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Two months ago or so, I was curious why OVA Sonic didn't have a model uploaded to the MB, so after lots of editing and learning Blender, here he is fully released!

This model started off as the Sonic Jam/Saturn 3D Blast Model but heavily edited and reworked into something almost completely different now. Everything aside from the base model is custom done, from the textures (with a template, more details in credits), the rig, poses, the whole enchilada.

Hopefully I feel like doing more in the future! This was both an introduction to modeling and a bit of an experiment in making a model compatible for this guy. I hope you enjoy!


@fznmeatpopsicle - Essentially headlined me doing this project. He was the one who suggested I edit an existing model, taught me most functions regarding to blender, compiled the original textures into one image for me to make my own, and was just insanely helpful overall through the entire process. It really couldn't have happened without him!

@AzuBOO - Sent me reference photos of their own OVA Sonic model, as well as making the whole jumpball for me out of complete nowhere.

@Crispy, @Totally Lerf, @JuPolios!, @MysteryMiles, @kaldrum and @GoIdyblox.md3 all gave me tips on proportions, extra blender functions or any other kind of help.

tails_fan on Discord - Made the _blend texture file and added the life icon.

As well as the official SRB2 Discord, in general the 3D Models channel was a big help with play testers, feedback on screenshots as well as moral support all around!

Thanks everyone! If I missed any of you, let me know please. Hope you enjoy the model!




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I like this model but it doesn't work for me
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This is a great model for a character like OVA sonic- since its a model and not a character mod, I'll try to translate the "two components" system best I can with a model, here it goes!

[Faithfulness]: To clarify this means both to the design and sprite's its based on and how well the model translate them both, for a first model it does it extremely well! I think the low-poly aesthetic works here for the design as a whole, translating OVA sonic's nice design in a low poly package best it can! its just so cute, just look at the little guy! comparing to the sprites I think it does a BETTER job at times (no shade to the original spriter here) such as the dash mode peel out, the spin ball, and the wall run (which is original when compared to said sprites which I love!). really solid job here all around, not much to complain really.

[Flow/Feel]: This is for how the model feels when looked at during gameplay and how it feels to control overall in the 3d space of this game, if that is the case this model also does an outstanding job! the sprites already did a good job of this and I think this model does it justice here, it feels super good to play with especially with the animations and some of the extra touches made by you! (wall running) since this is your first model I can't really complain to much on this section but I would enjoy a bit more of an expressive walk cycle, all things considered the sprites had a pretty unique walk and filled with a lot of energy, it is present here but the arm pumps feel a little more... basic? in comparison, it could have been just the transition to a model but if anything this a very minor nitpick so don't take it too much to heart.

All in all this is what I felt about this model, I think this is a really great start for you and I'm glad I personally was able to help in its creation as well, even if it wasn't modeling tips or something- I hope a good future for you and your career as a 3D modeler!
Thank you so much for the feedback! And thank you for the moral support, it helped me through the process a good bit.

You make really good points, looking back on him today, he could use some more expression in his poses, though that's mostly due to my inexperience. I'll likely improve animations with later updates.

Also, you have it almost on the nose with his whole idea, meant to be a combination of the OVA design while also being accurate next to the original sprites, with some personal choices thrown in there for good measure. I'm glad you enjoy the model!! Thank you so much for the feedback, yet again. I hope for a good future for you as well, my friend <3
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Its Really Cool!
Thank you!! Glad you enjoy!
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yooo i love this model. i love the stylized, cel-shaded style. this is super nice
Thanks dude!! I worked super hard on it. Glad the intended art style works well!
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Exactly!! He deserved one. Thank you for the rating!
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