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Sonic Ability Design Contest (SADC) Release Thread
Version: v1, by Rumia1 (Backseat Developer) Rumia1 is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 07-06-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
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4 weeks ago from the time this post was submitted, the SRB2 Community Discord server was rife with some drama.... no not that one,or the other one.. over the Thok and it's usability for beginners in the game, and whether it was going to be removed or not in later major revisions.

At the time, a lot of people were arguing about it with little regard on how to make it better were it to stay, and no real movement on ideas for what the ability should be replaced with.

Thus I had an idea to hold a contest that ended up running for one month to see if people could come up with some more constructive ways to use their energy, and I think it worked.

The Sonic Ability Design Contest

As this is a contest, there will be a voting thread held for a much shorter length of time than I had set for the contest itself (which I believe may have been a little generous for what it ended up being). The voting shall be held for a total of... let's say, 5 days.

Here is the results thread!

Details on trophies and the winners can be found there!

ClimbThok, by Princess Draykon: This one uses a separate character to work. If you thok into a wall, your horizontal momentum will be converted to vertical momentum and you'll climb it! The closer you are, the more vertical momentum you'll have.

Epic Ability For Sonic, by Cyron: Only the best ability in the game!

Momentum Thok, by Frostiikin: The more you use this ability, the faster you go! If you reach full power, you'll gain afterimages.

ExThok, by JABSphere94: The longer you hold the jump button, the faster the thok will go. You can also thok in the opposite direction of the camera while not using Simple. Badnik/Monitor bouncing will allow you to do a second thok as well.

Comet Dash + Recurl DropDash, by Katmint: A momentum based thok that, when you thok into a wall, you gain a small amount of vertical height. As an added bonus, if you press spin while in your falling frames, you'll charge a dropdash that you can release even in midair! Dropdash sprites are reusable content by DirkTheHusky.

ReboundDash, by Krabs: A momentum based thok that bounces you backwards and upwards depending on how much speed you bounce into a wall with. This can be used up to two times per jump.

Juke Thok, by Wumbo: A thok based entirely on your current speed that gives a slight boost in height when you use it. Sends you in the direction you're pressing, even when you're not using Simple controls!

What The Thok, By Zipper: And here's the thing that started it all.

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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #22
ffoxD's Avatar

I think the thok is not... realistic.
I mean, how does Sonic actually thok? Does he get smacked on the back by an invisible ghost every time he says "thok"? Does he fart when he wants to thok? Is he a bullet, or maybe a rocket? It doesnt make sense, if you think about it...
Most of the abilities here are better, at least objectivelt, than the thok. I would remove double jump abilities from Sonic and give him Spamdash. But a bit less powerful then in sonic adventure because it would be too poweful.
That would make Sonic a fast character that can use the spamdash to do tight turns, and also it would give a reason why play as him and not knuckles or othet characters. I would also give him a homing attack, but maybe most people would disagree with that. The homing attack also made him different from other characters in Sonic Adventure, as killing enemies to progress on the level was faster with him.

If the SA1 movest is never gonna go in SRB2, then I would make a variation of the Momentum thok where you are given a little bit of speed if your speed very low. That way it would look more polished, make Sonic faster than others while not being a speed demon.
*thoks away from thread*

Last edited by ffoxD; 4 Weeks Ago at 07:55 AM. Reason: I wanted to go more deep into this and also give reasoning for my choices.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #23

Originally Posted by ffoxD
I think the thok is not... realistic.
Spoiler: Every single ability in the game is technically unrealistic.
Ever wondered how can Tails use his tails like a propeller without them getting tangled up? Or how in the world does Knuckles use his dreadquills to catch rising hot air and glide (especially in snow-related zones)? How can Fang use his tail as a spring? How can Metal Sonic sustain his altitude without any additional jet thrusters? Where does Amy store her hammer? Why can Homing Attack automatically target enemies and how can it tell friend from foe? How does Double Jump allow you to jump in mid-air and why only once? Why swimming as a separate ability doesn't make SRB2 characters tired? How does Slow Fall work? How does Telekinesis work and why is it so limited? How does Fall Switch work and what makes it momentum-based? Well, Jump Boost is at least somewhat realistic at low actionspd values... How does Air Drill work? Again, why only once per jump? Why does it not break walls if it's a "drill"?

Originally Posted by ffoxD
I would remove double jump abilities from Sonic and give him Spamdash
The problem that caused this whole discussion about Sonic's ability is the fact that new players ragequit because Sonic isn't suited for platforming as good as other characters. SpamDash instead of thok wouldn't remove that problem, but would cause a new problem: Sonic is entirely helpless in mid-air. And no, it wouldn't make Sonic "powerful" at all, given how most stages are heavily platforming-oriented. This is SRB2, not Sonic Adventure

Last edited by Boost; 4 Weeks Ago at 02:23 PM.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #24

ClimbThok: I... think it's neat? It's very situational, and it still has most of the problems the thok has. The execution feels clumsy.

Momentum Thok: I'm sure this is a good speedrunning ability, but it actually feels like it makes Sonic harder to use, not easier.

Epic Ability for Sonic: What is there to say? It does what it sets out to do absolutely perfectly.

ExThok: It's a slightly better thok, more controllable but fundamentally still just the thok. Also, doesn't work properly in simple controls, if you're holding the stick towards the camera Sonic goes away from the camera, backwards relative to the way he's facing.

Comet Dash + Recurl DropDash: The comet dash is better climbthok, much easier to use to get up walls. I like being able to recurl, I like having the dropdash there, but the combination of being able to fire it off mid-air but only being able to dropdash after you wall climb/spring feels like the unnatural result of a balancing issue pile-up.

Rebound Dash: I've been trying out the more updated version Krabs posted separately. I wouldn't say I like it all that much, it's kind of like diet Knuckles the way the Comet Dash used to be, except it has control issues that Knuckles doesn't run into. Sometimes you're going to want to face away from the wall after the second bounce, sometimes you want to face towards it, you don't really have a way to decide which one you get in the moment. Knuckles has all the time in the world to make up his mind and two detach buttons available.

Juke Thok: First impressions: So, when you're going forwards you hardly go anywhere, but when you're doing it backwards you fly into the unknown behind your camera uncontrollably. No thanks.

What the Thok: Ha ha. Is it supposed to be centered?

General thoughts: I don't think any of these should be the way forward for Sonic. It would have been nice to see something that wasn't a thok or a joke.

Last edited by Dabir; 4 Weeks Ago at 05:13 AM.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #25
Backseat Developer
Rumia1's Avatar

By the way, the results for the contest are in! Check the link in the first post to see!
Originally Posted by Cirno
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