September/October 2010 Voting

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Hey everyone!
Shut up!

Seriously, all of you. This is making an already subpar contest into a mediocry cesspit of half-truths and broken logics and finger pointing. This needs to stop ASAP. Wanna complain? Fine, but don't blame others for it. Yes, there could have been maps, but don't go "OH YOU COMMUNITY ARE SO HURRR" because it's a very dub argument. Same goes to the "YOU'VE GOT NO RIGHT TO COMPLAAAAAAIN". Yes they do, but to the MAPPERS THAT ACTUALLY SUBMITTED STUFF. If your point is "Don't complain about people who IN THE FIRST PLACE WEREN'T GONNA DO STUFF" then you're spot on.

Just my 2cents. Any stupid bullshit and I'll drop an a-bomb of infractions nagasaki style. If I'm too severe, some other mod please take me away from my high horse.


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single player:
Rainy jungle zone by a cat 5/10 i like the map, but there's anything that i hate, maybe is a bored map
medivo zone by glaber 2/10 seriously, do you call this a map?
Frosty floe zone by brawl 10/10 awesome, the best map in the coop map, nice textures, nice music =)

Mapm1 - northern desert zone by nightmare cenz/123 runite 9/10 awesome map, it is what we need on a contest.
Mapm2 - digital forest zone by metal fighter 7/10 that's a weird map but is an original idea

Mapf1 - frosted meadows zone by nitrous bunny 8/10 the best map on the ctf pack
mapf2 - dead canyon zone by a cat 4/10 there's an abuse of weapons... Or do we need it?

Mapf3 - heinous hidehole zone by redechidna 8/10 a simple map, but it has a perfect design to ctf

Mapr1 - stupid circuit zone by neo chaotikal 6/10 that's a nice idea but... It has mistakes... I got confused there d:

are you freaking kidding?


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Single Player:
Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat
Medivo Zone by glaber
Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl

MAPM1 - Northern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Runite
MAPM2 - Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter

MAPF1 - Frosted Meadows Zone by Nitrous Bunny - 2/10
The map would certainly play better as a match map, but even then it would be mediocre, and as a CTF map it just stinks. Almost nobody ever bothers to go anywhere except the space immediately between the flags, so 93% of the map goes unused.

MAPF2 - Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat - 0/10
Good job putting six scatter panels in one spot, not to mention completely forgetting two of the weapons!

MAPF3 - Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna - effect 5
Attn people who think there's an invisible wall in the bases: opengl is unsupported kthxbye

MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 10/10
You know, this map is really fun. However, it doesn't work at all for Circuit. If the finish line had been replaced with an end sign and this submitted for SP, I would've probably given this a really good score for being original, if short.
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Kim the Fox!!!

What am I doing here?
Before beginning, I figured out that those people didn't read the Level Design 101 before making the stages for this contest. That's too sad. This is the end. My only friend, the end.

Let's go...

Rainy Forest - A Cat - 4/10

Do you know what means clostrophobia? If you do, it wasn't you who made this. Man, its is too much cramped. I feared all the stage, top to bottom. There were parts there I didn't know where I was going. Textures that didn't fit with the stage theme. I hated this stage, it is boring.

Medivo - Glaber - 2/10

No, no, no, no, no. Medivo? What on Earth is so horrible like this stage? Bad positioned enemies, unneeded PolyObjects, repeated textures, 1 or 2 Star Posts, passages leading to nowhere, crazy alarms that don't do anything more than stay spinning and spinning... I don't wanna continue, it's making me sick.

Frosty Floe - Brawl - 4/10

Not so decent. I didn't get it. The water current upper texture velocity wasn't according to the water's velocity (faster than the water, LOL). The only gimmicks here are the ice melting and the ice shattering. I didn't get the purpose of the tree in the end. Something is missing there.

Results: Horrible. I didn't like this contest. It made me sick.
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hey spiritcrusher

have you been to other sites

they wanna tell you that 9 is average and anything below that is shit

I know it doesn't apply here, but it might be where his score is coming from lols


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May I ask how rainy jungle is such a direct ripoff of tortured planet? I mean, sure, the leaf canopy reminded me of it, but it wasn't really the same in any other way (As far as I could tell).


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Single Player Division As Followed:

Rainy Jungle: 1/10

To put it bluntly, it was a load of balls. The level design is bland, parts of it was cramped and mostly terrible. Leaps of faith are not fun at all and the texture choice was so bad it made it painful for my eyes. Just because it's a *jungle* it doesn't mean slapping every bit of texture from that category makes it a jungle. You have experiment with them and choose the ones which suit the level best. The collapsing bridge was decent enough to get a score of 1, otherwise the rest of it was terrible.

Medievo Zone: 3/10

The idea was ok, but the way it was pulled off wasn't good. First of all, the texture variation is just.......bland. I only seen 1 or 2 textures constantly reused all the time and it just felt empty. The level design was also linear, bland & very cramped, littered with enemies and pseudo slopes which caused lag like half the time. Only thing was cool was the music, which could suit very well in castle, or history based themes like medieval.

Frosty Floe: 3/10

At first I thought this was a good level and got worse. The level design is bland as anything, there is just flat floor and that was it. Part of it is frustrating with Sonic because you have to land certain platforms or areas in order to not die, or you will get killed. It needs more paths & challenges to explore to make it more good. The scenery was actually ok though so I'll have to give you 2 points for that, and 1 for the music.

Overall: Pretty damn disappointing, I was expecting more than this. I dunno whenever to be bothered to do the rest.

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Rainy Jungle: 4/10
It's cramped here to no end, and very confusing with the fact that you fall through those leaves. And there were an uncountable number of annoying path splits. Not to mention those wierd mountain jungle textures...
Well, they're not wierd, but they're used strangely.

Frosty Floe: 3/10
My favorite color was everywhere in this map.
Anyway the level was decorated nice, but that was pretty much it... those crumbling floors were kind of annoying. The fall through floors were pretty useless too since they were so noticeable. And the greenery made no sense. Why are there trees in a completely arctic level? But I really hated that flamethrower part which made no sense and was annoying anyway.

Medivo: 2/10
The only thing I liked about this map was the look, and even the extent of that are how you captured the medieval feel and the little lights. There was way to much red here. Other than that, this level was torcher to play. Those shield enemies whose names I forgot are placed extrmeley annoyingly. They should NOT be on the other side of a cliff. And the polyobject parts were amazingly hard(mostly the first one with 2 polyobjects). I got hurt way too much here thanks to the traps and cheap enemy placement(nice job on placing the large enemies with lances whose names I also forgot, though). Those slopes, however, were horrible because you had to spindash up them and that didn't even work on the steeper ones.

Overall, these levels weren't very good.
Fun: 3/10
Looks: 4/10
Gameplay: 2/10


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Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat: 2/10
Absurdly cramped at start. Meaningless trip (the sequence of rooms doesn't give me the idea that the level makes sense).

This map is not a lazy work, though.

Medivo Zone by glaber: 3/10
I feel blind when I need to use those freaking polyobjects. Visibility is essential.

Medieval themed enemies don't fit into this.. umm... "dunnowhatsdiz" theme; seems I'm having a surrealist nightmare that doesn't make any sense (although it's possible to make an artwork that seems a surrealist nightmare that doesn't make any sense at all and still is an impressive work and has a lot of sense and meaning. Watch this: , you won't regret).

Overuse of enemies near the end. The level can get harder as you go not only with more enemy near the end, use harder obstacles instead.

Quite straightforward. On the other hand, the trip was interesting.

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl: 2/10
85% of map is run-run-run-run-run-jump-run-run-jump-jump-run-run. 20% is flamethrowers (some easily avoidable) and other nice things, like the custom textures I liked.

I have the opinion that Icicles don't work well in 3D because they disappear from "player's view" when you are beneath them. In 2D, this doesn't happen.


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OK, here goes....


Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal = 2/10.

Yeah, really fun, but annoying. This is supposed to be a joke map, right?


Nothern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Reunite = 10/10.

The best map out of the 2 match maps. The gameplay is....perfect, you have placed just enough rings and ammo, and the visuals are also great. I can't findanything bad to say about this map.

Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter = 4/10.

This lags, has annoying pits of water, rings are too much in one area and very less in others. Also, you have used the Void Zone textures with jungle textures and the two don't combine well.


Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna = 3/10.

The map is a bit too small though and there are GOLD rings inside the bases and COLOURED rings outside, don't you think it should be the other way round? Its well below average.

Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat = 0/10.

i...uhh...err.... way too bland and there are WAY too many weapon panels, no auto or explosion panel, and above all.... no ammo.

Frosted Meadows Zone by NitrousBunny = cant/rate

the railing bridges are accessible from any of the 4 springs, I tested it over and over again, who was it that said their head banged against the bottom of the bridge?
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and there are GOLD rings inside the bases and COLOURED rings outside, don't you think it should be the other way round?
Where did you get that idea? The only team rings are in the base, right by the flag.

(Admittedly, more of those should have been team rings, but my excuse is that I figured the only part that was considered the base was that little crevice. Besides, if those were all team rings, then there would be almost no regular rings!)
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