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Oh snap. This contest looks terrible judging by the reviews.

Well, I guess it's my turn to vote...

*puts on sunglasses*

(In other words, I'll just play the single player maps and vote later.)

Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat:

...I really don't know what to say. It's just a bunch of lame and mostly cramped platforming. The textures don't really fit at all, and the gimmicks were boring and unoriginal. The enemy placement was lazily done as well.

Medivo Zone by glaber: 1/10

This level is pretty much like Rainy Jungle Zone, except it doesn't have anything new and/or interesting whatsoever. If was very unoriginal and lazily done. You pretty much slapped together a few textures, put on some moving platforms, added lava and enemies, and called it "Medivo Zone"

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl
: 2/10

*Run, jump, run, jump, run, jump, run, jump*



*Run, jump, run, jump, run, jump, run, jump*


Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


A very anti-climatic contest, easily forgettable.

Overall I'd give it a 2/10.
Not sure what to put here.

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