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Lawn World Zone (Version 2)
Version: 2.1, by Ace Dragon Ace Dragon is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (5 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 04-07-2020 Last Update: 07-01-2020 Installs: 0
Single Player Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

This is my first official released zone made for Sonic Robo Blast 2. This 3 act zone has been tested with all six vanilla characters and uses custom textures and modified enemy graphics (not to mention a custom badnik).

I personally have a background of making work using digital 3D software, but building the map using technology originally made for Doom is a completely different adventure. In Zone Builder, there is no such thing as UVmapping and 3D modeling, so the approach to have nicely mapped set pieces of reasonable complexity can end up being a challenge.

Thank you to Dabir for his Spring-lock script.

EDIT: Changelog

Version 1.1

1. Re-arranged the layout slightly, the high set piece before the terrace was removed and re-inserted as a piece between the second fence jump and the terrace
2. Halved the number of white flowers in the flower beds
3. Lengthened the bridge area, it is now a bit more thok-proof. The player can still exit at the other end though.
4. The tall white fences near the beginning were replaced with short wood fences.
5. The checker tree sprite was swapped out
6. The sky texture was overhauled
7. The custom music was removed and replaced with CC0 music from (Inspiration by Rafael Krux).
8. The area before you jump the second fence has diagonal blue springs now (to kill a momentum killer)
9. The stuck buzz is fixed
10. The invisible wall issue near the boost pad seems to be fixed, at least I didn't encounter the issue on my last two test runs with sonic.
11. A couple other minor changes

Version 1.2
1. Tweaked ceiling heights in a couple of outdoor areas (with slope copying). Makes it harder for tails to fly far above the walls without creating invisible walls.
2. Changes to two areas where momentum is otherwise killed
3. A few fixes to alignments and textures.

Version 1.3
1. Some corridors are now less tight
2. Improved the slope you can spin down near the beginning
3. Increased the space in Amy and Fang's area
4. A potentially cheap ambush on Amy will no longer occur
5. The usual alignment fixes
6. A couple of fixes to thing placement
7. Gave a couple of slope areas more detail.
8. Improved the skybox and the 3D skybox to reduce blending with the foreground, the pillars were set further away too.
9. SOC script made ready for the future Act 2 (with a very WIP and very incomplete Act 2 technically included in the update, but can't be played). This also apparently fixed an issue with an emblem not being saved.

Version 1.4
1. Some texture improvements
2. More walls are climbable.
3. Opened up the visual bottleneck at the end of the starting area
4. Replaced many plant assets with 3D-rendered 16-directional sprites (as opposed to simple billboards).
5. Fixed the visual error with the floor around the mound at the start
6. (Hopefully) fixed emblems not saving by updating a tag and shuffling a little SOC code.
7. (very) minor layout tweaks, mainly to see if I can prevent Fang from skipping the gazebo)
8. Other small tweaks and fixes (due to actually making use of ZB map analysis tool to fix possible errors).
9. The big room midway through the level now feels far more open with the addition of an inaccessible area using horizon rendering.

Version 2.0
1. Acts 2 and 3 are in, entering act 3 may give the impression of the same-old GFZ boss, but a few changes were made to it.
2. Non-animated scenery objects use the Nothink flag now, saving CPU power
3. Made use of Dabir's spring-lock script.
4. Saves can now get to the complete state upon Act 3's completion

Version 2.1
1. Critical layout fix, resolved massive cheese opportunity allowing the player to skip the second house altogether (in Act 2). Tails and Knuckles can possibly skip still, but they classify as easy-mode characters in many levels.
2. Add spring to prevent a softlock for Amy and Fang in one spot
3. Smaller alignment fixes
4. More detail, rings, enemies, things in a few spots.
5. Another stuck buzz fixed
6. The custom GFZ boss code will now try to prevent Eggman from descending all the way to the ground.

Spoiler: gifs

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Name:	LWZ-GIF2.gif
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Name:	LWZ-GIF3.gif
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Name:	LWZ-GIF4.gif
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ID:	29332
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Name:	LWZ-GIF2_3.gif
Views:	11
Size:	7.52 MB
ID:	33865

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Old 1 Day Ago   #22

It's fun enough, if a bit on the long side. It still doesn't feel very structured, though, it just sort of comes off as a series of unconnected obstacles in samey environments. The enemy reskins are neat to see, the boss was kind of a bastard.

I found a few errors around acts 1 and 2.
Act 1:
- Hole in the wall
- Platform moving in a triangle pattern rather than a rectangle - if this isn't an error fair enough, but it seems wrong
- Enemy embedded in a wall

Don't remember:
- Floating grandfather clock

Act 2:
- Misaligned floor slope
- Floating piece of floor
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Old 1 Day Ago   #23
Ace Dragon
Ace Dragon's Avatar

Thank you for your critique.

As for the length, not everything (myself included) is fond of the idea that all game levels nowadays be short and quick (as seen with mobile games). The mod saves after each level like SRB2 itself, so you don't need a 15-30 minute play-session to get everything.

As for the triangle pattern, I see a number of people by now think it is kind of strange, I will change that now that I know for sure how polyobject movement works.
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Old 1 Day Ago   #24

I think the issue with the length is really the issue with the structure, there's not much of a feeling of progression across each individual act. It's more like just rounding a series of corners and finding that the level isn't done, over and over, until suddenly it is.
Dabir is online now   Reply With Quote

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