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Score-multiplier sphere flashing (v_maniaspheres-v1.soc) Details »»
Score-multiplier sphere flashing (v_maniaspheres-v1.soc)
Version: , by toaster (トースタちゃん) toaster is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (3 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 01-19-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
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NiGHTS mode was changed during 2.2's development to be more accurate to the source material, including things like having the chips become yellow when Bonus Time is entered. I noticed this had a similarity to the feature in Sonic Mania where the blue spheres in the special stage would start flashing yellow-orange when you reached Mach 3, and developed the below to try and capitalise on that as a teaching method for the concept of a score multiplier being in effect.

The rest of the team didn't really like how it looked so it's not available as part of the main game's special stage experience, but I made sure to leave just enough structural code in that a two-line SOC (attached in the .zip) would be capable of resurfacing it for those curious.


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Old 01-19-2020   #2
The unreliable judge
MellowJacket's Avatar

Dummied out dev features, neat. I still always forget that NiGHTs mode has a score multiplayer after obtaining the emerald too, huh.
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Old 01-20-2020   #3
nanananananananananananan a
Lach's Avatar

I remember when you showed me this!! I was so disappointed it was rejected. Made my day to have been able to help you with the timing.
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Old 01-20-2020   #4
Elyos03's Avatar

"The rest of the team didn't really like how it looked so it's not available as part of the main game's special stage experience"

That wasn't very cash money of you.
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Old 01-21-2020   #5
TehRealSalt's Avatar

I really like this -- almost everyone I talk to doesn't actually know about the score multiplier. Dunno if this would really SOLVE that but it'd be nice to have that little nudge in the right idea
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Old 01-26-2020   #6
Contest Winner
Krabs's Avatar

I hope the rest of the devs change their mind on this - maybe they thought the flashing was too distracting. Perhaps it would be better if the yellow color was... less yellow?
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Old 01-26-2020   #7
SteelT's Avatar

So this is what you meant by that dummy'd out code within the source, this really looks neat and I wish it was kept.
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