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SRB2 Shiny Hud & Font Shadows. Details »»
SRB2 Shiny Hud & Font Shadows.
Version: v1.0, by SonicX8000 (Graphic & Sprite Modder.) SonicX8000 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 07-01-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

SRB2 Shiny Hud & Font Shadows is a pack of files that gives the hud a bit of a shine while keeping it mostly within the default style, as well as giving the fonts a shadow backdrop in a way alongside some other small changes.

In this thread are three files instead of one as I feel that it's up to the user if they want to use the hud but didn't like the font or if they liked the font but didn't like the hud. You can use Font Shadows & one of the Shiny Hud files with each other without worry but using both Shiny Hud files together will overwrite the previous hud that was added.

Now then... a description of what each file contains.

*SRB2 Font Shadows*
This file changes the Level Font as well as the Console Font, giving it a shadow backdrop as well as some characters being changed slightly.


*SRB2 Shiny Hud*
This file changes most of the HUD elements to give it a bit of a shine to them. It also changes some of the characters slightly while still keeping it close to the default style.


*SRB2 Shiny Hud No Italic*
Pretty much the same as 'SRB2 Shiny Hud' but the Hud elements are... well... non-Italic, much like Sonic 1 / CD Hud style.

I should mention that these files can be used without the game being marked as modified, so you're able to unlock stuff during Single-Player as well as join servers.

If any issues should occur with these addons, please let me know.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 SRB2FontShadows-v1.0.pk3 (68.1 KB, 77 views)
File Type: pk3 SRB2ShinyHud-v1.0.pk3 (15.5 KB, 60 views)
File Type: pk3 SRB2ShinyHudNoItalic-v1.0.pk3 (15.1 KB, 52 views)


Click image for larger version

Name:	SRB2ShinyHudFontShadows-00.png
Views:	383
Size:	113.6 KB
ID:	33870   Click image for larger version

Name:	SRB2ShinyHudFontShadows-01.png
Views:	420
Size:	109.2 KB
ID:	33871   Click image for larger version

Name:	SRB2ShinyHudFontShadows-02.png
Views:	309
Size:	39.8 KB
ID:	33872   Click image for larger version

Name:	SRB2ShinyHudFontShadows-03.png
Views:	274
Size:	109.3 KB
ID:	33873   Click image for larger version

Name:	SRB2ShinyHudFontShadows-04.png
Views:	208
Size:	39.9 KB
ID:	33874  

Click image for larger version

Name:	SRB2ShinyHudFontShadows-05.png
Views:	215
Size:	9.9 KB
ID:	33883  

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Old 2 Days Ago   #2
likes to assault raccoons
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Simple and clean! Very nicely done! Always a pleasure to see graphics from you!

Welcome to Releases!
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Old 1 Day Ago   #3
The Final Doomer
Icarus's Avatar

This looks really fancy.
"Running SRB2.wad with GZDoom wasn't a good idea"
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Old 1 Day Ago   #4
[Insert meme here]
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So this is why sonic collects so many rings
He's faster than Sonic!...He's faster than Sonic!
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Old 1 Day Ago   #5

When I plugged this in and ran the game, I realised that this is how I always thought it looked. It simply never occurred to me that it didn't. Looks great.
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Old 9 Hours Ago   #6
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

It's been a long time since you made some new HUD graphics for SRB2!
Good to see you back!
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