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I'm FoxBlitzz. I'm 16 and I'm in my Sophomore year in High School (My mom had me take an extra year of preschool). While I was into Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (2004-2005) I rediscovered SRB2 and started to get into playing it again (First time I discovered it was back on Demo 3). I abandoned JJ2 shortly after. Not like its CTF mode was any good.

In SRB2, I have made a couple multiplayer levels so far, but not many. Perhaps this'll pick up someday? I also have a Work-In-Progress 3D Yoshi character WAD I'm working on, with all my own artwork, but only the standing frames exist. It'll probably be finished in two years at this rate. D: On IRC, I host the FriendCodeBot (originally I coded it, then I had Arrow optimize and redo the code, so he manages the code now), and I host and maintain the #SRB2Fun statistics page.

I've also started work on numerous games, though only a few of them are finished (and those are the kind that are small and where you submit high-scores on).

On my public FTP (which can be accessed through my WWW profile link) you will find two EXE files, Ball.exe and CoonEarly.exe. Ball was a game I was working on back in Game Maker 4, where you control a bouncing ball that can jump. Unfortunately, it was skippy, buggy, and the jump code I used was incorrect. Due to Game Maker's lousy collision code, the ball would also get stuck in corners when moving too fast. CoonEarly.exe was a basic engine test I made in Game Maker 6, showing off much better and less buggy movement, which also contained a method to get the stuck ball unstuck. Of course, I start so many games (who doesn't?) and I never really get to complete them. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing one of my bigger projects... someday.
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