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With caveats, yeah. An SRB2CS-style mod wouldn't have sync fails and there would be no control jutter, but it would struggle to synchronise moving platforms and enemies. Server sizes would probably need to be smaller as well.

It's a lot of work to tear down the netcode and re-make it.

Co-op isn't on my radar at the moment because netplus is basically a passion project I pulled together in a week over Christmas (plus eventual tweaks) to see if it was possible to play ringslinger without lag. I agree that most players came here for a platforming game and it would make the most sense to support the co-op and its humungous maps, but the effort-to-return ratio is high, and I'm spending the majority of my time on other projects. I did look into it quite a bit before release and I may take a look at it in the future but I'm just not able to commit to it.

If you're a developer and have any questions about how the mod works so you can have a look at co-op support, feel free to ask me anytime. :)
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