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So here's my voting post. Just SP for now. I will try to do multiplayer even if I might not get to play it in a netgame. In that case, I will just comment on whatever I can and not give out valid scores. If I do get to play, well, then I will give out scores obviously.

Spoiler: Single Player
So one of you two gets the golden user title for this, huh? I think we should make an exception and not give out one at all for Single Player this time.

Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails - 2/10
Don't you think that 40 sectors aren't exactly many for a single player map? In fact, they're usually too few for a Match map, and those are much smaller than single player maps. Not only that, but you lost interest halfway through. You've made some attempts to flesh out the design of the first half by adding some decorations, but once I've reached the checkpoint, the rest of the level is just a U-turn and an end sign tucked away in a corner. I <i>know</i> that it probably took a while to make this, so it's understandable if you lost patience, but making a single player level is not just a matter of hours. It's a matter of weeks, if not months, usually.

There were a few technical problems here: The Crawlas all face the same direction, so if the player comes around the bend, they face away from him and stand still. You can rotate them in the Things menu. The spikes need the "Solid" flag checked, in the Things menu too (also, Glaber, it's called Ambush flag now, and even if it was still the deaf flag, it wouldn't be the "def" flag ;) ). The fans in the water aren't strong enough. Increase the Angle value to the height that you need, which should be 472 plus a bit of leeway, so ideally around 500. The exit has two unescapable holes. Either put springs there or just don't make any holes there. Also, you put the rows of bushes, sunflowers and the group of Crawlas so close together that their sprites overlap each other. That looks weird, so move them apart a bit.

The "secret area" was pretty easy to get to (and could also be abused to finish the map in under 10 seconds, which shouldn't be happening). I don't know why there were springs leading up the tree because there was nothing on it. I also don't know why you made so many platforms to lead to the 1-up if I could just jump on the last one and take. Not to mention that a 1-up seems a pretty powerful item for such an easy-to-find spot. And while I'm at it, trees look nicer when their trunks are round.

All in all, you grasped most of the basics of mapping, but you really need to make more out of that knowledge. Even a "short and simple" map should be about a minute long, probably. GFZ1 is an exception because it introduces players to the game, but if you make a custom stage this short, chances are it'll be pretty boring.

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 2/10
I have no idea why you submitted a boss map to the OLDC, but whatever, at least it's SOCced. I give you one point because it's theoretically playable and one because you at least had a concept for the boss. Otherwise, what is this shit? The laser walls are irritating enough to give people seizures, not to mention that because the boss was enshrined in them, it was pathetically hard to actually steer the missile in Eggman's direction AND have enough luck that he doesn't move away after you've jumped off. Most of the time, I couldn't even grab the missile at all, because once they reached me, Eggman was already shooting a Bomb ring after it. I can't GRAB the fucking missile if this thing shoots at me. The pop-up turrets also served no purpose; I always killed them right away and then I attacked the boss. Which, I might add, I did not bother defeating.

Oh, and Charybdizs: I think you overdid it with the small text, it's a bit annoying to read. Normal text should be just fine, although if you think your reviews take up too much space, put them in spoiler tags like I did.

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