1. Maril

    mega specki

    mega specki mega specki is a new (very early wip) project that'll change the srb2 campaign into a more mega man-influenced one tackle the main four stages in any order, then keep on playing to eventually uncover what happened to mobius and who is responsible for the disappearance of your...
  2. S0nic1983

    [Open Assets] Sonic1983 LevelPack (Flicky Cup) v1

    Sonic1983 Level Pack now exists on the DRRR! Featuring only Flicky Island Zone! This is classic beach level with beatiful textures and design! 4 Laps In the future I'll add some really new levels, don't worry! CREDITS: Sonic1983 - Main Developer, Level Designer Mikhael Blur - Textures and...
  3. Mayoat

    Drafting my first level in Blender

    Recently while waiting to apply for college in animation career I was reminded of SRB2 by the Ray character mod from Team Combi-Rings and it brought back some memories of trying to create a level in 2020 and remembering how lost I was with Zone Builder and how directionless and over the top my...
  4. Ruberjig

    Ruber Pack [WIP] b1

    This a variety content "Ruber Pack", also known casually as the "Ruberjig Pack". It contains one race map, one battle map, one special stage map, one character/driver, and one follower (this will include more characters and maps soom whenever i can update them, including the unfinished "Wonder...
  5. MrBoingBD

    ALDC (Adventure level design collab) W.I.P Thread

    Now you're probably wondering. "adventure level design collab" What does that even mean? Well sit back a minute, and let me explain. (I'm not great at writing these thread intros so lets just do this.) This is the "ALDC" This is a collab between multiple mappers just like the OLDC and ULDC...
  6. MrBoingBD

    "Pyramid base" (SA2 Pyramid cave/Sand ocean Demake)

    Hello there fellow sonic fan, I have brought some news. I've been working on this project of mine for awhile now, And is getting closer to being finished. So I decided to make a W.I.P thread page for it. Here's some media: I was wanting to make this as a tribute to "Sonic adventure 2" One of...
  7. Aquavine

    Super Schoolhouse zone (Baldi's Basics but as a Sonic stage)

    Looks like Baldi's Basics Plus Is finally back from the year lasting update gap. And the game as a whole is becoming popular again, so as a BB's veteran (Since 2018) I knew I had to do something for this moment. So I decided to try making a whole sonic stage from all the content this game offers...
  8. [YAN_09]

    [Open Assets] Find-Map / Map-Library 1.0

    This commands helps you to find necessary maps in no-time (yes i am taking that from sonic before he-) 1. findmap - findmap is self-explanatory, find the specific map unlike maplibrary e.x. findmap 01, findmap GFZ1, as long as the map names/nums exist. 2. maplibrary - prints all of...
  9. "MIDIMan"

    [Port] House 1.0

    DISCLAIMER: It is highly recommended that this addon be played with an fpscap of 35 for the best experience, due to some visual bugs caused by interpolation in the latest version of SRB2. A port of an old 2.0/2.1-era map by sims. Changes made to the addon to make it work in 2.2 can be found in...
  10. Tails Junior

    Chemical plant zone

    Я хочу перенести эту замечательную карту из soniccraft в SRB, также планирую добавить: трамплины, бег по петлям, перемещение по трубам, перемещение самих блоков и некоторые другие механики. 1712740917 1712740987 1712741074
  11. Avalice

    Doom Ship Zone Act 2 1.0.0

    Now separate from the OLDC for your playing pleasure! Or displeasure. This level was made in version 2.0 then ported and submitted to the OLDC. Well actually it wasn't ported when I submitted it but whatever, it is now. Credits- Glaber for TONS of porting, LUA, and other stuffs OLDC Staff Team-...
  12. Aquavine

    NEO Emerald coast (Original stage, based on E.C concepts)

    Did you ever wonder how a DLC stage for Emerald coast would look like? Well, we may never get a official one, but atleast we can make one ourselves right? And this is a fun quest I made for myself, making a whole brand new act for Emerald coast, while using concepts from original stage, with...
  13. MrBoingBD

    Green Valley Zone v1.1

    A Single level That I worked on for a week. Using the GreenFlower Theme. (I know not the most unique.) This is the second map I've ever made. however the first has never been posted on here. And I will most likely not ever upload it, since its terrible. (Trust me) PLEASE give me feedback so I...
  14. luigi budd

    IDK Map v1

    Here's a simple map. One of the first actual levels I've made. Includes lots of ads, as well as one that already released... Oops! I suppose that's what happens when a level is released a year after. i hope you dont mind these imgur links, i had some trouble uploading my gifs to the mb
  15. GamingWithFroxy

    Speed Testing maps

    Someone should create a (not bc im lazy, its because idk how-) speed test, or an infinitely long straight road, to test speeds of modded characters! I honestly really hope this thread gets attention, because it's really needed! (in my opinion.)
  16. Sleepo_GamingYT

    Aether Forest [Legacy] v1.1

    Explore the entrance to the Aether Forest, a place of mystical forces and other beings, maybe you might find a new friend? Who knows? This mod is currently WIP as i am planning to add more to the mod, like 3 new maps, a new character and more, this is also my first map so please don't judge it...
  17. Aquavine

    Homing attack doesn't work correctly in a specific sector in the stage (Solved)

    #I solved it somehow# While testing a stage I noticed that when using homing attack in a specific sector sonic gets stuck midair (even if not locked on) From what I know this is levels fault but I don't have an idea what causes this so if someone knows how to fix this I would be thankful...
  18. Chuckles troll

    [Open Assets] Extracurricular Maps there's no pack for now lol only a singular map

    Welcome to the extracurricular maps made by yours trulys. Those are maps that were made by me from previous packs like OLDC and gonna be released there as a pack and the individual one. In no particuliar order let's start with and that's it for the maps there'll be more added.