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MAPM1 - Northern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Runite
Over all I thought the map was above decent. It could use a few more things here and there and I did get lost the first 2 times I played on it. I give it a 7/10.
MAPM2 - Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter
I kind of rushed my own map :P I had more things planned for it unfortunately the extended week they gave for the submissions to the OLDC I wasn't at home much so I couldn't make the rest of the things. Just goes to show that you shouldn't wait until the last minute.
MAPF1 - Frosted Meadows Zone by Nitrous Bunny
In my opinion some of the details were great. Unfortunately some of the textures just didn't seem to fit the theme like the GFZ ones and many parts of the map were left bare and could've used more work. I give it a 3/10.
MAPF2 - Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat
I honestly don't know what to think of this map. I found many of the parts in it bare and with little or no detail. Weapon placement was horrible and I also found rings in a death pit. The map seemed to small as well. I give it a 2/10.
MAPF3 - Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna
Finally a decent CTF map. I found there to be to many team rings in the bases,all in a straight line, and some of the weapon rings a bit to close to each other. The map is a decent size, but it could've use more detail. I found the center to be pretty empty other than rings and stairs. Anyways I did enjoy this CTF. I give it a 5/10.
MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal
Wow. I have certainly never seen a race map like this before. I found no rings, but I really enjoyed playing on it. This is the only map that I enjoyed more than the others. Unfortunately I thought it could've looked a lot better. I give it a 5/10.
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