled, or when a...
  4. DirkTheHusky

    Encore Mode - In beta; Multiplayer only

    Returning from 2.1 and making its way to 2.2, Encore mode from Sonic Mania Plus! In this mode, you start with one character (Sonic by default) and take on through the main campaign with a whole new twist. Mainly, this mode's life counter depends on how many characters you have in your stock...
  5. InferNOr

    South Plateaux [Battle]

    another one.. originally, this was a co-op map I was making back when I was new to mapping. back then it was just a garbage greenflower ripoff only decided to come back to this once I had learnt to map well and then it just became it's own thing
  6. StellarStardust

    [CTF] Not Perfect

    Not Perfect. ...from Sally.exe or as it may otherwise be known as "Not Special" from another thing... which Sally.exe directly rips off. But we're not here to discuss that. The map is a simple layout inspired by Lime Forest, only with GFZ graphics instead and no real sky to speak of. Just a...
  7. WasifBoomz

    [Open Assets] Battle Hole Zone (Battle Mod Level)

    Here is a quick level themed around Black Hole Zone I've created for the Battle Mod. 1.1: Control points added and Player Starts replaced with Match Starts.
  8. InferNOr

    [Battle] Molten Core

    first thing I've posted on releases.. this was my first attempt at a battle map, so it may not be very big in terms of gameplay, but I think it's visually appealing skyboxes
  9. banan

    [Battle] Lost Palace Redone (V2.1)

    Download V2.1 Inspired by Krabs' own remakes/edits, simply the CTF map Lost Palace updated for Battle Mode.
  10. J

    [Open Assets] Black Core Circuit

    A conversion of Black Core Zone 1 to a circuit map. Compatible with circuit redux Changelog
  11. Fanthom

    [Open Assets] Hide & Seek Bedroom

    Hello all, this is my first submission after lurking into the forums since 2013. I think there's a lack of Hide & Seek / tag maps so I've decided to make one. This map is a scaled up replica of my own bedroom, it is made so that you can hide in most corners and escape from the seeker!
  12. SMS Alfredo

    [Open Assets] [Battle] Sonic Battle Collection

    Yo dawg, I heard you liked Battle Mod, so we made a Battle Mod for your Battle Mod! This map pack contains ports of all 12 of Sonic Battle's arenas, enhanced with new visuals and mechanics to fit better into SRB2. There's slopes, springs, ice physics and moving floors! In addition, created...
  13. JABSphere94

    [Open Assets] (Race) Lost Speedway Zone

    If you're using the map pack ChaosCircuit2 this map is already included in it you do not need this wad I haven't made a new map since 2.1 so here it is. Lost Speedway is an attempt to create a balanced race map for all 6 of the vanilla characters. Some other things I should note: The...
  14. VentureSonic

    (Circuit) Neo Sonic Circuit

    Originally I was going to remake alot more circuit maps but I ended up only completing this one. This is a recreation of the infamous Sonic Circuit Zone, from pre-2.0, featuring an entirely remade map to fit modern Sonic Robo Blast 2. A simple map lifting visuals from Greenflower Zone, with...
  15. Evertone

    [Open Assets] Jade Falls Zone - a Jade Valley remake, 2.2 campaign style

    Upon seeing 2.2's Ringslinger levels, I thought it was a shame they weren't updated, but then I remembered that this is SRB2, and that if you want it you can make it. So, welcome to Jade Falls Zone! This map replaces Jade Vallery, and it is Jade Valley, but bigger, better, and slope-ier. It's...
  16. Spiritsune

    icypack V1 (Battle Mode)

    Hello hello again! This time, I felt like making some maps for Cobalt's battle mode, so there we go! 4 levels for battle mode specifically, didn't test it on other modes, sorry..! 2 levels are original, and 2 are taken from my sp level pack "Way Past Cool!" (edited, of course!). One map taken...
  17. Raze C

    [Open Assets] [TRON] Virtual Stadium

    I just recently played the Tron mod by Flame and I really liked it so I thought of making a map for this gamemode. Sadly Tron has a pretty low amount of weapons, but hopefully I'll have more to work with in the future. It's a pretty simple map themed after a singleplayer level that I was making...
  18. Bugzy

    (Match Map) Prismatic Match Zone

    You thought you could escape the pits of Prismatic Angel? FOOL! Now it's a match map! Let the masses fall into the pit with you! With warm welcoming pits, wide airspace, and a whole lot of rings, this map makes sure there's never a dull moment. It has a very simple layout to keep things as...