1. CosmicSRB2

    Decent Abilities 1.0

    Decent Abilities adds 6 new abilities, 1 for each character. The abilities are: Sonic: The Uncurl Jump: Gives you an extra bit of height and momentum and uncurls Sonic when you press Custom 1 (Can't be used with the thok). Tails: The Flight Jump: On the ground, press Custom 1 for a jump that...
  2. Caster

    Unoriginality Pack v1.2

    It's the pack of the most unoriginal skin colors ever Chaotic Metal: Based off Metal Sonic's blue color from Knuckles' Chaotix Flowing Unoriginality: The first one Cascade of unoriginality: The most unoriginal
  3. FinnishGameFan

    [Reusable] Airdrill [RECREATED] 2.3, but not SRB2 2.3

    This mod is a simple recreation of the airdrill. It's known as one of the most hated(..?) abilities. Less momentum removal, more bounciness! The ability should work on ANY character. The airdrill uses the thokitem you chose. [1.2 Update - "the SV Update"] The airdrill is now more floatier...
  4. DakotaSpine

    Pierre the Peacock 1.2.1

    Commemorative Download Celebrations ------- Pierre the Peacock ------- Say hello to Pierre, the acrobatic air-twirling peacock. My first custom character for SRB2! Now that the Message Board has re-opened for posting, I am ready to share months of work with everybody! I am incredibly...
  5. Tyron

    [Reusable] Splits 2021-03-28

    Tracks times for multi-course speedruns—similar to LiveSplit or other speedrunning timers, but with no extra programs required. Try splits in console to start a run, and let the script handle the rest. Individual records for all game speeds Saves your best times for every track, in every...
  6. Latius

    [Reusable] Sneakerless Record Attack - For Kart v1.3 [Revision 2] 1.3r3

    The Stray Banana and SonicD Presents: Sneakerless Record Attack For Kart Version 1.3 Features: 230 Medals to collect - 1 Platnum, 76 Gold, 76 Silver, 76 Bronze and 1 Bonus Sneakerless medals for all 75 base game maps, INCLUDING the Map HELL and Community maps No Item Boxes during Record...
  7. RetroStation

    HPMod Expansion: F-Zero V4

    VNlSJ6W_PpA Welcome to the F-Zero expansion for HPMod! This expansion allows for two different modes (Standard and Classic), both with unique playstyles! Console Commands: For intended gameplay (and replay compatibility), please set the following HPMod commands: Mechanics: Standard Mode...
  8. Spectra

    [Reusable] ChaosKart - Turn SRB2Kart into a Torturous Hellscape!

    Chaoskart Chaoskart is a mod intended to make SRB2Kart as chaotic as possible. There are multiple different effects that are there to ruin your day. Each of them will have different lasting effects, or some may even be quick events that hit you when you least expect it. There are over 50...
  9. Callmore

    [Reusable] Scorekeeper v1

    Scorekeeper is a script that keeps track of a player's score between re-joins and server restarts by saving it to a file. If a player does not re-join with in 1 week (by default) their score is removed from the list. A player's score is tied to their name. If a player where to change their name...
  10. Snu

    Team SRB2Kart Racing, a mod based on Team Sonic Racing! (KL_tsrb2kr-v2.pk3) 2.0

    A mod that I've been working on for waaaaay longer than I'm willing to admit; Team SRB2Kart Racing! Team SRB2Kart Racing is a mod that brings Team Sonic Racing's gameplay into SRB2Kart! Some of the mechanics from TSR have also been rebalanced to not be over-centralizing as well, such as item...
  11. Callmore

    [Reusable] HPMOD v2

    Yes another mod mod HP for kart! Try to eliminate each other with items! Thanks Fayt for the GIF! Try not to run out of health! Maybe try not to slip as well... Players who run out of HP are ELIMINATED from the race. Eliminating all other players results with an instant win! Getting hit by...
  12. Togen

    [Reusable] Item Rain v2.3

    This is a script which causes items to randomly appear around the course. The item limit, rate at which items appear, types of items that can appear (this is separate from the items you can get from boxes!), and some other behaviors can be customized. Additionally, it includes a new mechanic...
  13. Tyron

    [Reusable] HOSTMOD 16

    You should probably read this. Utilities for dedicated servers. Stop syncfails, display information to players, improve stability, script random or scheduled events, allow command voting, check for custom button bindings, more visible admin messages...a bunch of stuff. All features are off by...
  14. Latius

    [Reusable] Daytona Kart (Version 1.8) 1.8

    Welcome to Daytona Kart, a heavily modified form of my Countdown Mode which aims to replicate the feel of arcade game like Daytona USA, OutRun and Initial D Arcade Stage. How does Daytona Kart work? Daytona Kart adds a time limit to the start of the stage, shown at the top of the screen. This...
  15. SSG3

    [Reusable] Roll the Dice: Kart Version (V9.0.0)

    From the creator(s) of SRB2's infamous Roll the Dice and Roll the Dice: Deluxe... RTD has come to Kart, with full splitscreen support to boot! Dice graphic made by Blacknide Core is the same as SRB2's Version (made by BlazeTheCat) NEW To v9.0.0: Auto-Acceleration! Just type RTD_AUTOACCEL in...