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So, yeah...

This shit is REALLY good!

Your course design, attention to detail, and slope play makes the course really dynamic and engaging, it feels like it came straight out of one of our best level designers. Great road width and a bunch of shortcuts ranging from easy to advanced make this a ton of fun to play. Sloped spirals are not easy to pull off but you nailed that first 360 degree turn perfectly. It has tons of room to adjust your drift angle and the textures help visualize the turn so players don't get lost. You're scenery does a great job of not obstructing the track any more than it needs to and it really pays off. I love the small touches of CLIFF near the tighter turns as an indicator that you need to slow down, while also giving the player a bit more space to adjust their drift before they hit off-road.

It still has some quirks that hold it back from online-play, however. Most importantly are the Waypoints/Checkpoints. We tested online and they're not placed correctly, ca using positions to swap to random numbers that aren't indicative of your actual place. Check my Waypoint/Checkpoint tutorial to help troubleshoot them

Next are actual map issues, doing this checklist style:

This last set of item boxes should be removed. They're both too close to the last item set, and too close to the Finish Line. You want players to go about 12 to 15 seconds before they reach another set of item boxes, so I'd just delete the whole set.

Using a speed boosting item on this slope can sling you off of the bridge and back down to the 360 degree turn. Consider adding an invisible FOF to stop players from flying off.

I'm not entirely sure why this deathpit is here. It's completely blind considering you're going downhill, and it's easy to get bumped into from just the wall, let alone 7-15 other players. Add some off-road here or close off the area with more wall.

I haven't opened up your map, but based on the netgame we had, you don't have an endlevel sign placed near the Finish Line. Without one, the sign defaults to the player's position, and if that's under a platform, the sign vanishes as it lands on the floor. Place the sign in front or behind the finish line sector so that it's out of the way of any ceilings.

This S-turn is completely invisible. The slope bends down right as the turn converts from one quick curve to the next, but the angle of the road is telling you to head towards that shortcut under the overhang. You'll need to slope the road downward as you turn into this area so the player has enough time to view the S-turn ahead of them.

Those are all of the major issues. I really hope you'll look into these, because it's an absolutely amazing course, and it could be even better if these issues get fixed.
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