September/October 2010 Voting

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AKA FuriousFox
Welcome to the September/October 2010 contest voting. We have 6 Multiplayer maps and 3 Single Player maps this time.

The voting works as follows: Play a few games of the stage in question, in the intended gametype for judging, and give the map a vote from 0 to 10, no decimals. You can not vote on your own map. Votes where the voter obviously did not play the level in its intended gametype, or where the voter did not play the multiplayer maps with other real players will be discarded. To encourage voting, if you are an author and you judge all of the competitor's maps, the lowest score on your map will be dropped. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

Although it's not necessary, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts.

Judging will end November 15th at midnight GMT (Novtember 14th, 7:00 PM EST). The scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score is the winner.

Winners will have their usertitle changed to "Contest Winner", and will be given a golden username. This will last up and until the next contest winners are decided.

The maps follow:

Single Player Level Pack

Single Player:
Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat - 2.35
Medivo Zone by glaber - 2.50
Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl - 3.75

Multiplayer Level Pack

MAPM1 - Northern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Runite - 8.14
MAPM2 - Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter - 5.14

MAPF1 - Frosted Meadows Zone by NitrousBunny - 4.38
MAPF2 - Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat - 1.30
MAPF3 - Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna - 5.75

MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 3.00

Voting Results:

Please make sure to play the levels in the intended gametype, and above all, have fun judging!
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AKA FuriousFox
Despite low turnout, I've decided to go ahead and continue with voting. Singleplayer pack is up, Multiplayer pack is coming (along with an updated first post to reflect the entrants.

EDIT: Also, all joke maps have been removed. I only kept the ones that are passable as real maps.


Probably Responsible
Medivo by Glaber - 3/10

The awfully repetitive textures and lack of anything interesting gameplay-wise lave pretty much nothing. But I did provide the points due to music, and those cool looking yellow lights. Oh, and because a map has to actually win, I guess. Lesser of 3 evils.

Rainy Jungle by A Cat - 1/10

Absolutely nothing redeeming: horrible texture choice, clostrophobic and uninteresting level design, and no fun to be had anywhere. The collapsing bridges give you ONE point. It's... at least SOMETHING.

Frosty Floe by Brawl - 2/10

Aside from the SOCced ice spike, there's nothing interesting. Big vacant rooms full of nothing, except for the flamethrower part. Aside from those things, there's nothing to talk about.

...Man this contest is just DISGUSTING. I am disappointed by ALL of you. I fear the worst for the multiplayer maps.

NOTE: Possible revisions to be done for a more fair vote, as adding points due to simple minor gimmicks and visuals is a lousy cop-out, even though the result will probably be worse. Oh, and also because the maps updated even though they probably just barely did.
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AKA FuriousFox
Do note that some of the SP maps have been updated during the week. I haven't looked at them myself, but you guys should probably look before voting.


[19:59] <Kaysakado> D00D3TT364: "But I did provide the points due to music, and those cool looking yellow lights."
[19:59] <D00D3TT364> Kays, did you see the other shit?
[19:59] <Kaysakado> "Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else."
[19:59] <BZ4> But that's how I win my contest, Kayasakado, with visuals
[19:59] <Chase> Asethics makes a level easier to play
[19:59] <D00D3TT364> I need to come up with bullshit reasons to make it 3 instead of giving all maps 1
[20:00] <BZ4> *contests
[20:00] <Chase> And thus helps somewhat if the level doesn't look like shit.
[20:00] <Kaysakado> BZ4: IMO, you win with exploration
[20:00] <BZ4> That too
[20:00] <Kaysakado> D00D3TT364: If you need to make up bullshit reasons
[20:00] <Kaysakado> it is a bullshit score
[20:00] <D00D3TT364> of course it is
[20:00] <D00D3TT364> a bullshit score for a bullshit contest
[20:00] <Kaysakado> rate every map 10
[20:00] <Kaysakado> let's do it
[20:00] <Zap610> YES


Probably Responsible
Yes, it's a shame I need to tinker with the scores just so a contest could be done. This contest really is terrible.
Infact, screw it, I'm replaying the levels and rewriting my review. Even if the scores end up even worse.
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This contest makes KO.T.E cry. :'(
I knew I should have tried to finish a level for this OLDC!


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Sonic Team Junior
Single Player

All levels played in SP with Sonic, blah blah blah, let's just get this over with already.

Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat - 4/20

A mediocre platforming experience with little concept of aesthetics. Doesn't seem to make any real attempt at engaging gameplay.

Medivo Zone by glaber - 10/37

Completely uninteresting and unchallenging level design. Void of practically any architecture whatsoever. Has a proof-of-concept slope with improvised "physics", which, while nice, is imperfect and doesn't excuse a boring, unfun level for being what it is.

Hey, Glaber, you know how you make these gimmick levels for the sake of showing off one particular gimmick? You should stop doing this and make a level I'd actually want to play.

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl - 0.4/5

Oh hey, Greenflower Z--

WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP DOING THIS? I don't want to fish for the fucking map just because the creator is too lazy or incompetent to move it over to MAP01. Have some god damn professionality, for christ's sake.

I like the general concepts for the zone itself, but it feels incomplete, and the level design is ill thought out and ill put together. Just like the other zones, this feels like a bunch of nothingness with short spurts of "HURR DURR HAVE SOME ENEMIES" in your face every once in a while.

You want real votes? Then 2/10 for all of you. Have a nice day.


Emblem Radar Ready
Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat 3/10
It was alright. Not all that good, but not really all that bad either. I did get turned around a couple of times and the level felt a bit lacking, even for my standards.

Medivo Zone by glaber N/R
source of Inspration:
Made because I said I'd make the level back during the 1.09.4 days. Medivo was designed as if it was still going to be a part of the now canceled Mod Dimension Glaber. The Zone would had been Zone 3 had the mod not been canceled.

Near the start, there is an area only Tails and Knuckles can get to.

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl 2/10
Dated: 11/7/2010
(MAP B2)
This map had a rushed feeling to it. It started out like it was going to be good, but I quickly lost my direction. In situations like this, it's usually helpful to have at least an arrow to get you going in the right direction.

Dated added to help identify current version.
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I'll only be voting on Single Player this time.
All maps played twice with Sonic.

A Cat's Rainy Jungle Zone 1/10
Ugly layout with texture clashing meets complete lack of anything interesting. The maze section makes it even worse. The Deep Sea textured door comes out of nowhere and disrupts the gameplay. Also feels like a bad attempt to ape Tortured Planet's first zone.

Brawl's Frosty Floe Zone 2/10
Fairly bland layout, aside from the flamethrower room, which I thought was nice. The icicle falls were a neat idea but it would be nice if they could actually hurt you. I also managed to get lost twice, the first time due to misleading ledges and the second time I turned around at what I thought was a dead end, but had springs hidden under the snow.

Glaber's Medivo Zone 2/10
The slippery slope was nice, as were the swinging polyobjects (I'll ignore them being broken visually since they're polyobjects) although all of them could be skipped with spindash + thok. The level design itself is bland, it feels like you had a few ideas and just added the rest of the level in as filler. Also, I like the custom textures as standalone textures, but as a set in a level they're even more repetitive than the current Dark City set.
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The Tortured Planet guy
Okay, time for my Single Player votes:

Rainy Jungle Zone, by A Cat
Rating: 3/10
Explanation: Okay, AGAIN? Come on, I get that you were taken with Sunshine Atoll Zone, but there is a big difference between inspired tribute and boring retread. This level brought very little novelty to the table, and the few original things it DID have, such as the elaborate collapsing bridges, were pretty forgettable. But there were more problems than just the uninspired theme. The level felt very cramped for an outdoor setting, and was a tad too vertically varied. The interior area with the death pit was tricky to spot in time to dodge (I dodged it, but only by sheer luck). This same area also had an inexplicable loop that brought me back to the previous room (why on Earth did you do this?). There was a bizarre invisible wall towards the end that threw me off. And the DSZ addon seemed like a cheap afterthought and a misguided attempt to give the level more depth. Try to create your OWN idea for a change. Don't just use something that worked in the past, because even if it turns out well, it won't be innovative. Until you do that, your levels don't stand much chance of improving.

Medivo Zone, by glaber
Rating: 5/10
Explanation: I was quite taken with the slope physics--possibly the best pseudoslopes in the history of SRB2--and all the custom stuff at least demonstrated a genuine effort. Furthermore, there is a certain flow to the level that makes gameplay seem continuous and solid. But in most other ways, this is a poor level. The whole thing was boxy, flat, and divided between hallways and empty rooms. Aside from tiny scenery elements here and there, it was all the same pattern of textures over and over again. Repeatedly using the same texture for the walls, floor, and ceiling is ugly and boring. And there was a trail of undeafed rings near the end (but that might have been fixed in the latest version). Do you want my advice, Glaber? Pay attention to detail, particularly in your hallways. That's probably your weakest point (and it's not exactly a piece of cake for me either, in all candor). Whenever there's no gameplay, whenever a player is transitioning between two significant rooms, fill the hallways with whatever decoration you can think of, ideally sector-based. Not to give myself a shot in the arm here, but you might try looking at Gritty Columns Zone from Tortured Planet, particularly Act 2. I frequently use this technique, or at least attempt to use it frequently.

Frosty Floe Zone, by Brawl
Rating: 4/10
Explanation: After the 2D entrance, completely forgettable. There are some decent attempts gimmicks and visuals, and some nice custom stuff here and there. However, there are also some areas that are distinctly repetitive and plain, and a lot of the level consists of running. The level starts out pretty well, but it gets sort of boring over time. You're really coming along, though...this is certainly one of the best things you have done so far.
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Emblem Radar Ready
2 exits? You either got an early version, or are describing the halls at the end. I thought I put up the updated version with one exit (the just incase path merges at the end) in my submittion topic.
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The Tortured Planet guy
It was the first one. I've fixed the error.
On an different but related note, GOD THIS CONTEST WAS SUBPAR! I thought some contests before this were lacking, but actually makes me worry that SRB2 is losing popularity. Now I have more reason to eagerly anticipate the next version.


Maybe out of retirement?
Hello, sad pathetic little contest! I won't mind actually playing a netgame, because the chances that there will be actually a server are zero, but you will get some reviews from me. Oh and Kaysakado, are you implying that visuals should not affect the score in any way?


MAPM1 - Northern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Runite - 7/10
The sole shining star in this otherwise garbage contest. I quite liked the basic layout once I got the hang of it. The texturing on the inside area REALLY needs some work, and the item layout could use a lot of refinement, but this stage worked decently well. I'd also suggest putting some details in a few of the rooms that don't have any. There are also probably way too many WRMs in the stage.

MAPM2 - Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter - 3/10
This stage is way, way too flat. The visual theme actually works okay, but there's just nothing but a flat expanse with a flat expanse on top of it. You also are using multiples of the weapon panels, which is problematic.

MAPF1 - Frosted Meadows Zone by Nitrous Bunny - 3/10
There's nothing here. It's two big rooms and a connection between them. While there's nothing particularly wrong with the stage, as everything is at least made correctly, there's certainly nothing here to grab the player's interest at all.

MAPF2 - Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat - 0/10
So bad it's good much?

MAPF3 - Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna - 4/10
The layout seems fine, but something is completely broken and buggy because I shot several people point-blank and missed, and got stuck on many invisible walls.

MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 0/10
This is a cute idea that completely breaks down after the second checkpoint. I have absolutely no idea how to complete that section and there is absolutely nothing in the stage that remotely suggests the method to complete it. Also, when making stupid gimmick stages, don't require startlives. Not a Thokfest has teleports for a reason.
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Maybe out of retirement?
Dated added to help identify current version.
Huh what? Your map was the only one that was updated last week (except Brawl's, but that wasn't even there a week ago). There's no point in adding dates other than confusing everybody.

Rainy Jungle Zone Act 1 - 2/10
You clearly have no idea what you're doing, as the death pit disguised as leaves most effectively demonstrates. This was obviously thrown together in a few hours and no thought was spent on how it plays. In short, this is like every other of your levels. The maze was particularly awful, but the rest wasn't too stellar either. Some parts were way too cramped, like the tree hopping at the beginning, and the texturing was totally random (just look at all those colors). The path splits were confusing as always, the scenery items and enemy placement was also random, and the DSZ part was just totally unnecessary (and an eyesore in its own right). You do get some points for having some ideas, like the broken bridges, but there's hardly much to praise in here (and goddamnit, what's with all this Tortured Planet worship lately?)

Medivo Zone - 1/10
The highlight of the contest, and for all the wrong reasons. The one point you did get is simply for entertainment because it was comically bad. I thought of giving you another one or two for the cannonballs and that one neat path split with the fenced "balcony", but honestly, the bad stuff is just so ridiculously bad that you lose those points immediately. So let's rant a bit:

Problem one: The textures. Or the lack thereof. Pretty self-explanatory, but a huge problem, because making a level RED ALL OVER is an awful idea. The visual design (or lack thereof) goes hand in hand with this. There's nothing in this level at all, just the functional elements necessary for the gimmicks. As a test stage for the gimmicks, fine, but as an enjoyable stage, hell no. Immersion is the keyword.

Problem two: The "psudo" slopes. They lag like hell and their physics are awful. There this one slope where I need some speed to make it to the top, but I can gain that speed with a buildup of about 128 fracunits. If I'm too slow, I get transported down very gently and slowly by the conveyor, which looks hilarious. The whole thing would be okay if I actually needed to gain some speed to make it, but Sonic accelerates too quickly for that to work. Therefore, I'm left with lots of lag and a few meters of running.

Problem three: the PolyObjects. The platforming on those is annoyingly tricky because I can't really see them too well, let alone anticipate their movement. I also have no idea why there are cannonballs on the ceiling either. By the way, the first occurrence of these PolyObjects can be skipped with a mere thok. So much for playtesting.

Problem four: the layout. Some path splits were confusing because I didn't know if I was supposed to go there or was going backwards. You even used arrows, but you used them in places where they weren't needed at all, i.e. where there was not path splits. I have arrows, but if you do use them, at least use them where I want them and not just randomly somewhere. Better yet, design the stage so that you don't need any. Problem five is enemy placement, because you had some Egg Guards placed directly after diagonal springs. I like to be able to avoid enemies, thank you.

Now, why did you make this level? Did you honestly think that this mess could be enjoyable. The answer is probably no, but if you did, please stop designing levels altogether. You tried for five years and haven't yet produced a good map. But the actual reason you made this is luckily a different one: to "prove a point", to "break new ground", or better yet "because I said I'd make the level back during the 1.09.4 days". You don't even try to make good maps, you try to make some sort of cool gimmick maps and fall flat on your face all of the time. You haven't made one normal map yet, and incidentally, not one good map either. That, if anything, is Glaber Syndrome.

Make a little nice generic regular map and I promise you it will probably be quite decent. Your warehouse Match level could have been good if it hadn't been for the stupid weapon stacking. Emerald Lake could have been decent if you had not tried to port it as accurately as possible and introduced the stupid invisible barriers. The list goes on. Ditch the gimmicks and you can go somewhere. Otherwise, please don't ever make a map again.

Frosty Floe Zone - 4/10
I said last contest that I wouldn't review your maps anymore because you don't listen anyway, but this map has enough effort for me to take that back and give you a review. This level had some nice ideas, but you didn't spend enough time on fitting these into a good level. The result feels very half-assed and incomplete. The good ideas were the neat waterslide beginning, the custom trees, the falling icicles (although they don't provide much of a threat, try to arrange them in a way that challenges the player), the flamethrower platforms (although they didn't fit thematically) and most other gimmicks that relied on crumbling ice weren't too bad either. Some of the visuals were quite good, such as the 2D part and the first room (which was incidentally one of the smallest ones). I liked how the floor alternated between slippery ice, frosty floor and dense snow every once in a while, which made the level not quite as flat.

But as the level progressed, it grew weirder and emptier. The big tree makes no sense at all, and the yellow and purple textures in the last room don't fit. The entire flamethrower passage feels out of place, even if I enjoyed it quite a bit. In general, most rooms simply didn't have enough content to be interesting, and the platforms you used to get to the next room stuck out like a sore thumb. Try to incorporate the platforming into the visuals in an organic and logical way. The lack of secondary paths and the short length further hurt replay value.

You finally got some nice ideas, now you need to build an attractive level around them. When designing a room, make sure it looks attractive on its own and also make sure it has enough content so it doesn't seem empty. I know that takes ages, but the results are much more rewarding. Single player is only for the patient designers, as really good levels take a few weeks to make at least.
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Made because I said I'd make the level back during the 1.09.4 days. Medivo was designed as if it was still going to be a part of the now canceled Mod Dimension Glaber. Medivo would had been Zone 3.
Nobody cares.

MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 0/10
This is a cute idea that completely breaks down after the second checkpoint. I have absolutely no idea how to complete that section and there is absolutely nothing in the stage that remotely suggests the method to complete it. Also, when making stupid gimmick stages, don't require startlives. Not a Thokfest has teleports for a reason.
Yeah, I got bored after the second star post. Mind you, it was conceived as a "winner by default" map, so that should give you an idea on the amount of effort put into its design.

I don't expect you to change your vote, but what I was going for with the third room was something that's hard to fight after playing SRB2 the usual way for so many years. Since there is no gravity, you can freely run off platforms without changing your altitude. Having a floor under your feet only dictates whether you can jump or not.

I hope somebody ends up making a proper stage based on this gimmick, because I think it has at least some potential. My map is stupid (hence the name), but hey, it was either that or my other idea, a map with a damaging ceiling so low you can't jump without getting hit.
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