1. Othius

    [v1.3] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Summer 2021 Part 1 1.3

    Join the Discord Server If you'd like to participate So after 6 weeks of mapping. Let's introduce the ULDC 2021 Part 1 Lineup! Beach Bash Zone by @Vixuzen Poisonous Ravine Zone by @Yyeellooww7 Starlit Skyway Zone by @Princess Draykon Final Space Zone Act 1 by @sanicdederphog69...
  2. Krabs

    The Chaos Jam 1.1

    This addon is only usable with CobaltBW's Chaos Mode (grab v2.0 if you haven't yet) After a handful of incredibly handsome/beautiful individuals submitted their work to the Chaos Jam thread, an expansion featuring 7 new maps and many new enemies/hazards has arrived! Each new map comes with a...
  3. Icezer

    [Reusable] Icezer's Miscellaneous Stuff 1

    Hey there! This mod mostly consists of miscellaneous coding I made but didn't have anywhere specific to put it. Starting off, there's an inherent change to how Emerald Tokens work; if you touch one while all 7 emeralds have been collected, you'll receive 50 rings instead of a continue (or 1up...
  4. JABSphere94

    Lock On Toggle V1.1

    Lock On Toggle Press custom 2 to lock on to a target press it again to lock off. You can tilt your aim horizontally to the left or right of the target. You can also lock on to other Players depending on the game type/game settings. Should work with simple controls. Works best with...
  5. Twins'R'Okay

    Twins' Alternate Shield Abilities v1.1

    (if you wish to reuse this in any way shape or form, you're gonna have to ask for permission first, you can do this my pm-ing me on the mb or dm-ing me on discord (Twins'R'Okay#5238)) My first lua script lmao. This script replaces the three shield abilities I personally find the least useful...
  6. Mari0shi06

    Custom Plushie Mod 1.2

    Bored and want to do something low-effort yet fun? Using this mod, you can create your very own Plushie Skin! Each plushie is stored in one skin, and can be changes using the plushie command. Example Link: L_SonicPlush-v1.wad Some Notes: The main PK3 file for this mod is not reusable, load...
  7. FAVman33

    FaDChars - Frank & Dummie 1.3

    (Check out the trailer here!) The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Credits Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he made before The CSCS - For motivation...
  8. antonretrojr

    [Reusable] Spin Damage v1.1

    Basically what it says on the tin - you take damage after rolling for a while. ...Okay I may need to go more in-depth on that. Rolling around or charging a Spin Dash decreases your SpinDamage% - a percentage that determines your rolling fate. If it reaches 0, say bye to your Rings. ...or Life...
  9. ZackNAttack

    Charmy Bee

    I have everything except the sprites (since I can't sprite (though I have a signpost sprite by my sister)). Can fly for 16 seconds and flies faster than others but can't spindash. Can land on enemies or floors to damage or break them, respectively. Can walk through spindash gaps. Upon contact...
  10. Sirexer

    [Reusable] S-19 Space Station 1.2

    👋Welcome to S-19 Space Station👋 In this station, you can have fun with your friends! This map is great for 24/7 servers and Hangout servers. Rooms There are 6 apartments and each has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. You can lock apartment with button nearby the door. Entertainment...
  11. RetroStation

    HugeQuest Electra-b

    OH, BIG Welcome to HugeQuest, a collection of gameplay mods to spice up your Kart experience! Featured mods (and their console commands): Credits/Special Thanks:
  12. ffoxD

    [Reusable] SRB2 Color Splash v1

    Welcome to Sonic Robo Blast 2: Color Splash. This mod is capable of colouring absolutely everything in a level. It might get your eyes dizzy, so I made multiple different versions! SRB2 Color Splash only colors everything once. If a new object is spawned it will also be colored. Thok Color...
  13. The Real Inferno

    [Reusable] Demo Quest Zone v1.0b

    Pushing SRB2 to it's very limits, Demo Quest Zone ensures a uniquely torturous experience for all that play it. Originally started because a member of the SRB2 Official Server, FrostedGeulleisia, tried and failed to cram all of Beta Quest into a singular map, this has expanded to be a test of...
  14. BuggieTheBug

    Henry Fail Messages

    So we need help with Henry. We dont have much ideas for Henry`s Fail Messages so post you fail message ideas here like: When you get killed by a lanceabot you get: "Watch where you`re going!" You can use Messages from Original Henry games or make your own.
  15. freeman

    Elimination R2 1

    A second version of Elimination, based upon Amperbee's original Elimination mod ( A huge thanks to Amperbee for their original work and allowing me to work on, tinker with, and re-release this addon in the state it is in. This literally would not...
  16. minenice

    [Reusable] xItemLib (+ Sampler pack) v1.0.5

    The modular custom item library xItemLib is a packageable library, allowing for easier creation of custom kart items. A functional custom item can be made in minutes, thanks to the easy to understand "event" system. The library takes care of all complex logic related to item distribution, so...
  17. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Paintbrush v1

    Paintbrush. Green ink: It`s solid and that means you can use it as a platform. Red ink: Kills enemies but doesnt let you use it as a platform Yellow ink: Use it in multiplayer to show where to go to new players. (Only in multiplayer) Hold Attack button to paint. Press Next weapon to...
  18. brokenspleentech

    [Reusable] Bumpspring 1a

    Exactly what the tagline says. Normally, bumping into a wall will remove your air control after using a pogo spring or spring panel. This short script allows you to retain control under most circumstances. Use the console variable k_bumpspring to turn it on or off. By default, it is on.
  19. Marcos

    [Reusable] Faraway Fields Zone 1.0

    After a year or so in development hell with myself, I am but proud to share with you Faraway Fields Zone. A reimagination of a certain level. This is by all means the right and best way to experience it. Features: A new (definitely not pointless) collectible scattered all around the map...
  20. antonretrojr

    [Reusable] Ring Spark Field v1.1

    As soon as I saw Icezer's V.Maximum Overdrive, I just felt like I needed to do this. So here we are: Ring Spark Field Returning from Sonic CD, quote: Strobing red/blue, with sparks crackling around him, Metal is certainly dangerous for anything and anyone in its way. You can activate the...