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Dynamic Music v3 - Extended Music Customization for SRB2Kart! Details »»
Dynamic Music v3 - Extended Music Customization for SRB2Kart!
Version: 3, by wolfs (Watch Symphogear) wolfs is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average) Licence: User defined
Released: 10-01-2019 Last Update: 05-13-2020 Installs: 3

it's a music mod lol

Spoiler: Full Description
I'm sure just about everyone is aware of the existing music mods for Kart, things like Encore Music, Final Lap Music, SPB Music, and similar mods. These mods all do really neat things, but have seen next to no use among the populated servers. Why? It's because music is either packaged with the mods, or additional Lua scripts are necessary to configure them. This essentially forces joiners to either download somewhere around 30-40 megabytes of music, or to download additional Lua scripts that are specifically configured for one guy's music. With problems like that, it's not hard to see why no one is using them.

And that's where Dynamic Music comes in.

This mod is a combined version of some of the mods mentioned above, specifically Encore Music, Final Lap Music, SPB Music, and Megamix Themes. It includes two exclusive mods as well, those being My Music (I'll elaborate later) and Victory Themes. It operates differently from the previous mods mentioned: for starters, it includes NO music. At all. The base package is just Lua scripts, meaning any server can add it without creating a mandatory 40MB download. In addition, the mod is configured not through additional Lua scripts, but through console commands. The game will load a .cfg file containing a list of commands the first time a level is loaded, allowing players to define and load their preferences instantly when connecting to a server. No more bothering people with your music or being bothered by their music, instead, everyone chooses what they want to hear.

All functionality in this mod is disabled by default. This is done to make things seamless for those joining netgames without dynmusic.cfg configured. In the downloads is a completely optional sample pack that serves as a simple demonstration of what the mod can do, coupled with its config. The sample pack config will automatically load the included music, so adding it yourself is not necessary. Additionally, a pack of final lap songs assembled by Snu is also available.

Spoiler: Reference/Module Descriptions
NOTE: All commands that take a track lump do not require the prefix (O_), issues may arise if used.

SPB Music
Plays a unique song during SPB rush. Can be set to randomize between multiple tracks.

Spoiler: SPB Music Commands

(CVAR) Turns SPB Music on or off.
EXAMPLE: spbmusic on

(CVAR) Enables or disables the randomizer.
EXAMPLE: spbrandomize on

Adds SPB music to the list. The list can be viewed with "listspbmusic", and a label can optionally be provided to make identifying the lump easier.
EXAMPLE: addspbmusic LUMP "This is a track lump!"

Removes a song from the SPB music list
EXAMPLE: delspbmusic LUMP

Lists the current SPB music table
EXAMPLE: listspbmusic

Sets preferred SPB music. Supports track numbers and lump names.
EXAMPLE: setspbmusic LUMP

Sets SPB music for a specific map. Supply the map first, and then the track number or lump. This example sets track LUMP to MAP01.
EXAMPLE: mapspbmusic MAP01 LUMP

Overrides map specific SPB music. Use this if you want your preferred song to take over without getting rid of your map-specific settings.
EXAMPLE: spbmapoverride on

Disables SPB music on a specific map.
EXAMPLE: spbblacklist MAPH0

Changes the default SPB music lump. Useful if a server forcibly replaces SPBRUN
EXAMPLE: setspbdefault SPB1

Adds character-specific SPB music. This overrides any other SPB music set
EXAMPLE: addcharspbmusic sonic LUMP

Removes character-specific SPB music
EXAMPLE: delcharspbmusic sonic

Encore Music
Allows defining a unique song on a specific map in Encore Mode.

Spoiler: Encore Music Commands

(CVAR) Turns Encore Music on or off.
EXAMPLE: encoremusic on

Adds encore music to the list for the given map. Like SPB music, an optional label can be provided.
EXAMPLE: addencoremusic MAP01 LUMP "This is an encore track lump!"

Removes a map from the encore music list
EXAMPLE: delencoremusic MAP01

Lists the current encore music table
EXAMPLE: listencoremusic

Final Lap Music
Changes the song on the final lap. Can be synced with a specific My Music track lump, or set to trigger in Encore Mode.

Spoiler: Final Lap Music Commands

(CVAR) Turns Final Lap Music on or off.
EXAMPLE: finallapmusic on

Adds final lap music to the given music lump. (FLUMP in this example)
EXAMPLE: addflmusic KMAP01 FLUMP

Alternatively, you can use globalmusic to add final lap music for all music lumps that don't have their own final lap music defined
EXAMPLE: addflmusic globalmusic KMAP01

Removes a map from the final lap music list
EXAMPLE: delflmusic KMAP01

Clears final lap music from all maps
EXAMPLE: clearflmusic

Lists all final lap music currently defined for music lumps.
EXAMPLE: listflmusic

Adds encore final lap music to the given map
EXAMPLE: addencoreflmusic MAP01 FLUMP

My Music
Allows defining multiple songs for a level, which the game will choose from randomly at the start of the race. Final Lap Music can also be tied to My Music lumps.

Spoiler: My Music Commands

(CVAR) Turns My Music on or off.
EXAMPLE: mymusic on

Adds a song to My Music for the provided map. Like SPB music, an optional label can be provided.
EXAMPLE: addmapmusic MAP01 LUMP "This is a My Music lump!"

Changes the default music lump for the provided map
EXAMPLE: setdefaultmapmusic MAP01 LUMP

Overrides the intermission music
EXAMPLE: overrideintermission LUMP

Adds voting music to randomize between
EXAMPLE: addvotemusic LUMP1 LUMP2 LUMP3

Changes the default music lumps for voting
setdefaultvotemusic LUMP1 LUMP2 LUMP3

Removes a song from My Music for the specified map
EXAMPLE: delmapmusic MAP01 LUMP

Removes custom default music from a map
EXAMPLE: delmapdefault MAP01

Removes additional voting music
EXAMPLE: delvotemusic 1

Removes overridden intermission music
EXAMPLE: delintermissionoverride

Lists the current My Music table for the given map
EXAMPLE: listmapmusic MAP01

Lists the changed map music defaults
EXAMPLE: listmapdefaults

Lists voting music set by the player
EXAMPLE: listvotemusic

Queues a song to play. More than one lump can be used to create a playlist.

Lists the current queue.
EXAMPLE: listqueue

Clears the queue.
EXAMPLE: clearqueue

Victory Themes
Allows defining a unique top half finish theme for a specific skin.

Spoiler: Victory Themes Commands

(CVAR) Turns Victory Themes on or off.
EXAMPLE: victorythemes on

Adds victory music for the given skin. Like SPB music, an optional label can be provided.
EXAMPLE: addvictorytheme sonic LUMP "This is a victory theme!"

Adds a victory theme for top half finishes on the given skin. Supports labels.
EXAMPLE: addokayfinishtheme sonic LUMP "This is an okay finish theme!"

Removes the victory theme for the given skin
EXAMPLE: delvictorytheme sonic

Lists the current victory theme table
EXAMPLE: listvictorythemes

Megamix Themes
Allows changing invincibility or growth music for a specific character.

Spoiler: Megamix Themes Commands

(CVAR) Enables Megamix Themes
EXAMPLE: megamixthemes on

Adds a invincibility theme for a given skin.
EXAMPLE: addinvincibilitytheme sonic LUMP "This is an invincibility theme!"

Adds a growth theme for a given skin.
EXAMPLE: addgrowththeme sonic LUMP "This is a growth theme!"

Deletes Megamix Themes from a given skin.
EXAMPLE: delmegamixthemes sonic

Lists the current Megamix Themes table
EXAMPLE: listmegamixthemes

All documentation listed here is also in dynmusic-doc.cfg, included with the download.

Spoiler: FAQ
(I'm writing this before any questions have been asked, but I figured I might as well address them here.)

Q: I created a music/sound mod and I'd like to get it included in DynMusic, how can I do that?
A: Send me a PM (or a DM, @wolfs#2997 on Discord) and I'll look over it. If it seems useful enough, I'll see about including it!

Q: Why are none of my customizations working? Help!
A: You probably forgot to enable whatever module you're using. Check the command reference (or the example config) to find what you're missing.

Q: Can I repackage this with music?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: Can I repackage this at all?
A: Not without permission, no.

Q: I can't understand the code, can you help me?
A: No.

Spoiler: Credits
SPB Music was originally written by TehRealSalt, rewritten by james, and later expanded by wolfs

Final Lap Music was originally written by Zeverous and Snu, and later rewritten by Snu

Encore Music was written by SteelT

My Music was written by wolfs

Victory Themes was written by zxyspku and Lat'

Megamix Themes was written by Snu

A large portion of the helper lumps were written by james. He's the only reason this thing came out remotely functional!

The included sample pack uses the following songs:
  • Cornered (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) - GaMetal
  • Mikansei Love Mapputatsu! - Symphogear XV
  • Overkill Scythe Hell - Symphogear GX
  • Down in the Base - Sonic Adventure 2
  • Atomic Waste Zone Act 2 - Michael Staple
  • Eggman Empire Zone Act 2 - Michael Staple
  • You Can Do Anything - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Robotnik's Revenge - Virtual Sonic

Lastly, I'd like to thank some of the Kart community regulars for helping out with testing, you know who you are :P

The code for the Lua lumps can be found on our repo here. Changelogs can be found on the releases page here.

NOTE: The README.txt file in the FLMusic pack is outdated. Use the FLMPack.txt file included with v2 instead.

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Licence Agreement

If one of my addons is marked as reusable, go wild. Let me know if you plan to repack it though, cause I hate repacks. If it's not marked as reusable, get permission from me directly.

Supporters / CoAuthors

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Originally Posted by rudestbuster View Post
I really wish there was a version of this where things are just... already put together? I don't understand all this stuff about putting code in files and loading files into WADs. Also, I can't find any ogg files in the zip where the Music Pack document says they should be. ALSO also, I can't find a document called "dynmusic.cfg".
What you're asking for completely goes against how the mod is designed. From the start, the intent was for individual players to customize music on their end, not to be subject to whatever the server decides on. Example usage and a reference for the commands is included in the mod's zip, so you might wanna see what's going on there if you're confused.
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