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Default What mods do you all use?

Do you use mods when you play the game? Which ones? Any you'd like to give a shout-out to?

I use quite a few, so I reckon I'll go through them in no particular order to get us started.

First, just to get them out of the way, I use three that I made. I don't want this to come off as advertising, so all I'll say about them is that I wouldn't have made them if I didn't think they improved the game.

Next, I use Cobalt's Momentum Mod. This one's loads of fun, really adds a ton to the feel of the game, especially when you're tearing down slopes at insane velocity. The giant ramp in Greenflower 2 is a particular favourite, but there's instances where you can just cut loose and Go Fast all over the official and user-made levels.

Frostiikin's Egg Reverie Super Sonic is one I've contributed a bit to, but I wouldn't have tried it at all if it wasn't just such a fun idea from the get-go. Does it make Super Sonic a little overpowered? No, of course not. It makes him monstrously overpowered. Egg Reverie Super Sonic's free flight makes him a design-ruining, difficulty-shattering hellhog who bends virtually any level over his knee, and that's great.

SMS Alfredo's Stereo Rings isn't a huge deal, but it's nice to have. It just improves the general soundscape a little. It's neat.

VL_FallingAnimations is a mod by, well, unfortunately I don't remember, as they took it down and deleted its thread after they thought they found a bug with it that I've never actually been able to reproduce myself. All the mod does is make characters enter their spring state if they're flying upward (like if they launched off a ramp) and their falling state if they're falling (say, they've walked off an edge). It makes the game feel a lot more dynamic, if you ask me - think the difference between Sonic 3's spring animations and Sonic CD's.

But all those are pretty minor. The centerpiece of my mod setup is Krabs's KRework. The changes it makes to Sonic and Tails's movesets are, imo, exactly what those characters need, and the general moveset changes like being able to uncurl from a spin and recurl mid-air add so much flow to the game it's unreal. The main reason I wanted to help out with Egg Reverie Super Sonic was to make it more compatible with KRework, I consider the mod that important to my setup (and the compatibility fixes were pretty generic and good to do anyway, to be fair). Does it break custom characters? Yes. Hugely. Enormously. Do I care? No, not really.

Jeck Jims' 3D models are a fantastic set of low-poly models - the aesthetic fits the game and the characters super well. I don't know what else I can say, they just look great.

The only custom characters I use are DrStephen's Eggpack and Cobalt's Egg Robo. They're nice little characters with interesting concepts, and they're official enough that I don't feel weird about having them in my game - I've never had much love for furry OCs, to be honest, and the weird imports like Yoshi and Kirby are cool and well-made but they just feel a bit too out of place to me. Eggpack is only a little broken with KRework, but Egg Robo is totally unaffected, and they've both got snazzy 3D models courtesy of Jeck. I might not actually play as them all that much, but they've got a place in my mod list all the same.

And last but certainly not least, the mod that enables my bullshit, FuriousFox's custom gamedata mod. Being able to have a second single-player campaign with all these mods going on is priceless to me.

One more shout-out: I would be using The Derp, but unfortunately KRework breaks it. When it's not broken, though, the Derp is a fun, easy character with a high skill ceiling and a nice aesthetic that reminds me a bit of Homestar Runner. A definite recommend from me if KRework doesn't appeal.

So, what are you all using?
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OK, it's time to share all mods I use in my autoexec.cfg:

Firstly, I use Anglestand by Krabs. The reason I use it is because it definitely improves the game.

Then I use All characters super by Aquatic Akito. I normally don't use Sonic, and having all characters turn super is nice.

I also use BotSkin by FuriousFox. It pretty much helps when I enter DSZ2's Sonic path as a non-spin character because the skin command doesn't work for some reason.

As a custom level, I use the Eggrock Zone Boss, also from FuriousFox. I really like the boss, shame it got scrapped.

I also use 2 custom characters;Alternative Sonic by Icezer, and Eggpack Remake by DrStephen. These are my favourite characters to play and they are extremely fun.

To top it all, I use the Custom gamedata mod, again from FuriousFox. It let's me create savefiles with all these mods, what's not to like?
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