1. T

    [LUA] R_ProjectSprite-error I need advice on how to fix.

    Since I don't like hanging out on Discord, I figured I'd post this here instead. For some reason, despite having the sprites for the Fall animation in the WAD itself, this error keeps popping up when I use the custom mid-air roll I tried to code in. Any idea as to how I could go about fixing...
  2. A

    Sneaker Panel Stacking Map Script v9

    Sneaker Panels Stack Standalone v9 Lua by Ashnal Textures by Fayt With this script included in a map, the mapper can mark selected sneaker panel sectors as stackable. A single stackable panel works just like a normal one, the differences happen when a player, while under the effects of the...
  3. Superjustinbros

    Fruit Plus v1

    This is a mod that I initially completed last year and after some delays I finally decided to post it here for a wider audience. Loading this into SRB2Kart will replace the Chao fruits in Dark Race, CK Chao Circuit 1, and CK Chao Circuit 2 with new sprites done from scratch using the originals...
  4. SBT

    SBT's color pack 1.2

    this is a color pack i made with weird name like piss and milk anyway hope you enjoy
  5. Shanon

    Penguinator Version 2.1(Fixed stuff)

    Fixed Stuff in Emergency update Tips Stuff Hi, Here my first character Penguinator, Based in the enemy of ice level of srb2 i hope you liked this char. Skills: Skill 1: Controlled Dash(you can control better the dashmode). Skill 2: Penguinator tackle(same as dashmode skill of can destroy...
  6. Mari0shi06

    Monitor Shatter from Triple Trouble 16-bit 1

    A simple mod that adds glass shards, a sound effect, and a small screenshake for when you break a Power-up Monitor If you want this mod to apply to custom monitors, load this mod AFTER any Custom Monitors are loaded Credits: GFX32 - Sprites from this Sonic 3 A.I.R mod Noah Copeland - Idea...
  7. TheLastKitchenGun

    ranks v2

    adds ranks to the game theres 6, E, D, C, B, A and S you are ranked based off of 3 things: the number of rings you collected the amount of times you take damage how long it took to beat the level (screenshots outdated) it's possible for a level header to define what the time bonus and...
  8. Sls64LGamingBro


    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Voices - You want voices, This mod is for you! Read more about this resource...
  9. Sls64LGamingBro

    Voices v1.1

    * Welcome to the Voices * * The addon allows you to start the character voices * * Press Custom 1 + Custom 2 and FireNormal to start there voice lines to make them talk * The only voices that are used are: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles Amy Rose, Metal Sonic, and Silver + Eggman and Shadow and...
  10. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] Higher Boss HP v2

    I took the original version of this down due to breaking metal sonic and the cez boss, so I remade it increases boss hp, the amount can be changed using a command called higherbosshp_amount you can turn it off or on using togglehigherbosshp (had to split the gifs into 3 parts due to file size)
  11. Tempest97 (Krimps)

    Pet your character icon v1.1

    Here's a little something I whipped up in just a bit under two hours... This addon lets you (quite aggressively) pet your character icon! Simply press CUSTOM1 at any time in-game. That's all it does. This is the whole mod. Have fun! Credit: - Folatti (for giving me this marvelous idea) -...
  12. U

    AlternativeDeath v1.0.4

    A Different Death instead of the casual Up down. It's simple. You die you lay on ground, Not fall through ground This also works with the battle Addon. So have fun! Also In order for the custom characters to work. Add the Characters first, then use this addon last.
  13. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] ABOSIDWRS v1.1

    I had like 10 scripts sitting in my lua folder so I decided to compile them and make a few new stuff now this exists commands: 3 small: when using this it makes you small superafterimage: gives a neat little super effect allskindashmode: does what it says, gives everyone dashmode you wont be...
  14. JonBaxter

    [Reusable] No Metal Sonic end room v1

    What A very simple mod that skips the elevator ride and short walk to the end of the stage after Metal Sonic is defeated in Black Core Zone 2. Why Dedicated co-op servers with no admins online running the vanilla campaign sometimes see players trolling others by refusing to end the level in...
  15. Sylvegamer3

    [Reusable] Multi-Carry (2.1 Port) 1.1

    I have received permission from the original author, Prisima, to both release this port and make it reusable. The original addon can be found here. This script allows any flying players or carrying objects the ability to carry more players, instead of just one! Think Sonic Heroes, but with any...
  16. Fyrid19

    [Reusable] Fyromentum V1

    So I decided to try and make a momentum mod I think its pretty decent (mod characters might break with this tho) Passive: Speedash Spindashing speeds you up It's the only form of speed in this mod that has a limit in this mod Sonic: Momentum Thok Sonic's thok is replaced with a thok that...
  17. jayflamestar

    Terra the Pangolin v1.2

    Terra the Pangolin After overhearing a conversation about the destruction of Greenflower Mountain, Terra the Pangolin, a resident of Alpine Paradise Zone, decides to take matters into her own hands! Abilities: Super Sling Press Jump in mid-air to exchange your forward momentum for a good...
  18. Sirexer

    [Reusable] StuffAccounts 1.3

    StuffAccounts Script for co-op game type. Players can create an account and save stuff in their accounts. (The player registers his account and login) (Stuffs are returned to the player after server restart) The script is automated, if the player registers his account, he...
  19. Kirb

    [Reusable] The meter v1

    this script adds a cool meter that counts different things: speed spindash charge dashmode timer underwater breath the color of the meter changes based on the player's color
  20. Eiko

    Hornmod Community Expansion 0.18

    Hi friends! I figured the concept of a community-sourced Hornmod expansion sounds like a good idea, so I've created this project that anybody can contribute to through GitHub! This page should hopefully be updated with every major release (v1.00, v2.00, etc. (every 100 sounds)), but there may...