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Alright, so, I like this map. It's well-constructed an had a some good texturing, The slope play is also in the same style as Lake Magorite was, which is great...

But the overall design lacks any sort of personality. While the turns are different, there is never much unconscious decision making going on anywhere, it's all the same. Let me elaborate with examples.

Green hills an incredibly simple course with a few unique choice to make while driving. The overhang turn has ramp immediately after the turn directly in the middle. You can go up the ramp, or down either side. Neither has any real drawback or advantage with no items, but throw a banana or a mushroom into the mix, and suddenly you have a shortcut or three good spots for a trap. After the final tunnel, the path splits. The wide roads are easy to drive, and going left lines up for the shortcut, while right lines up for the turn ahead.

Pipe Speedway on the other hand has less choice for the player to make, but more opportunity for speed gains. There's more room for the player to engage with the course itself, rather than just drive well and don't hit the wall or offroad.

I think that's the issue I'm having with this map here. There's just no interaction with the course here you can take advantage of besides the booster. Even the jump ends before anything interesting can happen.

Lastly, your shortcut could use some work. To be specific, it's both hard to enter and hard to exit. A good shortcut is usually difficult to enter (hard to see/ hard to line up a jump) but easy to exit for cutting off time. (Green hills's first shortcut is a good example of this).

All in all it's a well constructed course and is fun to drive, but it's lacking that player interaction that prevents it from really standing out.
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